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Monday, September 22, 2014

BLOOD RHYTHMS "Assembly" LP still in progress / Arvo at Indiana Noise Fest again in November

I keep forgetting to say thanks to everyone who came out to the BLOOD RHYTHMS show on 9/7.   THANK YOU!  We played for 75 minutes and it was mostly incredible.   Dead Tech, Death Factory, and Graveform were all great.  I sold all the test pressings I wanted to sell, which of course came with a hand made LP jacket of their choice.  I hung about 30 jackets at the Empty Bottle for a week on display.    Heard some nice comments about them.  Many thanks to the Empty Bottle!  And especially Kenny Rasmussen for doing excellent sound!   

But the reality is that with the company I was working with, there was never any hope of getting the LPs on time, like I was mislead to believe, so now I am starting all over again with a new pressing plant.  The test pressings sound excellent.  Side A is cut at 45 RPM and intended for alternate playback at other speeds.  Side B is like wise, and cut at 33.3 RPM.  180 gram with lacquers meant to capitalize on the depth/warmth of it.  No compromise.  Read more, listen to samples, and look at examples of record covers HERE

Pre orders are naturally happening, because some people want more involved art covers than others.  So I am offering them as a thing to look at while the records are still being made.  Some are certainly more heavy than others, too.  So if any inquiring onlooker should wish to reserve a copy of the LP with my hand made covers (I did 100, and Ron Lessard / RRRecords did 100), I will send the art their way first, and then the LP separately when it is ready. 

For U.S. residents, one could send $20-$40 depending on how heavy they are willing / interested in having their art be.  Some of them are 20 pounds.  For residents outside of the U.S.  You can expect to add anywhere from $15-$50 depending on how much you value collage art with or without 150 razor blades or 20 gauge sheet metal and so forth.  All of my hand made covers come with anti records, by the way.  OR for jackets by Ron Lessard, all made from medical books, $15 ppd in US and $27 ppd Elsewhere.   

I will not offer paypal for purchasing any NO PART OF IT releases at this time. Only physical currency.  (Comparable/proud) Trade inquiries for any releases other than the LP are welcome, and I will probably say yes.

The money orders or hidden cash at your own risk can go to the following address.  Nothing bigger than a cassette will fit in this mail box....   so if you must send a demo, it would need to be a 3 inch disc or a quaintly packaged cassette. And I will probably say no.

1002 w.  Montrose Ave
BOX 130
Chicago ILL 60613

Also, rumor has it I will be making an appearance on WZRD on September 29th between 4-7pm CST.  Keep it a secret.  

AND, I have been asked to return to Indiana Noise Fest, in Columbus Indiana.  Last time I played / screamed for an entire hour for the first time.  I haven't played solo in a while, I don't even remember.  Maybe since March in Austin Texas.  Whatever I do, it will definitely be NEW.  More info here

I have numerous other releases in various states of progress, it has been a pretty prolific period of time that is now changing, but my involvement with the internet is experiencing a serious digression.  Feel free to write the above address or follow the unusual distribution channels. 

One more thing, I just found that someone first discovered ONO when ONO was the band with me, for the 2010 live debut of my BLOOD RHYTHMS project.   Illusion of Safety headlined as an industrial trio, and before that ONO started without me for my own piece that I set on them!  It was incredible.  There was a snow storm brewing and severe weather abound.  27 people were there, and one of them was either the founder of ONO's label Moniker records or a writer for Foxy Digitalis (not sure).  Here is the article.