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Far more important than baking bread is the urge to take dough -beating to the extreme - Otto Muehl

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arvo Zylo LIVE on My Castle of Quiet, 2.8.2013

Arvo's performances on WFMU last February are now written up on their blog and available for listening on the Free Music Archive.  Very pleased to see this!  Many thanks again to Wm. Berger and WFMU!

Arvo Zylo's recordings / talents run the range from truly overwhelming, confrontational / chilling harsh noise, to thought-provoking experimental sounds rooted in the 1980s Raplh/LAFMS/post-TG international "noise boom." Over many releases and collaborations, he has maintained a character of the unexpected, though one always wants to hear what that next sonic mask will be.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show at the Mutiny

This is sort of a kick off show for most of us going to Denver Noise Fest, so that we may make sure to arrive there in high altitude tired and hungover. 


Nookleptia celebrates his 20th year as an angry industrial dark ambient brutal slaughterhouse noise butcher. He's done releases with Luftwaffe, Emulsion, and Page 27. Nookleptia used to be a huge group collective in Denver, before C. Turner moved to Chicago years ago now. He plays animal bones and reed instruments made from plumbing material.

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - J. Cash (no relation) from TX is steaming on tour and floating with the momentum of having curated a highly successful SUXBYSUXWEST noise fest which aggravated a lot of people, probably got him banned from the venue, and was written about in Vice Magazine by a person who is obviously racist against Texans. He is one of my favorite harsh noise artists going and one of the few who does silly right in my opinion.

Gas Mask Horse is Josh P., core member of noise/grind/punk band Disrobe, and for those who weren't born in the 90s, former blood drenched singer of URETHRA FRANKLIN AND THE GHETTO CHILDREN, whom I first saw in I think 1996. GMH is Josh's project that sprung from designing a DIY punk rock haunted house called the "Haunted Shack". I haven't seen him perform live but apparently it's pretty witchy. The tape is excellent.

DROMEZ is also on tour from Austin, TX. You may have heard her perform on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform radio show in November or seen her perform at TriTriangle or the Dust Bowl in Chicago. She has taken a hunting knife to a warlock guitar in a way that made me uncomfortable and screamed her head off in ways that aren't the feigned freakouts that some of us have seen a lot. She's genuinely pissed and she's got probably thirty guitar pedals in a suitcase, as if they were laser guns or secret plastic explosives. She's in a side project inspired by HP Lovecraft and she can handle her whiskey.

Blood Rhythms is Arvo, oftentimes with a revolving cast of collaborators/contributors. In the past it has featured the entire line up of ONO, Clayton Counts (Bull of Heaven, The Beachles), Elizabeth Floersch (Fatale), GX Jupitter Larsen, and others. The only consistent strain is the use of multiple layers, no effects pedals, and an intent towards primacy.


Arvo/Blood Rhythms at Denver Noise Fest in May

Blood Rhythms will be playing at Denver Noise Fest again this year.   There will also be a pre fest party  on May 9th featuring Arvo in collaboration with Little Fyodor and Clayton Counts (Bull of Heaven).