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Sunday, May 10, 2015

New review of Sequencer Works from Traumatic Static

I will have copies of this tape with me at TRANSISTOR when I do a set on May 15th, for the record.  
Here is a rather freewheeling and excitable review of the new tape on OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS.

Many thanks for the detailed writing!  Some choice excerpts:

I swear to God I feel 
like I can hear colors and see sounds after this one.

I can't remember the last
time a release has left me with my jaw dragging on the floor and my eyes bulging
out of my head like this one has.Don't even get me started on how my ears reacted
to this shit.Too late, I've already started.  The A side contains a single track 
of brain melting music that feels like a sexual assault on the senses...And like a
whore working the streets to pay for her next fix, you'll find yourself completely
hooked on this shit

This whole thing is just bizarre but totally addictive.
Off tempo music that sounds like something between a school marching band and a gypsy
caravan is heard for a while until heavy synth bass blasts like a fog horn over ghastly
graveyard ambiance.Sorta sounds like it could have been in the movie Creepshow at times.

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