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Friday, April 13, 2012

Show at Enemy next month

May 5th 9pm
Enemy 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Floor

Illusion of Safety
Wyoming (Riley Walker & Andrew Young)
Boyle (member of Nihilist Spasm Band)
Michael Esposito & Arvo Zylo

"333" reviewed at Bad Alchemy

I keep forgetting to share this peculiar but flattering review from Rigobert Dittmann at Bad Alchemy:

ARVO ZYLO 333 (No Part Of It, CD-R): Es gibt sie noch, die Totalabsage an das, was vernünftig und was ästhetisch akzeptabel ist. Da ist einen Typ in Chicago, der in einem rattenverseuchten Kabuff die Industrial-Geschichte verwurstet wie Haarmann seine Opfer. Nicht als Farce, sondern with a vengeance, mit Gewalt, wie der Teufel, auf die Spitze getrieben. Das Machwerk besteht aus drei sperrigen Brocken, 'Plasthma' (11 Min.), 'Deadbeat Deluxe' (16 Min.) und gleich zu Beginn 'Quicksand Eggs Of A Beaten Pathos', eine Lobotomie von über einer halben Stunde, nach der allein man schon wimmernd mit allen positivistischen auch allen nihilistischen Gelüsten abschwören möchte. Oder, drachenblutabgebrüht, von nun an erträgt, was immer auch kommen mag (zumindest bis man sich das nächste Mal auf den Daumen hämmert). Aus einem Trolltanz zu Spinettgeklimper entwickelt sich splattriger Harsh Noise als Overkill mit Druckluftnadlerdauerfeuer. Dann wieder verzerrte Keyboardclusterschläge zu fortgesetztem Lo-Fi-Gewummer und Spießerschreckgeorgel zu schmetternden Paukenschlägen. Ein Karnevalszug von Orks und Trollen, der ausdünnt zu spotzendem Gebrodel, in das im Sekundentakt Metall tropft. Aus grausligen Stimmfetzen und stotterndem Noise plötzlich melodieähnliches Gedudel, ein pulsierender Groove, Geisterbahnsynthie, Maschinenstumpfsinn, ein Charivariloop und noch mehr Geklopfe und Georgel zwischen primitiv und kaputt. Gekurbelt bis zum Überdruss, zur Erschöpfung. Schnitt. Und schon geht es im gleichen Stil weiter, kaputte Beats, kaputte Motoren, die von einem Locked Groove zum nächsten holpern. Apokalypso ad nauseam. Was, wenn man trotzdem grinst und, obwohl die Welt da aus dem letzten Loch pfeift, die 'Plasthma'-Melodie mitswingt? [BA 70 rbd]

Here is what the translator engine had to offer:

ARVO ZYLO 333 (No Part Of It, CD-R): It still exists, the total rejection of what is reasonable and what is aesthetically acceptable. There's a guy in Chicago, the rat-infested mess out in a cubbyhole, the industrial history as Haarmann's victims. Not as a farce, but with a vengeance, with violence, like the devil, to the extreme. The concoction consists of three bulky chunks' Plasthma '(11 min),' Deadbeat Deluxe '(16 min) and at the very beginning' Quicksand Eggs Of A Beaten pathos, a lobotomy of over half an hour after the single want to renounce even with all the whining positivist and nihilistic all appetites. Or dragon's blood boiled, from now on bear, whatever that may come (at least until the next time pounding on the thumb). From a troll dance Spinettgeklimper developed splattriger Harsh Noise than overkill with compressed air eagle auto fire. Then again distorted keyboard strokes cluster continued to lo-fi and Gewummer Spießerschreckgeorgel to blaring drum beats. A carnival of orcs and trolls, which thins to spotzendem seething, dripping in every second metal. From gruesome vocal scraps and stuttering noise suddenly droning melody like a pulsating groove, haunted synth, stupidity machine, a Charivariloop and more banging and Georgel between primitive and broken. Cranked up ad nauseam, the point of exhaustion. -Section. And then it continues in the same style, broken beats, broken engines, the jolt from a locked groove to the next. Apokalypso ad nauseam. What if you still grinning, and, even though the world since its last legs whistles, the 'Plasthma' mitswingt melody? [BA 70 rbd]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arvo/Blood Rhythms at Denver Noise Fest

Arvo will be Djing and Blood Rhythms will be performing at Denver Noise Fest 2012. Other acts include Crank Sturgeon, Sickness, Marlo Eggplant, Fatale, Nookleptia, Matt Taggart (PCRV), and Cock ESP among others. April 27-28th.

There will also be a show with Ralph Gean, Little Fyodor, and Noise Circumstance to kick the fest off at Rhinoceropolis on April 26th, and Arvo will be taking part.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GX Jupitter-Larsen/Arvo Zylo split cassette reviewed at Killing Birds

Two Spleencoffin releases were reviewed favorably at Killing Birds, one of which was the GX Jupitter-Larsen/Arvo Zylo "Xylowave/Zylowave" split cassette release:

GX Jupitter-Larsen needs no introduction, to anybody even in the periphery of the noise scene, Larsen's project, The Haters, is legendary as one of the defining artists of the genre, up there with the likes of Hal McGee, Merzbow, Whitehouse, etc. This split tape with Arvo Zylo, titled "Xylowave/Zylowave", is a 2012 release on Spleencoffin. The first side belongs to GX and here he creates an urgent sound, though to the ear the basic patterns do not change and there are no clever editing tricks, there's something beautiful in these long stretches of wind-licked, barren machine-noise. This is crushing, bruising, yet when listened to in a certain way can be heard as ambient sounds. Rising frequencies punch holes in the structure, power tools shower sparks, until in it's final incarnation it becomes crunching rhythmics that descend to an abrupt ending. As awesome as you'd expect!

Arvo Zylo is a distinctive noise artist, though not yet well known, I've reviewed his work favorably HERE. This is quite different from the crazy combination of prog, krautrock and industrial forms I heard in Zylo's other work. His B side, "Zylowave", starts with staccato 8-bit repetitions, charged electrons fluxing throughout, then partial dropouts in the mix on one side of the stereo frame or the other. My Sansui S930's are put to the test, but they're used to this kind of noise abuse, since I've had 'em for 30+ years! Midway through, it all becomes hissing and constant crescendos with no means of resolution. Another wondrous slab of power electronics!

Finally let me say this has one of the better conceived cover graphics I've seen of late, handsomely printed in black and silver, a nice art package. Recommended! Get it for $5 (!) HERE.

Arvo aired on No Such Program (Radio Valencia)

Some of Arvo's work has recently been aired on Ferrara Brain Pan's excellent radio show No Such Program on Radio Valencia.

April 10 - Along with Carter Tutti Void, Bobby Beausoleil, Coil, and Tristan Tzara/Jaap Blonk among others!

March 6 - Along with Vagina Dentata Organ, Brian Eno, Keiji Haino, Kluster and friends, and more!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"333" reviewed at Esoterrorist

Chicago-based noise artist Arvo Zylo is rumored to have spent 6 years developing his most recent offering, 333, and the 3-track self-released CD doesn’t fall short of expectations.

The first moments of 333 are reminiscent of what one might imagine a carnival in hell to sound like, with warbly and oblique synthesizers played along to schizophrenic glitch-ridden industrial beats. This runs almost immediately into an abrasive wall of noise and hiss, removing any former traces of melody and rhythm and elevating us to a purely textural abstraction of sound. We come in and out of this traditional (a tradition known to noise purists, only, assuredly) line of harshness with more recognizably concrete instrumentation of modern composition, but the grim atmosphere remains the constant, from the static crushing blasts of noise to the rupturing post-apocalyptic dirge marches.

Within the established structures of industrial noise, Arvo Zylo has found his individual voice, and it resonates with strength and dynamic agility. You can mark us down as fans. Get it here on CDr or cassette.


Blood Rhythms on new Power Electronics Compilation

The track "In A Vacuum" is featured in a new 3 disc CD compilation of American Power Electronics. Other artists included are Corephallism, Pharmakon, Slogun, Steel Hook Prosthesis, and Vomit Arsonist among many others. More info Here.