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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arvo featured in the Chicago Reader's "In Rotation" this week!

photo of COIL by the late Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, from his book of Photography 

I am very pleased to announce that after months of carefully dancing words around in my mind every time I listened to something, my contribution to the Chicago Reader's IN ROTATION is finally here!   Copies will be around news-stands all over Chicago for the next week!

The Chicago Reader's benevolent staff writer, Leor Galil, asked me to write down three things I'm currently obsessing over, and then pass it on for someone else to do the same thing.  I passed the torch to my friend Sarah Moskowitz, who had made regular appearances on my old Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, and is now a regular DJ at WZRD.  She's always had some of the best and diverse tastes I've known, and I think what she came up with is great.  

Leor first interviewed me for an article on "deliberately obscure" labels some months ago.  He's also written articles on Record Store Day, recently departed Chicago superfan Ray Ellingsen, and that Mafia/Murder expo whose name I can't remember, among many other things.  Check out that Dennis Larsson album if you can!  

Thanks to the Chicago Reader!

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