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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coming Back Home To You (Dreamland Surveillance)

el mundo está perpetuamente superar a sí mismo en lo que respecta a alcanzar nuevas mesetas de mierda

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Tumbledown
Faith No More - Naked In Front of The Computer
KISS - Love Gun
Pepe Iglesias "El Zorro" - Eso Es El Amor (interrupted/talked over)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Making Love To a Vampire with a Monkey on My Knee  (excerpt)
The Fall - Cyber Insekt
Iggy Pop - Repo Man
 Blanks77 - Funtime (Stooges Cover)
The Queers - This Place Sucks
Dicks - Little Boys' Feet
The Gizmos - Dead Astronauts
Robyn Hitchcock - Uncorrected Personality Traits
Andrew Liles - The Mind As An Engine That Hitherto Ceases To Function Correctly
Tiny Tim - Aren't You Glad You're You  *disruptive screaming*
Blut Aus Nord - The Fall:  Chapter I  *disruptive screaming*

Jackie Gleason - Deep Purple (talk over)

Enoch Light - Sunrise Over Sumatra
Unspecified Music of Indonesia - Sumatra Andung Andung: Work Music (excerpt)
Ethel Waters - Y'had It Comin' To You
 Carmen Miranda - Ciudado Hein!
Betty Hutton - Hit The Road To Dreamland
Taco - Livin' In My Dreamworld
Bucks Fizz - Talking In Your Sleep

Ralph Carmichael - Weird Menace (from The Blob, 1958)  *talk over*
Ike Yard - Wolfen *talk over, reading bad poetry*

Los Iniciados - Peter Pan
Aviador Dro - Anarchy In The Planet (in Spanish, Sex Pistols cover)
Nomeansno - Body Bag
Arthur Lee & Love - Somebody's Watching You 
The Seeds -  Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Dead Kennedys - Cesspools In Eden
Kilslug - March of The Skeletons
The Chocolate Watchband - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)
Television Personalities - A Sense of Belonging *mocked over*

Infinite Body - A Fool Persists (talked over)

Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come

Sunday, August 17, 2014

BLOOD RHYTHMS LP cover art, hand made LP covers

 I spent every night for over a month, and several hundred dollars on supplies, making hand made LP covers for the upcoming BLOOD RHYTHMS LP "Assembly".   A total of 112 covers exist, although only 100 of those will be available.  Of a total of 200, this is co released with RRRECORDS, with another 100 hand made covers by Ron Lessard / Emil Beaulieau, in his inimitable fashion, this time focused on medical illustration books.  They all look excellent from him.  All of the inserts are hand numbered and hand stamped numerous times with custom made stamps.  I cannot wait for it to finally be finished.  It has been pushing since April, with one failed test pressing due to "electro static", another set of "heating problems" with the plating company, and a "staggering" shorthandedness with the pressing company.    There is still a small twinkle of a possibility that this LP will be ready for the show on September 7th, but in any case, these will not be available for sale on the internet, and they will be available at least as a pre order at The Empty Bottle.  One can purchase the cover/sleeve, and get the LP later.    The 100 that I made include an anti record.  Here are some selections for my hand made LP covers. A good amount of LP covers will be hung around the Empty Bottle on display, to be chosen at a reduced price as either a release party or "pre order" deal. 

"In 1981, Mitch Enderle was the first collaborator with Dan Burke recording as Psychotic Dub, which later became Illusion Of Safety. In 1985 Mitch released a cassette on Complacency called Dead Tech. This work was Industrial music described as "noise like it used to be", featuring distorted drum machine, loops, samples, synth, guitar, and vocals very similar to early SPK, Nocturnal Emission, and Test Department. Longtime collaborators Mitch and Dan will be recreating some of this material for only the second time ever for this performance at Empty Bottle"


BLOOD RHYTHMS is ARVO (ZYLO)'s industrial noise project, often as a collaborative umbrella, but not always. He has been active since 2000 and currently likes to use layers of similar sources such as trumpets or power tools on sheet metal, or do raw, feedback laden performances with amplified objects and primal screams and lyrics about body politics and the alchemy of grief. For this event, Arvo will be rekindling the spirit of his previous (loosely labelled) "brass ensembles" that happened regularly between 2007 and 2010. DEATH FACTORY, aka MICHAEL KRAUSE’s returns with their old school industrial noise atmospherics. His ”noisescapes” run the gamut from heavy electronics to death industrial, paying tribute to bands from THROBBING GRISTLE to MERZBOW, cult movies and “weird sounds from factories in the northwest Chicago, IL neighborhood.”

$8 or FREE with RSVP: http://www.ticketweb.com/fb/5313045/eb

Graveform (Heavy electronics/Power electronics
project Of Nathan Hill) :

Death Factory
(Industrial/Noise/synthscapes project of Michael Krause founded in 1988):

Blood Rhythms :

Blood Rhythms (with ONO)

early incarnation of the ensemble-

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Empty Bottle show on 9/7 (update)

Facebook event page

3 different flyers for the show on 9/7...   no photoshop, scanned and printed directly from manual collages. 

Also, it is looking like at the very least there will be 100 album covers hanging at the Empty Bottle, while the actual LP might not be ready yet, due to lots of snafu with the plating process. People will be able to purchase these art objects which will include an anti record prior to the LP being ready.   These are each individual, unique collages, not some "uniquely different color screen print" stuff.  Some of them have razorblades, sand paper, gorilla tape, sheet metal, and washers affixed to them.  Others are just collages from 1930s encyclopedias, some of which have been painted over with blackened death varnish. 

Noteworthy to say the least, is the addition of DEAD TECH to the bill, which is Mitch Enderle and Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), who first activated this project in some capacity in 1981.  This is pure industrial rhythmic noise. 

AND also, newcomer GRAVEFORM...   

This incarnation of BLOOD RHYTHMS (brass ensemble) is killer... 

Looking forward to it. 

Sunday, September 7th
Free with RSVP at www.emptybottle.com
1035 N Western Ave