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Thursday, December 25, 2014


"oops wrong year"

Read the primer for the show in The Chicago Reader, including a review of the new "Assembly" LP here.
Photo credit: Christine Kozol, with thanks to Chris Turner.

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Facebook event  page

"Assembly" was aired (and I'm told is considered one of the top albums of the year) by Scott Scholz on his WORDS ON SOUNDS podcast.

Recent Guest DJ appearance on WZRD here.

Thanks for reading/listening!

For the record, it seems like Montoro listened to Side B first, but other than that, I couldn't have imagined a better review, much less written one myself!

...this show is a release party for its debut LP, Assembly, a joint effort by Zylo’s No Part of It label and venerable Massachusetts experimental imprint RRRecords. Zylo assembled its music from as many as 66 simultaneous samples of brass and woodwind instruments played by himself, Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Corrections House), Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse), Brian Klein (the Machinist), and Andy Ortmann (Panicsville). Recorded in a meat locker on three MiniDisc machines, their improvisations include blowing through a 15-foot pipe and placing the bells of their horns against the metal walls. The album starts out approximating something that a giant refrigerator full of horn players could’ve done in real time, but then hard edits and obvious looping and layering kick in, transforming their output into something like an industrial beat. Zylo applied no effects to the stacked tones, but they sometimes sound like an electric piano or accordion, a Dremel tool on glass, a steam vent at a steel mill, or a close-miked vacuum cleaner—at their peak, they could pass for the stampeding offspring of a wildebeest and a locomotive. The other side is lush and meditative, its ambient shimmer and howl suggesting bowed cymbals or far-off leaf blowers and floor buffers; drop its playback speed from 45 to 33, and it sounds like a church choir of whales.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Release party Jan 2nd at Club Rectum / photos of some of Ron Lessard's "Assembly" covers / guest DJ on WZRD Monday




Blood Rhythms will feature at least 4 drummers with me, doing a configuration I've wanted to do since I was 19.  The debut of Blood Rhythms was actually myself with the entire band ONO in 2010, so it's important that they're here for this special day.  I believe they will do a stripped down incarnation this time, because their 2 drummers are working with me!   ONO are always captivating and somewhat magical.  I never get tired of seeing them play.   I have interviewed ONO and travis the vocalist alone on 2 separate occasions and their first album "Machines That Kill People" (1981 or 83, not sure off hand) is among the very few perfect records in my collection.  It is an finely balanced amalgamation of experimentation and rawness with focus of intent and conceptual continuity.  Their two most recent records on Moniker records are not too shabby, either. 

And onward to two artists, Neil Jendon, and Vertonen, whom I've ridden with to play respective fests out of town, but I do not believe I've actually done a show with them in Chicago!

In 2010, Neil Jendon and I performed at STL Noise Fest.  His recent work with theremin coupled with modular synth has been incredible!  Every set has had a carefully crafted sonic tapestry and a shifting settlement of decorum often anchored around a modular synthesizer, which I'm under the impression might be temporarily retired, so expect something new and exciting from this veteran artist, whom I've seen play a gazillion times, and never been disappointed.   Jendon is also known as the synth dude in Kwaidan with Andre' Foisy of Locrian, and percussionist* Mike Weis of Zelienople.   Jendon has a CD on Vertonen's C.I.P. label, and a collaboration with legendary Italian noise act SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS out on Chicago label Bloodlust!.

Vertonen and I shared a bill at Minneapolis's Heavy Focus fest in 2010, as well as sharing a bill at STL Noise Fest in the same year.   The thing about Vertonen in Chicago, is that his local sets are often 5 minute long sets of deep ripping harsh noise, often based off of a jaloppy of a turntable that looks like some kind of 1960s military grade play school record player.  However, I've been told that Vertonen's Blake Edwards (formerly the junk player in Anatomy of Habit) is going to audition some new material which represents a significant change in direction.  Edwards has been impressively prolific in recent years, having done a picture disc with Ratskin records which is composed entirely from sounds that were recorded personally at various factory facilities, and in no small way give a deeply respectful nod to VIVENZA that puts him on a similar plane of existence as an artist.  Some of his sets out of town have had a gnarly Russian synth which he has exhibited in a number of releases with different configurations, and in collaborations with Washingtonian dadaists/surrealists At Jennie Richie.   That and an LP inspired by the depths (and heights) at which a person starts to go insane from lack of oxygen, topped off by a number of collaborative recordings with Eric Lunde (Boy Dirt Car) as well as Ohio cassette tape manipulator Jason Zeh, and in general a dense output of diverse, highly conceptual, high quality releases  since 1993 or so means that this artist is definitely a guy to show up early for.  

 Blood Rhythms have a debut LP out featuring Bruce Lamont, Andy Ortmann, Arvo Zylo, Dave Purdie, and Brian Klein. It is co released between Arvo Zylo's "no net label", NO PART OF IT, and legendary noise label RRRECORDS. Limited to 200 copies (with some overflow), 100 covers are assembled by Ron Lessard with source material mostly from medical books....  in his inimitable fashion (examples below). 100 covers are assembled by Arvo Zylo with volumes of a 1929 encyclopedia, and various debris including sandpaper, sheet metal, plexi glass, varnish, razor blades, washers, and so forth. 

 (Samples can be found here, most of which have specifically been spoken for) 

$15 ppd USA for Ron covers 
$23 ppd USA for Arvo covers 
International shipping please inquire. 

 1002 W Montrose Ave Box 130 
Chicago ILL 60613 USA 

Money orders / hidden cash at your own risk only, to the above label address. 
Only around 60 correct copies remain in my possession altogether, at this time. 
If RRR is out, check Revolver distribution. 

 Audio excerpts:



 The LP, titled "Assembly" is comprised of source material assembled in excessive amounts of layers from a session of brass and wind instruments inside of a meat locker, also with a 15 foot long tube. Recorded with 3 different mini disc recorders in the corners, Arvo Zylo piled on loops and sidereal tidbits to the point where, at moments, the listener may hear voices that are not there, and at other moments, it sounds like a train crashing over and over. 

 Playable at all speeds. 

 On January 2nd, there will be a release party for Blood Rhythms, which is a revolving collaborative umbrella moniker for Arvo Zylo to curate. Last time, at the Empty Bottle in support of DEAD TECH (Illusion of Safety meets Mitch Enderle), Blood Rhythms featured travis from ONO, Mike Weis of Zelienople and Kwaidan, Chris Turner of Nookleptia, and several other brass players accidentally going for 75 minutes without notice while travis bellowed effected stream of consciousness/free association vocalisms without wavering. This time it will be different.

I will be on WZRD Monday night as a guest DJ some time between 4 and 7pm.  I will be playing selections from artists playing the release party, among other favorites and recent acquisitions.

 Below are photos of covers by Ron Lessard, the (less than 30) remaining covers are hand stamped in addition to having an insert which is hand stamped 5 times, hand numbered, and has a hand written "PLAYABLE AT ALL SPEEDS" message.  I decided to take photos inside rather than waiting for a time where I woke up before dusk to do it. Going quick!