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Friday, December 23, 2016

90% off digital catalog (limited time)

NO PART OF IT label is now offering 90% off of anything
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Releases by:
Machine Listener
Architeuthis Dux
Ataraxic Ataxia
Thirteen Hurts
Illusion of Safety
V/A - Delirious Music for Delirious People
 (ft. Pharmakon, Hans Grusel, Zola Jesus, Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, and more)
Blood Rhythms 
Arvo Zylo
Bryan Lewis Saunders
and more

God bless us everyone. 

Monday, December 12, 2016


The Pro Menu versions of the 333REDUX DVD are available now!   Just as a reminder, there is a DATA DVD version with mp3 and flac versions of this release, all 33 artists' contributions are there.   For the pro menu version, we overshot and with the conversion process inherent in the DVD menu authoring, we just couldn't fit everything, so 28 tracks are there in blazing glory, while the other 5 tracks are accessible through a link provided on the DVD (along with bonuses).

This unique compilation features reworkings of Arvo Zylo's "333" release, as well as the original release, including videos and a Blood Rhythms Surround Sound mix.  Among them are Bull of Heaven, Hans Grusel, bran (...) pos, Skulsr, Bride, dave phillips, Sudden Infant, Bruce Lamont, Daniel Burke, protman, Insect Deli, AODL, and more.  Over 8 hours of material, including 5 videos.

The long news:  "333REDUX" is a remix album of Arvo Zylo's "333" album, featuring videos by Jason Ogawa, Daniel Burke, Brian Klein, Timothy Wisniewski(Comfort Link), Bran(...)Pos, Bob Bucko Jr / Bbjr with Jay Schleidt, and a surround sound piece by BLOOD RHYTHMS.
Also contributing reworkings are: dave phillips (a piece inspired by Mayhem), Pigswill (Nick Andren), Verdant (Zach Adams), Seth Ryan, AODL (Jeffrey Paul Shell), Critter PissNervesandgelMarlo Eggplant, vertonen (blake edwards), Skulsyr (Samantha Viola), BRIDE (TOMB), Hans Grusel (resipiscent), Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz), Somnoroase PăsăreleEnoxaeonInsect Deliprotman (Joe Honk), bruce lamontThirteen Hurts / 13Hz / One-Eyed Zatoichi, NOWS (Robby Kee), Bull of Heaven, Trou, jliat, and Arvo Zylo.
Not to mention cover art based on the original 333 sources by Yasutoshi Yoshida (GOVERNMENT ALPHA/XERXES).

These artists will be getting copies in the coming days, slowly, but surely, or you can order here:https://nopartofit.bandcamp.com/album/333redux
In other news:

Arvo Zylo has a new cassette available on LURKER BIAS called "There Must Be Others", featuring cover art by Christopher Ilth.  These are relatively recent works, which were originally featured for a criminally limited edition collaboration with Komissar Hjuler und Mama Baer and for a reading of Edgar Allan Poe on Undressing Underground podcast (but the instrumentals were mixed very low in the mix in both cases),   Here they are featured in full glory, with 40 minutes of diverse, dynamic, and damaged ditties.   Only 24 copies were made of this release.

Arvo was on the radio again, playing industrial noise cassettes from the 80s that often aren't on the internet yet, and some of the first 50 LPs that were entered into WZRD's catalog, circa 1974, among other things.  HERE

Architeuthis Dux and Arvo Zylo were aired on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show with Wm. Berger, alongside his usual mix of dark, creative, and/or metallic sounds.  Wm. Berger is now recovering from injuries involving a stroke, and can receive gifts at WFMU.  We are eternally grateful for Wm.s ongoing and long-standing support, not to mention his services as lone dark dungeon pigeon of WFMU
P.O. Box 2011
Jersey City, NJ 07303-2011

His label PRISON TATT is here.

Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly reviewed both Architeuthis Dux's release on NO PART OF IT, as well as Arvo Zylo's collaboration with the aforementioned unit.   You can read the reviews here, and listen to the sounds for yourself HERE and HERE (minus the 24 minute track, "Execration Texts").

"Listen to it loud! The production maybe isn’t top notch, but it’s good enough to blow your head off. "