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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sequencer Works Volume Three

The final volume of Arvo Zylo's Sequencer Works series is out now.  Much of it features his earliest, most precocious, raw and isolated material, as well as a couple of pieces he did trying to emulate machine sounds for a hidden cassette collaboration, a very early out-take from "333" that caused a scuffle at a party, a track with vocals by Atalee Judy circa 2001, a couple of song-oriented tracks (including a Flipper cover) that Arvo did for Sonic Coalition, and more, in its 90 minute duration.   The most unusual of the archives were chosen, for those who are enthusiastic about strange happenings within the recorded medium.  The cover art / layout was done by Tiny Little Hammers, and there are liner notes written by Scott Scholz (Tymbal Tapes, Words on Sounds, Tabs Out, etc).  These are professionally duplicated cassettes on Chrome tapes, with two color imprints.  Co-released by Personal Archives and Ka-Rye-Eye.  Limited to 100 copies.


In other news:

333REDUX and Machine Listener's "Sentient System" were reviewed by Vital Weekly.

It's important to note, I think, that in both the data DVD and the pro menu DVD, there are track lists, and the original "333" album is included in both formats. Also, track lists are included, and easily visible, but I digress. I'm glad these packages finally arrived there after some holiday hoopla. Apparently.

Arvo has contributed to the Necktar annual compilation series for over ten years in a row.  Not your average online compilation, this label goes the extra mile, and the series itself is inspired by Carl Jung's Red Book.

Arvo contributed to a compilation based on public domain sounds, curated by Canadian noise artist Damno Te.

Blood Rhythms was aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards Radio Show on KGNU.