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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"333" Available Now!

MP3 Samples:

In 1999, a half-semester at an art school that corresponded with a theoretical synth punk band went terribly awry. This caused an experience that effectively spurred a deep foray into experimental music and industrial noise out of simple practicality, almost entirely naive or unaware of any previous precedents with this mode of expression. In existence since the year 2000, the one-man project started with little else than a sequencer for the first 7 years, and it's still an integral part of the composition process.

Solo work up to that point had been inching around minimal electronic and sample-based material ranging from madly structured pseudo-classical, swing jazz, or exotica to industrial, noise, drone, and technical malfunction based compositions. The premise was later broadened to a great deal of studio editing/composition, and can be summarized by excessive amounts of layering from various sound sources and instruments. Recent lone performances have incorporated rhythmic noise accompanied by a contact mic'ed metal mask, with Arvo effectively taking a belt sander to his face, and he has been referred to by many as "intense weirdo power electronics" with regard to his live sets.

While he has toured solo, and exacted countless performances by himself, locally Arvo has often taken to an affinity in setting up large groups for captivating, mood changing performances. There are often around 6-15 people working in layers of comparative sameness, particularly with The "Mister Fuckhead Ensemble", which was rooted around the concept of brass instruments or junk metal in copious amounts. The "Mister Fuckhead" moniker has been retired, and in its place is a more primal thesis statement, "BLOOD RHYTHMS" as the new umbrella. The debut of "BLOOD RHYTHMS" in December of 2010 exhibited a haunting, visceral performance featuring the entire band of 6 Chicago veterans, ONO, with many layers of junk metal cacaphony, 2 power tools, 3 guitars, 4 vocalists, and many electronics.

Past live contributors or collaborators have included Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse, Satan 2000), , Mike Krause (Death Factory), travis (ONO), Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), Michael Kendrick (Rope, Lovely Little Girls), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Right-Eye Rita, Rik Garrett, Adam Jennings (Winters in Osaka), Christopher ILTH (Daily Void, ex-Loto Ball Show), Alex Morales (Running, piss piss piss moan moan moan), and Andy Ortmann (Panicsville).

After much time carefully and obsessively dwelling on releases, having officially issued only 3 for the entire decade, Arvo has become more efficient, decisive, and exacting privately, coming out of his shell and expanding with both live and studio collaborations on the horizon alongside creatives such as Fatale, Desoeuvre Bruit, Skin Graft, Dog Lady, and Cock E.S.P. It will still be surprising if he takes less than a year to release anything, given his ponderous nature, but a diverse palette of work has been set in motion. He is also known by some as a radio DJ whose program is syndicated in Croatia, a freeform live DJ, a writer, an artist, a curator of a events, an occasional label head, and in general a catalyst for exciting ideas.

The cassette is limited to an edition of 99, across 3 different colored cassettes (solid orange, solid purple, black), with 3 different label designs, a 3 panel, two sided, full color insert, and a color transparency.
There is also a professionally duplicated, shrinkwrapped CDr in a jewel case with full color art work, in an unlimited edition available.
Shipping Included

(sample of one of the 6 label designs)

People that can get past their potential assumptions about the name won't likely be disappointed. The transparencies cost a lot but it has to be that way. Here is a scan of the transparencies that will go over the inserts (please pardon my dirty scanner bed, I was scanning piles of nails the other day):

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mister Fuckhead Special on Radio SC in Zagreb Croatia!

I will see if there is a recording of this show that I can share.

Apparently the special was aired this morning. Enormous Thanks to the people at Radio SC for doing this feature!

Poslušajte danas na Radiju SC Chicago noise specijal!

17h – 20h Čangrljanje-specijalno izdanje: Bratez Sachulatez presents Mister Fuckhead /Radio SC (Zagreb)

Monstruozni, nasilni Bratez i promiskuitetni prevarant Sachulatez u svojim dekadentnim avanturama, lutanjima, opijanjima diljem svijeta uvijek kada se vrate u domovinu kao pravi hrvati/gastrbajteri donesu darove i belosvjetske drangulije kojih nema kod nas. Bratez Sachulatez su se napokon vratili nakon šest godina i koji tjedan, te obradovali/iznenadili i prijatelje i neprijatelje.Njihovim poklonima svi se raduju kao kada si 80s djeci dijelio gumene bombone po povratku iz Austrije. Nije ni čudo da se iza kuluara priča da su novi val upravo Bratez Sachulatez doneli jos krajem 70s, no kako nikada nisu voljeli veliku pozornost, titule i medalje rađe su prepustili Rundeku i ekipi.

Kako pričaju u Chikagu prošlog ljeta su upoznali izvesnog Arvo Zyloa, poznatijeg kao Mister Fuckhead koji zajedno sa osmoro virtuoza čine big band, i to ne običan već extream noise big band. Mister Fuckhead je Bratez Sachulatez dvojcu poklonio trostruko kazetno izdanje njihovih Live performancea snimljnih u zadnje tri godine. Naime na kazetama se nalaze šest live performansa i još dva dodatna odsviranih od strane arva i njegove ekipe kako Arvo to opisuje svojim riječima: …the line-up ranges from Arvo and one other to like eight people, all huffing away on brass instruments, manipulating tapes and electronics or just plain out banging on shit… quartet on drums, tape loops, guitar, scrap metal and electronics. I can’t quite make out the samples from the tapes, it could be some kind of fucked classical piece or folk tune but at times it even seems a little like a 70’s disco/funk jam…

U svakom slučaju nepropustite premijerno emitiranje tri kazete Mister Fuckheada koje niko nikada ranije nije čuo na našim prostorima. Više informacija o Mister Fuckhead i sutrašnjem showu potražite na sledećim linkovima:



Autor i voditelj: Bratez


Google Translation:

Listen now on Radio SC Chicago special noise!

17h - 20h Čangrljanje-Special Edition: Bratez Sachulatez presents Mister Fuckhead / Radio SC (Zagreb)

Monstrous, violent and promiscuous Bratez fraudster Sachulatez in their dekadentnim adventures, wanderings, drinking around the world whenever they return to their homeland as a true Croat / gastrbajteri bring gifts and belosvjetske trinket which there with us. Bratez Sachulatez have finally returned after six years and that week, and glad / surprised and friends and gifts neprijatelje.Njihovim all rejoice as when you 80s children shared the rubber candy after his return from Austria. No wonder that after kuluara story that the new wave just Bratez Sachulatez brought at the end of the 70s, but never like that great attention, titles and medals rather are left to Rundek and team.

How to tell the chikago last summer they met a certain Arvo Zyloa, better known as Mister Fuckhead who along with eight virtuosos are big band, not the usual noise, but extream big band. Mister Fuckhead is Bratez Sachulatez duo presented a triple cluster edition of their Live performances snimljnih the last three years. In fact the tapes are six live performance and two additional odsviranih by Arva and his team to Arvo to describe his words ... the line-up ranges from Arvo and one other to like eight people, all huffing away on brass instruments, manipulating tapes and electronics or just plain out banging on shit ... quartet on drums, tape loops, guitar, scrap metal and electronics. I can not quite make out the samples from the tapes, it could be some kind of fucked classical piece or folk tune but at times it even seems a little like a 70's disco / funk jam ...

In any case nepropustite premiere broadcast of three tapes Mister Fuckheada that one never before been heard in our country. More information about Mister Fuckhead and tomorrow's show, visit the following links:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I wrote the first beginning from this album in 2003, while I was living in a 2nd floor closet, squatting in a rat-infested house that only had power in one outlet, all the way in the flooded basement. This was for my first performance at a public venue. I have reworked these tracks over and over again, spending 15-25 hours at a time drinking fake absinthe doused with wormwood oil and plugging away, to make individual pieces for each performance up until 2007. It took me some time to be completely happy with the whole album as a cohesive, organic entity that takes on a life of its own, and with the incredible patience and ceaseless resources of Clayton Counts, we mastered it in a stretch of about 5 8 hour long days, while we meticulously went over every detail. The 60 minutes of material culminates a series of compositions I made specifically for live performance, then spent a lot of time fine tuning or expanding afterwards. It is composed entirely with a Yamaha RM1x sequencer, incorporating various carefully crafted haywire anamolies that were featured in Dead Tech/Circuit Bending type of art gallery events, and much experience from performing with live bands or working with various drug addled beat industrial/hip hop artists, among other things.

The cassette is limited to an edition of 99, across 3 different color cassettes (solid orange, solid purple, black), with 3 different label designs, a 3 panel, two sided, full color insert, and a color transparency. The cost is $9 USA, $12 elsewhere, postage paid. The release date is 03/30/2010, and will ship within 3 days of that date. You can send paypal to misterfvckhead@yahoo.com . If you would like my mailing address just let me know. If anybody who does reviews for publications or blogs would like to give a thorough review based on the content, I will refund their money after purchase. Wholesale rates are available, distros are welcome and encouraged to get in touch. The cassettes are duplicated and the printing is almost ready to be done.

(sample of one of the 6 label designs)

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3

(These samples can be heard streaming HERE )

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mister Fuckhead and Company Reviewed at Heathen Harvest

Heathen Harvest

Well, Mister Fuckhead And Friends plays very strange music that is repetitive and loop-based. Often times the music has harsh noise elements to it, and in general the vibe of this makes me think of Crash Worship and that sort of carnival atmosphere. There are live drums and rhythms that at times recall the New York no-wave era and some of the groups that followed in that direction such as Swans. This has a distinct Skin Graft records sort of flavor to it, and the adventurous jams often go on into cacaphonous dalliances far past their original rocking intentions. The music seems mostly improvised, as strange sounds will make their way into the mix on the first track that don't seem fully intended. As we get a little bot further into the casssette, things get a bit more interesting with some complete abandoning voyages into glaciers of harsh noise shredding the speakers with total disregard for rhythm or melody. Still sounds like it would have been better to have been there in person, but this recording will suffice.

At over ninety minutes of music, this collection of unnamed and improvisational live sets is very daunting. Mostly the music has a very nineties feel to it, this sounds like it could have been recorded at the same time as some of the classic recordings by the Haters or the New Blockaders. Each set has moments of interest, but for the most part this tape is one long noise set. There are some fairly spectacular and strange line-ups, including what sounds like a makeshift jazz ensemble. My favorites are the electronic and tape-based setups, which is what side one mostly consists of. If you are a fan of no-wave and need something new in your life, you could do worse than this ninety-minute long cassette of noise performances by Mister Fuckhead and Friends.

This has a pretty wide variety of material on it for you to choose from. Also, if you unravel all of the tape from the inside you can spool it around clothing and make very interesting tassels for your outerwear. Hanging many strands of magnetic tape in a consecutive row off of your hat is a great way to show your individuality and style.