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Monday, December 11, 2017

Tickets to the Void

For the rest of the month/year, get 70% off at the no part of it bandcamp with the discount code:  no

The only release on the no part of it label for 2017 is a very limited split c40 cassette between long-standing Seattle collective FHTAGN and Arvo Zylo.  The FHTAGN side features layers of string instruments ranging from orchestral and spatial swells to chaotic skronk.  Arvo Zylo's side is an unfinished alternate soundtrack to the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  It can be played in sequence for the first 20 minutes of the movie, including a screwed up mess where the Dickies' original song would be in the opening credits.  Think early Boredoms meets electro-Jandek meets a 19 year old with a sequencer and without a week of sleep and you'd have a vaguely reasonable approximation.  Tapes are dubbed by Bob Bucko Jr, and are clear with lovely yellow leader tape.  They come with a hand-numbered insert, a hand-stamped piece of vintage wallpaper, and an old black and white photograph.  Limited to 25 copies, these are already almost gone here.  A few copies remain.  Get in touch if interested.  Otherwise, RRRECORDS may still have some, or maybe talk to PERSONAL ARCHIVES

Sequencer Works Volume Three was placed at #17 for Tabs Out's top 200 cassettes of 2017.  The tape itself can be heard here, but physical copies are still available from ka-rye-eye tapes here.  

Wilt was reviewed track for track by Memory Wave Transmission.  Here is an excerpt:  

 Nocturnal Requiem is my first Wilt experience, but based on the dark ambient material offered here, I would love to check out more. This duo is able to conjure up eerie tones, but the album shows their range with a couple of dynamic tracks that sees Wilt stepping out of its comfort zone.

Drone Records in Germany is now carrying copies of Blood Rhythms' "Heuristics".  

 Arvo's call in interview from October with Mid Valley Mutations about ghost stories and psychic phenomena was archived HERE