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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Interview Series #22: Bob Bucko, Jr.

The NO PART OF IT Interview series was a strain of questions sent to a number of different people between February and March 2019. Each entry was scheduled chronologically to be thrust upon the world on a monthly basis since then. Each individual is introduced informally as if they were being discussed at a bar.   

Scheduled March 2019
Bob Bucko Jr, or "BBJR" for short, seems to have an endless amount of time for creative activities, one top of at least two jobs.  He's constantly running his label Personal Archives, dealing with side projects and one-off collaborations, tours, and writing for the online zine, RUIX.  His work either solo or with the outfit Sex Funeral has a "home taped" feeling most of the time, and other than that it varies from instrumental music leaning heavily on ambient themes to singer/songwriter mannerisms, to creations for electronic percussion to expert sax skronk to Hendrix style guitarscapes, or just in general busy-bodied home recordings on a four-track recorder. 

1.  What kinds of things have you been getting into lately?

I’ve been trying to accept myself as a person living in a body. I’ve also been getting into letting go.

2.  What you do, do you do it as an artist, or is it a hobby? 

I don’t make money, so it’s not a ‘job’, but it certainly feels more essential to running my machine than ‘hobby’ would imply.

3.  How would you describe what you do?

I let my eyes roll back in my head and give in to whatever’s coming out.

4.  How would you describe your creative progression over the years, in a brief synopsis?

I severed all the tendons in my left hand on January 30, 2012. Then I began to really understand how to play instruments.

5.  How would you describe your philosophy?

Let there be mystery.

6.  Do you believe in psychics, magic, ghosts, or gods?  If no, then maybe you'll share your favorite conspiracy theory (whether you believe it or not). 

Let there be mystery.

7.  What would you say was your most definitive experience?

Losing a loved one, 030408.

8.  Do you have any side projects that I am not aware of? If not, what is something you'd like people to know about you, that you don't think anyone would ever ask?

I recorded for years as Assumed Names Workshop, but only three people know that (or did until now, anyway.)

9.  Would you care to name any theoretical "desert island" records, or at least releases that you think are approaching your concept of "perfect"? 

Imperfect” albums are more interesting to me, usually. The perfect band, however, is Dead Moon. The ultimate distillation of what they professed to be.

10.  What is the earliest childhood memory you can (or are willing to) recall? 

I about 3 or 4 years old, new to the neighborhood. Kid knocked on the screen door, asking to play. I opened it and bopped him in the nose.

11.  Are you able to appreciate other peoples' creative work regardless of their personal shortcomings or inherent flaws?  To what extent? 

While “to what extent” covers factors like severity of action/flaw and whether the person can financially benefit from my appreciation, I will also admit that is likely an ever-changing goalpost based on my levee of admiration for the work.

12.  Do you have any heroes or heroines?  Who are they?  Feel free to add anything that makes them stand out. 

All my heroes/heroines are (considered) peers. I look to a lot of people I respect to help understand how to navigate this odd lifestyle, but I try not to idolize anyone. See question #7.

13.  What would you like to have on your epitaph?  Or what is your favorite quote? 

I did what I could with what I had.”