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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Arvo's Sequencer Works played at Words On Sounds Podcast

Scott Scholz's Words on Sounds blog used to be an excellent review site, which has now morphed into a podcast.  Scott used to have a radio show which was not archived in any way, so it's really nice to see that he has moved on to being a podcast.  Generally, Scholz has a great taste for what he'll call "creative" music, where it is tied by only the single strain of being "experimental", and otherwise diverse without the meandering aspects associated with the genre, often with particularly innovative uses of melody.  I'm always thrilled to be aired in the company of the artists he plays, and in this case, my recent cassette on Out-of-Body Records was sampled among other artists such as Crown Larks, who recently played an excellent show at the Empty Bottle here in Chicago, as well as Wei Zhongle, Invisible Things featuring Mark Shippy of U.S. Maple & a member of Parts & Labor, Corpo Mente, Millions, and some other things you've probably never heard of.  Scott has also recently started a cassette label called Tymbal Tapes, packed with stainless steel ink on "luxurious" linen.

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