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Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

COCK E.S.P. - Historia De La Musica Cock - Available Now (featuring Arvo and many others!)

COCK E.S.P. - Historia De La Musica Cock - Available Now (featuring Dental Work and tons of awesome friends!)

"The 17th full-length album by infamous Minneapolis noise band Cock E.S.P. is both an homage and parody of the group's extensive and eclectic musical influences, a unique tribute to the past 100 years of experimental and underground music, forming a new cornerstone in the group's mission to challenge the conventional wisdom of unconventional music.

Featuring 125 pieces divided into eleven chapters, recorded over a period of two years and clocking it at a mere 38 minutes, "Historia de la Musica Cock" presents an intricate, diverse and rapid-fire selection of art movements and musical genres including: Fluxus, Futurism, Punk Rock, Free Jazz, Plunderphonics, Japanese Noise, Avant Garde, Minimalism and Psychedelia. Genres are referenced directly with music performed using their original style and instrumentation, often contrasted with Cock E.S.P.'s usual harsh electronic fare.

In addition to the core Cock E.S.P. membership -- Emil Hagstrom, Matt Bacon, Jason Wade (FAGGOT), Nicole Rode (Rape Door), heterosexual hair stylist Scott Burns and Jamaican dominatrix Paige Flash -- this album features dozens of special guest musicians including: John Vance (Eclectic Ensemble, WRONG), V/Vm, Andy Ortmann, Smell & Quim, Blowfly, Dreamland Faces, Weasel Walter, Leslie Keffer, Origami Bøe, Costes, Suffering Bastard, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Disthroned Agony, Page 27, Jiblit Dupree, Naomi Elizabeth, S/M, Dental Work, Head Molt and RU-486 as well as members of Harry Pussy, White Mice, Wasteoid, the Nihilist Spasm Band, the Stooges, No Doctors, Ovo, Abiku, Rusted Shit, Pain Teens, Ghostband, Angry Feminists, Thunderbolt Pagoda, Gash Blood and Harsh Reality."

CD in 5x7 card package. Cassette features 36 minutes of bonus alternate/extended mixes. Co-released by Breathmint, Little Mafia, and SunShip Records/E.F. Tapes.
$8.00 plus $2.00 S/H in the USA; $10 plus $4.00 S/H international.

Paypal to ewhagstrom ((at)) yahoo ((dot)) com, or click the link below.

Checks payable to EMIL HAGSTROM send to:

SunShip Records
P.O. Box 580218
Minneapolis MN 55458-0218 USA

Friday, February 25, 2011

Review of "Saint Street" on Dead Formats

Saint Street
Self Released

Harsh noise instantly pummels you on this release over it's ten tracks. It's a bit on the long side but the note I received with it informed me that it is made up of two separate full lengths. Lots of interesting dynamics throughout both sides of this cassette. Not totally a HNW but punishing enough to make you need to take a break between side one and two. Subtle moments of melody desperately try to break through the noise like someone trapped under ice. Quiet dark at times but it avoids the whole blackened noise thing and just barrels straight ahead in the way some of the later Birchville Cat Motel releases did. I think this may have benefitted from being broken up into two releases but it's pretty damn good.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Review of "333" from Culture Is Not Your Friend

Arvo Zylo – 333http://www.myspace.com/misterfuckhead
Noise, Rhythmic, Glitch.
Label – Self released

01 Quicksand Eggs of a Beaten Pathos02 Deadbeat Deluxe03 Plasthma
A long way was set before “333″, the album by Chicago based Arvo Zylo, before it was realized into its physical format. Like the artist himself describes, these recordings were made back in 2003, inside a closet that stood in the bowels of a rat infested house with a flooded basement (no less!), and was shaped and molded until it was released in 2009. This Narnia-meets-Fightclub scenario might sound like an irrelevant piece of information for someone who holds this album for its sounds rather than its history, yet hints of this moist background can be traced both in the cover art and, of course, in the music.

The three tracks of the album, all donning great titles, are quite long, with the track “Quicksand Eggs of a Beaten Pathos” overshadowing the other two by lasting over 30 minutes. Zylo begins with rhythmic sounds and builds a firm, even melodic ground for us to stand on, only to shatter it to pieces few minutes later, as these rhythms turn to blistering, pulsating noise. This shape shifting is something that Zylo does a lot in order to keep his audience alert. Brushing together dirty drones with water soaked sounds and eerie ambience, the opening track grows intense and hostile as minutes pass. About halfway through Zylo let the matters calm a little, thus allowing more delicate sounds of metallic hisses to surface. Later on, the music will turn harsher once again. When we get to the beginning of “Deadbeat Deluxe”, the sounds are distressing and chaotic, and Zylo adds broken electronic beats to the boiling soup he serves. “Deadbeat Deluxe” goes mental until a certain moment of Zen when it suddenly balances into a rhythmic industrial peak. Zylo creates pockets of sanity that floats in the massive, intense flood of electronic mayhem, long enough for the listeners to take a deep breath before the next dive, but not long enough to calm them down.

“Plasthma” begins with an airy, yet highly distorted ambient breeze. This track serves as a fitting closure for the album, as these relatively soft waves of distortion begin creating sonic turbulences that lead to the albums screaming end. ’333′ is rich in texture and musical events. Zylo brings a real treat in the form of a bumpy rollercoaster ride with sharp angles that prevent you from predicting where you are being taken next; a recommended experience!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



90 pages, b+w, 8.5x11" (printed on double-sided 11x17" paper)

No reviews, no articles, no opinions.
Collages, block prints, paintings, drawings, photography, cut-up poetry, and xerography.
3 brief interviews with Mutant Ape, Vomir, and Arvo Zylo.

$6 ppd (US and World)

Order it here: http://jerseyflesh.bigcartel.com

Monday, February 14, 2011

Owl Eater

A track of mine is featured in the most recent Owl Eater net compilation. Also featured are PBK, A.R.GH, and Sick To The Back Teeth among others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A new online compilation is out on Datahex featuring a new collaboration track between myself and Elizabeth Floersch (Fatale) under the name SANG MORT.