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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blood Rhythms and le Scrambled Debutante Split on Banned Production

BLOOD RHYTHMS has done a split with veterans of odd experimental spacescapes, le Scrambled Debutante, now out on Banned Production, a ground breaking label that was started in 1984.  The Scrambled side is like a melange of tape warble induced bugs bunny transcendental chaos.   This incarnation of Blood Rhythms is assembled with collaborative recordings between NV13 and Arvo Zylo.  It  shapes up to be deflating balloons of organs, synth noise and horrific screaming.  At present time, this tape is not on the site, although it has been available for over a month.  Those wishing to acquire a copy should contact AMK.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

T.O.M.B./BLOOD RHYTHMS split out now on LAND OF DECAY!

Now available on Land of Decay:  T.O.M.B/BLOOD RHYTHMS split c50 cassette.  T.O.M.B. works in a realm of their own around the fringes of black metal, industrial, dark ambient, and noise.  They perform with human bones and stolen tombstones, and they have been released on Prison Tatt Records, as well as Crucial Blast, among others.   This incarnation of BLOOD RHYTHMS features contributions from Christopher Turner (Nookleptia), Michael Esposito (Phantom Airwaves), and NV13.  Our side is a sprawling affair that incorporates Electronic Voice Phenomena with subsonic frequencies, a sample of a feraliminal lycanthropizer, and excerpts from a recording of Arvo screaming through a contact mic'ed gas mask for almost 2 hours straight.   Land of Decay is a private label headed by the founding members of Locrian.  We are proud of the way it turned out, and to be included in part of their vast, highly calculated body of work!