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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Interview Series #27: Kimberly Montiel

The NO PART OF IT Interview series was a strain of questions sent to a number of different people between February and March 2019. Each entry was scheduled chronologically to be thrust upon the world on a monthly basis since then. Each individual is introduced informally as if they were being discussed at a bar.
Scheduled March 2019

Kimberly has quietly posted a rigorous amount of art on her facebook page, never to be seen in a gallery.  I vaguely remember her saying that she didn't think her work would be suitable in a gallery, in so many words, yet she has gathered a bountiful wealth in a body of work.  Her creations are like dollhouses gone tropical and psychedelic, or a nativity scene from a model train set where the alien inhabitants are off in their spaceship collecting trinkets.  Always neon in effect, Montiel lives out a sort of image that is an extension of her work.  She was once mentioned in NewCity magazine for her concept of maximalism: "More is more". 

1.  What types of things have you been getting into lately?
peruvian retablos

2.  What you do, do you do it as an artist, or is it a hobby?  If you don't like that question, what do you have to say about true art (vs. "entertainment")?  
I paint and create as an artist and extensions of myself

3.  How would you describe what you do?
What I do is intimate. secretive. idiosyncratic. solitary. intuitive. I prefer working on a small scale.

4.  How would you describe your creative progression over the years, in a brief synopsis?
Maybe who I really am began to truly emerge at the age of 19...and from that point on it's been a work in progress

5.  How would you describe your philosophy?
I'm still trying to figure it out.

6.  Do you believe in psychics, magic, ghosts, or gods?  If no, then maybe you'll share your favorite conspiracy theory (whether you believe it or not).  

I want to believe.

7.  What would you say was your most definitive experience?

My most definitive experience hasn't happened yet. Or maybe it's just a fading memory now.

8.  Do you have any side projects that I am not aware of? If not, what is something you'd like people to know about you, that you don't think anyone would ever ask?

No Comment.

9.  Would you care to name any theoretical "desert island" records, or at least releases that you think are approaching your concept of "perfect"?  

cocteau twins' 'Treasure' album, various classical music pieces, Księżyc's self titled album and their Rabbit Eclipse album

10.  What is the earliest childhood memory you can (or are willing to) recall?   
Picking overgrown flowers from alley ways with my Grandmother.

11.  Are you able to appreciate other peoples' creative work regardless of their personal shortcomings or inherent flaws?  To what extent?  

No comment.

12.  Do you have any heroes or heroines?  Who are they?  Feel free to add anything that makes them stand out.  
 Anyone truly fighting for the environment and its conservation. The guards that protect endangered animals in protected lands from piece-of-shit, bloodthirsty poachers. wildlife rescue workers and rehabilitators

13.  What would you like to have on your epitaph?  Or what is your favorite quote? 

I don't know about my epitaph. I have a favorite poem rather than a quote, and it's William Blake's "The Sick Rose"