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Friday, March 1, 2013

Unreleased Flipper cover aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards Radio Show

I redid a version of Flipper's "Life Is Cheap" in a studio.  It was supposed to be released for a comp on Drag City, but that fell through.  Now you can listen to it as part of Little Fyodor's "Underneath The Floorboards" radio show on KGNU.  Little Fyodor has been on the radio since the 80s, I love his music and I appreciate that he only airs recordings that have been submitted to him.

01/13/2013 Playlist--- Artist/Album/Track
Boyd Rice/Non -Back To Mono- Turn Me On, Dead Man
Arvo Zylo -None- Life Is Cheap
Heatstick -7 " Vinyl Single- Willow's Song
Charles Rice Goff III -Acren Wacren Waney Vo- Simple Gifts
Ryan J. Boyd Many's New Car 2 - The Telekinesis Club Curse Go Back
Richard Young 7" Vinyl Single I Feel Like A Tree
Charles Rice Goff III Acren Wacren Waney Vo The Voice Of God
Edgar Valcarel Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979) Invencion For Magnetic Tape
Normal Love Survival Tricks Lend Some Treats
Normal Love Survival Tricks Electrolytes In The Brine
Kristen Norderval (post-ambient Arias For Voice And Electronics) Flat Ground
Esmerelda Strange Introducing Esmerelda Strange Track #7
Cactus Truck Brand New For China! The Snotgreen Sea, The Scrotumtightening Sea