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Far more important than baking bread is the urge to take dough -beating to the extreme - Otto Muehl

Monday, January 14, 2019


The opening track from the new compilation "Heteroptiks", by Taki Pantos, was aired on WZRD... alongside Author & Punisher, Adult., Grace Jones, Luc Ferrari, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Lesley Gore, and Esplendor Geometrico.  LISTEN HERE 
 Also on WZRD, there were two tracks from the Pussification compilation aired on two different shows.   Arvo Zylo's track (w/Chollie) was aired here, and Fhtagn's track was aired HERE.  Thanks wizards! 
AND Mass Marriage's track from HETEROPTIKS was also aired HERE alongside  Bren't Lewis Ensemble, Black Sun Productions, Yoko Ono, Gintas K, Alvin Lucier, Legendary Pink Dots, and more.  

Marlo Eggplant's track "Arvo" from 333REDUX was aired on "What's This Called?" radio show in Portland.  Nadja, Legendary Pink Dots, Plastic Ono Band, Mini-Mutations, and Thai Elephant Orchestra were also aired, among others.  Listen HERE.

4 new releases on NO PART OF IT were reviewed at Critical MassesA Birthplace Is Not A Grave SitePussification, Heteroptiks, and Upheaval.   "It’s OK, you can do a double take, blink a couple times, and shrink away, never to return to this subject again. Or you can embrace the weirdness, the inventiveness, of this idea and run with it. ".     Thanks Ryan!  

"Like a holy artifact or lost secret document, A Birth Place Is Not a Grave Site contains unfathomable riches to discover. There are three b/w 4 x 6 art cards by Arvo himself, stunning, haunting, tactile, visceral pieces to accompany the mood. A b/w photo is also included – mine is a postcard of four adolescent girls on ponies. The contrast in aura is unsettling, although the representation of a time long past is spooky enough to click with the rest of the vibe."

Marlo Eggplant's split with Arvo Zylo was ranked at #175 in Tabs Out's Top 200 tapes of 2018.  I believe it was the only split cassette in their rankings.   Thanks boys!

All four of the most recent split cassette tapes on no part of it were reviewed at CASSETTE GODS.  We are grateful they took the time to give these kind words here.  Follow the links below!

PBK/Arvo split review
BBJR/Arvo split review
Marlo Eggplant/Arvo review
Andrew Quitter/Arvo review

"AZ’s side couldn’t be further from the prior, eschewing any semblance of whimsy for a stilted, panic-inducing stack-upon-stack-upon-stack of Steve-Reich-meets-hyperspeed-cloned-Conlon Nancarrow sequences that amplify, obfuscate, & further bastardize each and every one of themselves with every passing layer added. Though the trajectory is plainly mapped, the psychoacoustic effects are not. This is a pretty wild ride for anyone willing to exercise their patience, and sanity, to be sure!"