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Friday, January 26, 2018


Select label releases are slowly being integrated into digital distribution outlets such as Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, Youtube, Deezer, and Spotify.  Bonus tracks and better prices are still available at NOPARTOFIT.BANDCAMP.com

 Machine Listener was reviewed at KFJC:

A wide range of sounds across the Noise spectrum. There is a sort of “musical” element to some of the tracks–musical as in minimal melodies and drones and repeating patterns of notes, and Tracks 4, 5, and 7 are probably more power ambient than noise. You’d still want to file this under Noise though. The first track starts off gently with a soft drone but not long after the one-minute mark the thing suddenly jumps the rails and starts throwing alarming noises at you. Machine Listener is a solo project by Matthew Gallagher. It’s quite interesting, actually.

NO PART OF IT's first release as a label, a locked groove record called Trunculence, was aired on WZRD in December, alongside Coil, Smegma, Corporate Park, Srdjan Eftimovski, King Missile, Steve Reich, Tod Dockstader, Curtis Chip, Silver Apples, and more...  LISTEN HERE

Arvo's got another full length release with final versions of the "UPHEAVAL" series, coming out on Czech label NOVA ALTERNATIVA soon. The first full length of Upheaval versions was on Tymbal Tapes, and recently was sampled on this WZRD archive. Also aired were Thomas Koner, Sixes, Etant Donnes, Francis Dhomont, Porest, Brume, and more!

(in mostly chronological order of when I remembered/discovered that they happened in 2017)

Diamanda Gal├ís – All The Way
Pharmakon - Contact
BEAST - Beast Wish
Godflesh - Post Self
Endon -Through The Mirror
Ak'chamel - Death Chants
Xordox - Neospection
Morgan Garrett - Spiral I and II
dave phillips - rise
Michael Idehall - Machine Spirit Transmission
The Necks - Unfold
Arca - Arca
Sun Ra / Merzbow - Strange City
Ampyre - Your Punishment
Meinschaft - To the Victim Belong the Spoils
BBJr - I Became a Baby Again & the Universe Forgave Me
Hermeto Pascoal - Viajando Com o Som
Comfort Link – The Sedate Tones Of Comfort Link
Thor and Friends - The Subversive Nature of Kindness
Vertonen - Stutterer
Machine Listener - Nocturnal People!
Mossy Throats - Embalmer's Story
Robert Turman - Veiling Reflections
Aaron Dilloway - Gag File
Wolf Eyes - Undertow
Rope Sect - Personae Ingratae
Ellen Arkbro - For Organ and Brass
V/A - Rogue Pulse
Nate Scheible - Fairfax
David Lynch - ambient work on Twin Peaks Season 3
Rose McDowall - Our Twisted Love EP
Drew McDowall - Unnatural Channel
Architeuthis Dux - Ixaxaar
Z'ev - For Quarters