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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NO PART OF IT stickers, WFMU Airplay, show recap, Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher, Hello Walls reviewed, HH News Item

NO PART OF IT now has stickers.  All orders will come with one.  You can also send a post card or something of the sort to the mail box if you want one.

The show at Mousetrap on June 19th was a success.  Bride and Spiteful Womb came to town and brought the goods.  Talented artist Vesna Jovanovich was also in attendance, and she kindly took some photos of the show.

In other news.....

Crop from Arvo's collage fold-out

"Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fi: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher" is well in progress.  Arvo Zylo took well over a dozen LPs that he owns of these prepared piano sibling wizards and went batshit.  Sounds range from daffy percussion psychosis to smoothed out industrual/ambiante.  We are told the tapes are dubbed, so it's just a matter of fine-tuning a bit and printing the art.  It will be a double cassette with fold out art and printed labels, thanks to the fine folks at PERSONAL ARCHIVES.  Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

BLOOD RHYTHMS was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show at WFMU, alongside Doom, Rosemary Krust, Sodom, Cherubs, Occult 45, Clandestine Blaze, Macronympha, Steve Moore, and more!  It should be noted that "Mention This", a track featuring vocals by Atalee Judy, is only available as a bonus item with digital purchases, not streaming on bandcamp.  It is track 2 on the CD, but as yet, this radio archive is the only way to stream the track at this time.  


Arvo Zylo - Hello Walls was glowlingly reviewed by TRAUMATIC STATIC, head on over and see what else they're up to.



"Hello Walls" was originally released on cassette by Enemata Productions
in 2008. Later re-issued on No Part Of It Records in 2010 on cassette in
a black latex bag filled with funerary soil. Finally we have a cd version
also re-re-issued via No Part Of It. This is an album I missed out on the
first two times around and one that I am extremely happy to own a physical
copy of now. ARVO ZYLO is a project that you never know what to expect from.
Past albums have presented everything from Harsh Noise, Extremely experimental
Industrial and Glitch, Sequencer experimentation and music closer to Electronica
and a dozen other sounds and styles that would take up far too much space to list
here. With "Hello Walls" my first thought was "Is this a Harsh Noise Wall style
release from ARVO ZYLO?!?!" Three long tracks with dark and dingy minimalist art
also added to that initial impression. Well it was wrong. What we actually have
here is a Minimal Harsh Noise masterpiece. "Body Of Defective Memories" opens
the album and drags us into a nearly thirty five minute sprawl of cavernous,
Sub-terrain exploration. A very slow build up leads us deeper down and further
in. Short bass movements cloaked in small traces of distortion are looped along
with a silent hum. Foggy atmospheres are invoked by a resonating cloud of long
stretched moaning sound. Crunching sounds like fragmented voices appear and vanish
until they become a frequent addition. Upon length we hear that they are wet and
sloshing sounds like that of foamy water licking the shoreline in repetition. 
Additional Ambient tones begin to rise after some time. Tranquil reversed drones
that create a faint, But beautiful melody. Meditative and thought provoking. Over-
time these transform into ghostly choir like voices and high pitched distant ringing.
The vibrations made feel as if they bounce off of the walls of your skull endlessly.
Harsh bursts like steam billowing from some hidden schism in the center of the earth
come in phased loops crossing from one speaker to the next in cyclic motions. Secondary
textures begin to accompany this from somewhere far in the distance. The effect this has
on the listener is entrancing. More and more harsh sounds are added to this to form an
expansive and immersive listening experience. Eventually this winds down into a more
minimal and stripped down segment. Crunching rhythms are looped along a backdrop of
synth organs and choir-like tones. Curiouser and Curiouser, Further down the rabbit
hole we go. Again the rhythmic sections become more dominant and things begin to
warp once more. Deep melodic tones are heard in tiny intervals. Harmonic keys play
a spooky intermission like something you'd hear on a classic Scooby Doo cartoon.
The theme of something mysterious lurking in the shadows. Highly experimental and
very weird sounds become the main focus as the melody continues. Playful, Pitch-
shifted voices are heard coming from every direction like a gathering of mischievous
Ghouls, Goblins, Imps and entities. This slows down into a spiraling downward slope
until all is hissing and exhaling static and muffled inhuman vocal patterns.  

(FEATURING GUEST VOCALS BY: INFECTIOUS REX/MORGAN MCDONALD/NIKOLA VASILIC) The following title track is much shorter at under nine minutes. A gathering
frenzy of sound is heard. Crowded rooms full of obscured and voices and deep
windswept textures. It sounds like there is a 1950's era party on the other side 
of several walls. This is slowly drowned out and engulfed by the massive gathering
of a powerful storm brewing. High end Harsh Noise style feedback and signals begin
to make their presence known. High pitched frequencies of spacey sound. A large
vacuum expands and lets loose a cosmic storm. Ultra dense tones blend with distant
high pitched pulses creating what sounds like an interplanetary war. The audio 
equivalent to something out of a 50's dime store Sci-Fi tabloid. Harsh Noise elements
come in a mangled array of scraping, Destructive force. Stretched out ambient drifts
are laid over top gently in haunting patterns. Sub-bass grows like to an earth shattering
quake. Loud, Rumbling and devouring. The guest vocals noted at in the album insert must
be very buried in the mix. I can hear traces of what sounds like voices but they are
too far gone to comprehend. Things become much quieter suddenly and softly sung female
vocals are heard barely above a whisper which concludes the piece.

The final track "Phantom Decorum" is slightly over thirty minutes long, Making this
quite a demanding listen. It begins close to where "Hello Walls" left off. Windswept
atmospheres wrap around and whip about as a gentle piano melody plays a slight-fully
mournful and contemplative tune. Blowing gusts and random field recordings of what
sounds like activity at a market or busy street are heard. The fumbling of objects
and children's laughter, Distant whistling, Car horns, Etc. Free-form organ playing
is heard at times. Resonating tones rise and fall and rise again to loud drones.
Random voices call out random words. Sound collage meets free-form experimentation.
Very different from anything else I've heard from ARVO ZYLO while also featuring
signature tones and things that bridge the gap between this and other releases making
it feel like part of a whole. Wet phasers contain strange otherworldly noises. Brakes
squeal. Children scream. And the main drone begins to invoke uncomfortable feelings.
Impending doom, Dread, Anxiety, The fear of something awful on it's way. Hammering
sounds make me imagine the citizens of a once quiet and peaceful town boarding their
homes shut in anticipation of a coming nightmare. The drone grows louder and brings
with it a more threatening and urgent feeling. The streets sound mostly deserted other
than clueless hooligans and trouble makers. A sense of panic is conjured by what has
become a very bleak soundscape. Bass tones flood distant streets as the previously 
mentioned wet tones re-appear. More alien and violent this time...Whipping with deadly
strikes. What sounds like a steam engine screeching on distant tracks is heard as oscillating
bass tones mimic speeding vehicle engines. Weird synth/keyboard sounds and Industrial rhythms
begin. Power tools grind metal on metal. Things begin to take on a "Factory sound." Perhaps
preparation are being made for a coming terror? Clanging, Metallic piano keys play a playful
melody that sounds almost devious. Things are quieter now but things still don't feel "Safe."
Drones are still present sounding like some infinite infernal machine motor whirring for an
unknown, Sinister purpose. Things warp into another dimension. Alien voices take over the
remainder of the track. The End? Not quite. There is a hidden surprise at the end but I 
won't spoil it for you.


Also, big thanks to HEATHEN HARVEST for including our recent "batch" as a news item!!  This important outlet deserves your support!

Friday, June 17, 2016

BLOOD RHYTHMS SHOW on Sunday, airplay and reviews from KJFC, WFMU, and KGNU; Ataraxic Ataxia and Thirteen Hurts

BLOOD RHYTHMS has been graciously asked to join a bill on Sunday, with friends BRIDE (PA., featuring Panther Modern of T.O.M.B.), Spiteful Womb (NY Death Industrial), a newer project by Mike from Magia Nuda & Winters In Osaka, called FRIGHTENED MOON, and two other local acts, RUPTURED, and HEART OF PALM. Here is the event page:    Sorry for the short notice!  There is a strong possibility that this could be that last BLOOD RHYTHMS show in America.  The show will start at 7pm.  Email for more info.  

ATARAXIC ATAXIA was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show on WFMU, alongside Wolf Eyes, Dead C, Necrophagia, Cherubs, Circle, and a live set by Moros, among other things.

KFJC reviewed the recent NO PART OF IT release, a reissue of SHADOW SEA.

Atarixic Ataxia is a Violin + Electronics duo of Nicole Pizzato and Dominic Dufner. The tracks on Sea Shadows are multi-layered, usually starting with a simple theme and growing to a sonic blast as the layers multiply and the distortion builds.
The violin and electronics are a nice juxtaposition and are used quite differently in each track. Sometimes the violin is on top, soaring and screeching over a bed of throbbing rumbles. On other tracks, the relationship is inverted, with beeping, buzzing, and grinding noise taking place over looped rhythmic violin lines.
Track 2 was recorded live and is my personal favorite.

KFJC also briefly reviewed the newest release by BLOOD RHYTHMS...  "Heuristics"

Collective anchored by Arvo Zylo from Chicago.
Noise and a variety of ambient electronic sounds. Keeps the listener on their toes. I listened to this while traveling and kept wondering if it was the tracks or the airplane or something behind me. Each track was made at a different time and album history is written inside.
– Billie Joe Tolliver

Thirteen Hurts was aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards Radio Show on KGNU


Jun 4, 2016 11:00 PM (MT)


This LP was a "mispress" copy, proper copies can be had HERE
SKIN FLINT can be had from the label HERE

Blood Rhythms: Assembly LP
Blood Rhythms: Assembly LP
A couple months ago, I got an unexpected package in the mail from Chicago. Attached to it was an ’80s issue of Rolling Stone with Huey Lewis on the cover, which is too darn awesome. I didn’t keep it, because really what am I going to do with it, but I should’ve at least snapped a photo, but I don’t remember to do things like that. But anyway, there were a bunch of cool CD-r’s in it, and a tape I haven’t gotten around to listening to yet, and this LP. The record doesn’t have a cover, but it was packaged in this custom cardboard sleeve (and I didn’t realize there was a record in it at first and almost threw it out, I just thought it was weird that it was so heavy). The record was apparently recorded in an inactive meat locker with 3 mini disc recorders (a dead format recording in a dead space which used to hold dead animals). The record is “playable at all speeds”, but the A-side is 45 and the B-side is 33. “Coarse Land” on the A-side is a dirty, gray drone made of rusty horns, and it sounds even more like death at 33. The second side, “Cutter Magnolias”, is disturbing in a different way. Really abrasive horns which sound like they’re covered in gunpowder and the musicians are blowing their brains out. Then eventually these horns get cut into samples, and are looped into repetitive, ever-building patterns, until they’re all squonking in unison. Then it just keeps getting heavier and more punishing. At some points it feels like the record’s skipping, but then it changes and you realized how hard your head’s just been played. And then I think it actually does end in a locked groove. Definitely the most hypnotic free jazz/noise record I’ve ever heard.
Blood Rhythms: Skin Flint CDr
Blood Rhythms: Skin Flint CDr
The other Blood Rhythms release was the Skin Flint CDr, which features project founder Arvo Zylo (who sent me the package) along with Wyatt Howland, aka Skin Graft. The opening title track is a 22-mintue excerpt of an hour-long improv session, and it’s constant in-the-red bleeding-ears harsh noise, but it feels like there’s some really blown out melodies buried underneath. Am I just imagining things? It sounds like there’s something trying to break out from all the nullifying static. Is there any escape from noise? “Melt Compartment” starts with a fast pattering rhythm which turns into wet splattering which then somehow turns into an even faster, pulled-apart rhythm. Eventually this all gets swallowed by a pulsating vessel of noise. “Zippers With Eyes” (the unedited version of a track which appeared in shortened form on a split tape) starts with another static-y rhythm, the type Alec Empire might’ve started a track with back in the day. The rhythm splashes with echo between the speakers, and of course it gets built up with distortion, eventually being fashioned into some sort of mutating audio fireball. And then later the beat picks up and gets even more DHR-sounding, turning into some sort of hell-dungeon gabber. Finally it all falls dead on the floor and it takes a good minute or so for my consciousness to re-adjust.


CHECK OUT TAIITB Radio here!  Where BLOOD RHYTHMS was aired alongside Illusion of Safety, Troum, and Albert Ayler among others!  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Heathen Harvest Review, copious airplay


Selections from recent NO PART OF IT releases were aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards KGNU Radio Show.  Thanks!

Ataraxic Ataxia was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show on WFMU alongside Hive Mind, Schimpfluch Gruppe, Celtic Frost, Twin Stumps, Jucifer, and many other fringe gems!  Many thanks!

Michael Krause (Death Factory) was on WZRD Saturday and aired some nice selections, namely a few tracks from the new Blood Rhythms CD and a track by Ataraxic Ataxia.  Here is the playlist (there is no archive).

1). Faust - Munic/Yesterday
2). F/I - UnionGrove (return)an answer to a Question never asked/Jimi Hendrix at the Kennedy Assasination/ Union Grove (Once again)
3). Stereolab - UHF MFP
4). music from “DR. No” -Three Blind Mice” (1962)
5). Strike Under -Elephants Graveyard
6). DA - Dark Rooms
7). Death - People Look Away (1974-1976)
8). Death - The Storm Within (1974-1976)

9). Ataraxic Ataxia - track 5 - Shadow Sea
10). Psychic TV - 'Unclean ' and untitled bonus cuts from " Mouth of the Night" (cd version on Vault Records )
11). Vomitor - Meglomaniac
12). Voi Vod - Corps Ettranger
13). Impetigo - Dear Uncle Creepy
14). Subklinik -Extraktion Procedure
15). Sun Ra - Kohoutekk
16). Reality Scare - a Nice Cool Jazzy tune (cassette -1989)
17). Blood Rhythms -Maggots Drag (plus a few others forgot to write down )

18). Uncle Wiggly - Hope So Hope Soon /build Your own Monster
19). Dr. Demento- Shaving Cream
20). The Godz - Riffin' (1967)
21). Evolution control Committee - Costello Kids in the House
22). Membrane Conspiracy - Perdurabo
23). Books on Tape - Hemophilia
24). Griot Galaxy - Dragons (1985)
26). Nurse With Wound - Lonely Poisonous Mushroom
27). Peter Fromader- Nekropolis 81 ' (Vol .II)

28). A Gnomean Hagonaimean - entire 1990 Lp (various artists)

29). New Music China - ( cass. 1988) various artists ( entire 60min. tape)

30). Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Locus Morbi /Prohobenda Laetitia .