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Monday, February 22, 2016


I was a guest on WZRD twice  this month, and I played some recent experimental / noise releases as well as some other things that I thought were relevant to me in the stream of (conscious) things, and some things that I maybe never got around to playing on my former radio show on WLUW.  Among them, Captin Beefheart, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, an old split LP with Illusion of Safety, a recent flexi by dave phillips, Vertonen does Robert Turman, Nurse With Wound vinyl, PBK & Jim O'Rourke double LP, new/old COIL, and much else.  I also spent some time with the voluminous music catalog and make new acquaintances and old friends in the cassette collection, such as many figures whose rotting spools of plastic and wheels,  have ascended to deluxe box set heaven on the vinyl-on-demand label; Insane Music, Esplendor Geometrico, Muslimgauze, Ptose, and others, not to mention WIZZARD's early glam brew, Armand Schaubroeck's prison music, surrealist synth music by Slava Ranko, Art Zoyd, Der Plan, etc etc etc.    Ogle away!

A 12 minute version of Upheaval (Version 74) is now up at the latest edition of Necktar 2017 (Volume 8).  Necktar is an annual net release series based in France, and somewhat inspired by Carl Jung's Red Book.    It began in 2007 with the intention to continue until 2017.  This edition has over 100 tracks and is over 15 hours, featuring Dino Felipe, La Flore Intestinale,  mystified, and SANG MORT, a short-lived project between myself and Elizabeth Floersch (Fatale).  

I answered some questions for a net label called PCP, who will release a compilation including a version of Upheaval (84) eventually.  A long list of favorite musicians, perfect albums, favorite smells, sounds, phobias, inspirations, and evasive answers.

Upheaval cassette Reviewed by Lost In A Sea of Sound

Even though there are tracks on Upheaval by Arvo Zylo, this sounds on this cassette reside in a world incongruous with anything known to man.  Make seven separations or versions or what ever you want to call them and plug you brain into this... Nothing will matter by the end. Upheaval will leave your mind wiped of that bad day you had. That is for sure.

I have listened to a good amount of industrial music through the years. Arvo Zylo can walk in stride with any band i have heard, most likely set the pace. Upheaval exists in an unforgiving world of mechanized subjugation. Noises for reprogramming man and machine. The sounds are beautiful at the times before the perforation of your brain is complete and the remaining "versions" take the place of any thoughts you had. Take a look at the cover of this cassette. That's not artwork... Just a real picture.

I am not surprised at this point from Tymbal Tapes. Curating music and noise from minds alien of man. They must have a galactic sign post somewhere with instructions to send compositions to earth.
Beautifully put together from cassette all the way to the wicked artwork. Most people know because there are only four out of fifty of these left.

Upheaval was also reviewed by Tristan Bath/Spool's Out for The Quietus' regular cassette round up.  

Nebraskan label Tymbal Tapes is steadily becoming one of the most adventurous and reliable young tape labels in the States. Their last wonderfully packaged (again design by Tiny Little Hammers) batch of four sonic head trips features some banging weird techno from IXTAB; soundscapes from Romanian duo Somnoroase Păsărele; experimental noises from San Francisco’s bran(…)pos and this gem from Arvo Zylo. This cassette is about "the art of the edit" as Tymbal Tapes’ bandcamp page reveals, and each track is a reworking of the same base materials. Not that this would be easy to divine though, except perhaps in the generally metallurgic atmospherics. ‘Upheaval Version 65’ could positively pass for a muddy field recording of a steel mill - although the rhythms Arvo Zylo sculpts out of the noises end up outright meditative. ‘Upheaval Version 66’ and ‘67’ both shine up a rusty iron mass into gleaming church bells, while ‘68’ sits on a haunting moment of stasis for some eight minutes. In the able hands of Arvo Zylo, this is one of the most instantly rewarding experiences in resculpted noise for some time.

At the time of this writing, there are 4 copies remaining from Tymbal Tapes.

A review of UPHEAVAL cassette arrived via Guide Me Little Tape

Tymbal Tapes recently released Upheaval, the ominous work of Arvo Zylo. It’s a force to be reckoned with with it’s thunderous industrial sounds and pulsating rhythms. What sounds like whirring machinery and an extraterrestrial invasion gives this release an overwhelmingly menacing feeling. I feel like I’m under attack. It’s perfect. When it’s not a full onslaught, you’ll find the artist scanning the wreckage looking for any signs of life. The warbled tape transmissions wash over you in a hypnotizing fashion. If you weren’t subdued by the attack, you will succumb to the surging cries.

Screen capture due to My Castle of Quiet

Illusion of Safety and WILT were aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show, alongside Burzum, Plasmatics, Hermann Kopp, and others.  Wm. also included Blood Rhythms' "Assembly" LP and Arvo Zylo's "Falling Tower, Terrible Fountain" cassette to his huge 2015 year end list, which includes an intensive and worthwhile movie list.  

A review of Sequencer Works Vol. 2 at KFJC.

recorded between 2000-03 with Yamaha Rm1x sequencer in a closet or crawlspace. industrial cartoon mutations of layered loops and tethered chaos; much of the sequences took up the entire memory, full of arcade boss-level malfunctions, metal slug invaders. among Arvo Zylo’s most musical work, not harsh noise in itself but not easy listening either. compiled from dozens of hours of archives of limited and unreleased material. 9 fucks given

Sequencer Works Volume Two aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards Radio Show on KGNU!


  • Little Fyodor - Those Three Little Words - Slither
  • Jeff Chenault - Monocular Stereo - Sonic Rebirth
  • Arvo Zylo - FUCK*01 - Sequencer Works
  • Numbra - Elinvar - I:Alloys
  • Sterile Garden - Erleben - Gemini Trajectory
  • Inside/Outside - Radio #1 - Territory
  • Architect's Office - SO 02 "Sym 40" 4th Movement - Soundtracks
  • Ken Clinger & Charles Rice Goff III - Twenty-Four Hour Toll Road - Midiosyncrasy
  • Paisley Nightmare - In The Daylight They Kill 1 - In The Daylight They Kill