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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Upheaval Inc / Pigswill VS Arvo Zylo - "BEAST" /Bonus WILT

New version of Upheaval ^

Dig the new bonus material that comes with the digital version of Wilt's "Nocturnal Requiem", 2 bonus tracks are now available.
 From James Keeler:
"These are the complete recordings. Raw sewage electroniks. Field recordings, etc. Think "Field of Skin" by Daniel Menche.
Similar process. Rotting tapes. Micro and standard. Lo fi synths. Tossed in dirt. An opus for eastern europe."

Arvo Zylo's "Upheaval" on Tymbal Tapes was aired on Spool's Out, hosted by Tristan Bath of The Quietus.  Therein he expressed that this episode was something of a pre-end of year list for late year releases that may get lost in the 2015 shuffle.

The playlist:
  1. O$VMV$M – Shinobi (No Corner)
  2. +DuLT+ – +Cave [Ancient Energy]+ (Cruel Nature Recordings)
  3. Circular Ruins – Intuitive Knowledge (Portals Editions)
  4. Leonardo Martelli – Ritorno (Mixed Up)
  5. Head Dress – Strong Arm (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
  6. DJ K-Sets – Canaanite Galaxy 2 (side B excerpt)
  7. Serbey Gubka – Valentine’s Bus (The Association for Depth Sound Recordings)
  8. 猫 シ Corp. – Wifi&Airco
  9. Blood Mute – Paraffin (Acroplane Recordings)
  10. Bromp Treb – Vultures
  11. Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle – BIII (Raw Tonk)
  12. Cukier – 8 (Pawlacz Perski)
  13. Barda – Arroyo (Was ist Das? / Pakapi Records)
  14. Harmonia – Tiki-Taka At Harmonia Studio In Forst (Grönland Records)
  15. Chris Spearman – Loom 3 (Sacred Tapes)
  16. Elizabethan Collar – 06 (Aught)
  17. Arvo Zylo – Upheaval Version 68 (Tymbal Tapes)

Speaking of...  Scott Scholz of Words on Sounds and Tymbal Tapes was interviewed by The Formant, wherein he discusses at length the motivations behind his label and, more specifically, this recent "batch" of cassette releases.  Well worth reading!  As I write this, there are 6 copies of Upheaval remaining at the bandcamp site.

In other news, Frans De Waard, of Vital Weekly, wrote one of the most egregiously dismissive reviews I have seen, of Sequencer Works Volume Two.  If you want, read here, and you can also listen to the release to decide for yourself here.


"Sequencer Works Volume One" was #66 on Tabs Out Podcast's Top 200 Cassettes of 2015 List.
It was also #22 for Words on Sounds top 25.  Thanks folks!


I've just been made aware that someone made a track from Amtrak field recordings, myself performing in Denver, as well as Fatale and Personal Injury Lawyer.  I believe it is, Eucci, a side project of AODL.  Here it goes:

"Bridgeport, California Zephyr" samples an impromptu tabletop noise session AODL (Eucci), Fatale, Personal Injury Lawyer, & Arvo Zylo and loops and droops it into decaying feedback barriers. Original sample recorded in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, played and recorded on the OP-1 on Amtrak #5, "The California Zephyr" across the plains of Iowa and through the Colorado Rockies, into the Utah desserts. Often under beautifully stormy skies as seen from the observation car.


Gonzo Circus reviewed the "333" album, apparently some time this year.  I must have sent that to them 5 years ago!  Here is the translator engine's go at it:

Demonic spirits have it for 666, Willam Burroughs chose 23, EBM fanatics seek to 242, and the creator of this CD-R everywhere sees the combination 333 popping up in his life. All these numerical input is again spewed in noise and atmospheric distortion guitars, tools, metalwork, electronics and voices. Live shows this American of Croatian origin themselves stand out by hiding behind a metal mask as well (covered with contact microphones) is used as an instrument. ?? 333 ?? is a concise mix of industrial atmospheres (wrought iron), noise and feedback. What Zylo drop here, reminiscent of the early days of Merzbow or the nihilism of the New Bloc Frames. But it is by the use of rhythms / loops ?? 333 ??something easily digestible, even as an occasional tone firmer rest is built.A course in visual thing started with the combination 333: Earlier this album was also released on cassette (99 pieces) in three versions with three times three different inserts, and this CD-R will not always look the same everywhere.


The Culture is Not Your Friend website did a compilation featuring Pigswill superbly remixing material from my album 333.  It is entitled "Beast", it goes into some excellent martial/ominous territory, from a segment of the 32 minute piece "Quicksand Eggs of a Beaten Pathos" (I think), and the compilation is pay what you want.

Undressing Underground podcast used some material from the Upheaval  release on Tymbal Tapes, in the background, for an interview with the National Cynic Network on KFJC.

Thank you.