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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arvo at Noise Fest in Austin Texas this weekend

1900 East 12th Street
Austin, TX 78702

This time around, Suxby will be TWO days instead of the usual one day! Dates and times are:
Saturday, March 15th
Doors at 4pm, first set at 4:30pm, ends at Midnight.
Sunday, March 16th
Doors at 4pm, first set at 5pm, ends at Midnight.

There will be two stages and two massive PA systems. Both are located inside in 2 different connected rooms. Sets will alternate between the 2 rooms. There will also be a 3rd room, with tables provided, specifically for

artists to sell their merchandise.

Sux By Suxwest this year is 100% BYOB and of course FREE!


Sickness (CT)
Total Abuse (TX)
Xome (CA)
Jason Crumer & Joseph Hammer (MD/CA)
Marshstepper (AZ)
Laundry Room Squelchers (FL)
Clang Quartet (NC)
Penchant (NY)
Interracial Sex (WA)
Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck (MA/IL)
Full Metal Faggot (PA)
Crowhurst (CA and all around the world)
Vasculae (CA)
Goat (TX)
Drums Like Machine Guns (PA)
T.E.F. (TX)
Boar (IA)
I Like You Go Home (IA)
Vibrating Garbage (CA)
Video Nasty/Bonemagic (OK)
Arvo Zylo (IL)
Zombie Bite (MN)
Seaton XOXO (MD)
Yellow Paint Eater (TX)
Whitey Alabastard (FL)
Scant (VA)
Period Blood (IL)
Anus Morissette (TX)
Stress Orphan (VA)
Michael Amason (CA)
How I Quit Crack (TX)
Protists of Nebula (TX)
Reptilian Sexual Predator (TX)
Acid Trash (AZ)
Bollywood Life (CO)
Joshua Vance (TX)
Ascites (TX)
Bucket of Piss (OH)
Hell Garbage (FL)
Dakota Hogback (TX)
Country Club (TX)
Ferveur Noire (TX)
Tigre Merde (TX)
Youthful Masturbation Techniques (TX)
Skullcaster (TX)
Gym Mat Nap (TX)
Grandpa Lies Again (TX)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX)
Aunt's Analog (TX)
Power Monster (TX)
Dromez (TX)
Peasant (TX)
Edged Weapons (CA/TX)
Korperschwache (TX)

Saturday, March 15th:
(Stage 1) 11:45pm Crowhurst
(Stage 2) 11:30pm Drums Like Machine Guns
(Stage 1) 11:15pm Full Metal Faggot
(Stage 2) 11:00pm Scant
(Stage 1) 10:45pm Dromez
(Stage 2) 10:30pm Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
(Stage 1) 10:15pm Xome
(Stage 2) 10:00pm Aunt's Analog
(Stage 1) 9:45pm Period Blood
(Stage 2) 9:30pm Vasculae
(Stage 1) 9:15pm Sickness
(Stage 2) 9:00pm Stress Orphan
(Stage 1) 8:45pm Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck
(Stage 2) 8:30pm Interracial Sex
(Stage 1) 8:15pm NO DREAMS / SHARP TOOTH
(Stage 2) 8:00pm Penchant
(Stage 1) 7:45pm Boar
(Stage 2) 7:30pm Vibrating Garbage
(Stage 1) 7:15pm Anus Morissette
(Stage 2) 7:00pm Grandpa Lies Again
(Stage 1) 6:45pm Clang Quartet
(Stage 2) 6:30pm Bucket of Piss
(Stage 1) 6:15pm How I Quit Crack
(Stage 2) 6:00pm Michael Amason
(Stage 1) 5:45pm T.E.F.
(Stage 2) 5:30pm Seaton XOXO
(Stage 1) 5:15pm Arvo Zylo
(Stage 2) 5:00pm Gym Mat Nap
(Stage 1) 4:45pm Bollywood Life
(Stage 2) 4:30pm Korperschwache

Sunday, March 16th:
(Stage 1) 11:45pm Total Abuse
(Stage 2) 11:30pm Joshua Vance
(Stage 1) 11:15pm Youthful Masturbation Techniques
(Stage 2) 11:00pm Laundry Room Squelchers
(Stage 1) 10:45pm Acid Trash
(Stage 2) 10:30pm Marshstepper
(Stage 1) 10:15pm Jason Crumer + Joseph Hammer
(Stage 2) 10:00pm Goat
(Stage 1) 9:45pm Reptilian Sexual Predator
(Stage 2) 9:30pm Ferveur Noire
(Stage 1) 9:15pm FFH
(Stage 2) 9:00pm I Like You Go Home
(Stage 1) 8:45pm Country Club
(Stage 2) 8:30pm Zombie Bite
(Stage 1) 8:15pm Video Nasty/Bonemagic
(Stage 2) 8:00pm Whitey Alabastard
(Stage 1) 7:45pm Dakota Hogback
(Stage 2) 7:30pm Hell Garbage
(Stage 1) 7:15pm FILTH
(Stage 2) 7:00pm Ascites
(Stage 1) 6:45pm Power Monster
(Stage 2) 6:30pm Yellow Paint Eater
(Stage 1) 6:15pm Skullcaster
(Stage 2) 6:00pm Tigre Merde
(Stage 1) 5:45pm MENSROOM
(Stage 2) 5:30pm Protists of Nebula
(Stage 1) 5:15pm Peasant
(Stage 2) 5:00pm Edged Weapons

1900 East 12th St., Austin, Texas 78702

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unsound Redux

Unsound Redux

I was interviewed by William Davenport while I was in Florida to perform St. Petersburg Noise Fest, and he is putting together a documentary based on the enthusiasm around experimental music.  He ran a zine called "Unsound" in the 80s and considering the contacts he is planning to meet and interview, I'd be surprised (and honored) if my interview was actually included in the documentary, but I'm excited to see it either way.  Davenport has engaged several crowd sourcing websites, and can be contacted at the above website.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Illusion of Safety reviewed at Aquarius Records/live today on SF radio

Somewhere, an old T-shirt from Illusion Of Safety exists (the last we saw was affixed to Sigtryggur from Stillupsteypa some 10 years ago) with a deadpan/ironic catch-phrase "Illusion Of Safety gives you that soaring feeling" next to an image of a man tumbling headfirst out of a skyscraper window. Such a calculated juxtaposition of word and image was emblematic of the '80s art world (e.g. Barbara Kruger), often speaking to the underbelly of callousness, cruelty, violence and general amorality within consumerist society. Outside of this bold piece of iconography, Illusion Of Safety has operated within a more liminal state of mysteriousness through signifier and meaning. Even in their most placid albums of soft-focus ambience, the specter of some unknowable threat lurks in the background. More common in the Illusion Of Safety catalogue is an iron-fisted grasp of that sense of foreboding and dread through psychologically tense sound design. Over three decades in existence, this Chicago based project has been whittled down to its core member Dan Burke - with a few comrades-in-arms joining him occasionally - and is probably the longest running American industrial project, having produced a very impressive body of work. The 2014 album Surrender fits comfortably next to some of the masterpieces of the IOS back catalogue (e.g. Cancer, In Session, Historical, etc.) through the trademarked juxtaposition of noxious frequencies snaking in and out of harmonic phase patterns only to snap out of existence with a razor-cut edit into an electrical burst of tesla coil noise (for example). Disjointed rhythms, mediated collages, decontextualized field recordings, and psychoacoustic phrases map this album with incredible control and precision. Illusion Of Safety proves once again that they are one of the greats of industrial culture. Grab this album before it disappears, the pro-duplicated cd-r is limited to just 100 copies. Same for the cassette. 

MPEG Stream: "East Of Easement"
MPEG Stream: "Popular Delusions"
MPEG Stream: "Roller Coaster"


Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety) can be heard performing with Thomas Dimuzio on the radio in San Francisco today at two different stations:

3/4 KFJC and KPFA: DBTD radio performances

3-4PM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KFJC
stream it here: http://www.kfjc.org/

11:59PM-1:30AM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KPFA
No Other Radio network: hosted by Russ Kent (Mr. Hate:)
stream it here: http://www.kpfa.org/nootherradionetwork

Monday, March 3, 2014

Arvo interviewed in Dialtone Aggressor Zine

I'm Interviewed (finally one of them actually comes out) and on a CDR comp, one of the better versions of my "Upheaval" series in my opinion, plus a piece by SANG MORT, an outing between me and Fatale. Dromez, Zach Guttowsky, Juice Machine, AODL are in there too, among others. Excited to read it. The 1st issue was great.
FEB-065: Dialtone Aggressor #2 zine/w CD-R

Second issue of this Florida-based experimental/noise/avant garde zine. The zine features interviews and short pieces on noise gear set ups. Included in the zine are:

Juice Machine
Arvo Zylo
Zachary Short (Black Beast of Arrrghhh, Mayan Apocalypse)
Ry Sikora (Italics, Zone Tripper)
Zack Guttowsky (Glasgow Smile, Folter, Postule)
Wayne Mason (Stickfugure, BLK/MAS)

52 pages.

Comes with a CD-r sampler featuring exclusive and previously recorded tracks by: Glasgow Smile, Arvo Zylo, Sang Mort (Arvo Zylo & Fatale), AODL, Juice Machine, Italics, Zone Tripper, BLK/MAS, Dromez, & Black Beast of Arrrghhh.

$4 + shipping. International email for shipping: boredomrecs@gmail.com

Purchase/Sample: http://foreverescapingboredom.bandcamp.com/album/dialtone-aggressor-no-2-zine-compilation-cd-r