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Sunday, July 31, 2016


There is a new release available for PRE ORDER at PERSONAL ARCHIVES:  Heavenly Sounds In Lo-Fidelity:  Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher.  This is two full length cassettes in a butterfly case, for over 80 minutes of material, all sourced from records by legendary prepared piano exotica/easy listening duo Ferrante & Teicher.

Ferrante & Teicher were initially a duo of twin grand piano players who began playing prepared piano duets with spiraling mad arrangements, for what could be called part of the "percussion craze" of the late 50s, or "proto exotica".   They were massively successful, and continued to make record after record of schmaltzy covers of show tunes, movie soundtracks, classical music,  love song standards, etc.  

Arvo Zylo has been making odd, often manic soundscapes and noise with a malfunctioning sequencer, hundreds of layers of horns, or mic'ed objects, among other things, starting in 2000.   He owns about 15 albums by Ferrante & Teicher, along with several other percussive records of the 30s and 40s (Enoch Light especially).  One day, listening to the peculiar sound design on "Soundproof!" (1956), he decided to explore F & T's peculiarities more thoroughly, and became inspired to build some sound structures of his own out of them.  The contents range from daffy percussion psychosis to smoothed out industrual/ambiante.  Over 80 minutes of material.  Cassettes come in a butterfly case with two full color covers, and printed labels.  Limited to 50 copies.   Mastered by Zach Adams.  Cover art and label design by Arvo Zylo, with some help from Ivonne Simonds Fals.  


Some airplay that unfortunately is not archived to my knowledge....

The new release by Thirteen Hurts on no part of it was aired on KFJC, by Herb Rockwell, alongside Severed Heads, Alessandro Cortini, RZA, Portishead, and Miles Davis, among others!  

Also on KFJC, aired by Dangerous Dan, was Arvo Zylo's Hello Walls CD (at 3:33AM).   Dan played the title track inbetween work by Umberto, the Buzzcocks, Sun Ra, The Cosmic Dead, and others!

Heuristics was also aired at least three times on KFJC.  with Gato Girl, who played "Remove All Doubt" parts one and two, with lots of other killer tracks by Skinny Puppy, Lustmord, Negativland, Missing Foundation, Chris & Cosey, Crash Worship, M.B., Blackhouse.... and you get the picture.   

Laethaka also played Blood Rhythms, track three, "Outage", spun in there with Iced Earth, Ghoul, Endon, Bastard Noise, Merzbow, False Flag, Dissecting Table, Autopsia, Robert Rich, Moloch, etc etc etc.  

"Outage" again was played by Ras Babo along with tracks by The Dezurik Sisters, Madlib, Big Debbie, Mahalia Jackson, Blackhouse (again), and Muslimgauze.......   THANKS FOLKS!!!!

Traumatic Static has posted a new review on the BLOOD RHYTHMS "Heuristics" CD.  
 Most of the material 
here features more traditional instrumentation sampling and experimentation 
with avant-garde style looping. Throughout the duration of the release, I was 
quite pleased with the usage of minimalist synth and keyboards. To me, it 
seems most of the goal here was to give off a very spooky vibe akin to some 
of Current 93’s and even older 90's post-industrial influenced work....

....From the 
start of the album, the opening track “In a Vacuum” (which is an alternate version) 
is more along the lines of traditional old school noise; very abrasive but not subtle. 
The rest of the album starts to kick off with the second track and it is immensely 
satisfying to hear a more relaxing collaboration of synth and raw industrial: furthermore, 
it gives off an insane, amusing tone. Third and Fourth tracks are the most entertaining to 
me. “Never fuck in the woods” is quite campy to say the least but it is a great listen to 
because of the blend of harmonic Gothic organs, samples from what seem like classic b-movies, 
and relaxing static/distortion. “Dismissal” is also a nice little six-minute masterpiece that 
focuses on ambiance and rhythmic drones combined with the underlying minimal- esque harmony. 
“Remove All Doubt” Part I and II feature a splendid mesh of dark electronic sounds mixed with 
some very distorted psychedelic loops. The closing of this masterpiece is over 20 minutes but 
begins as a wonderful atmospheric, but turns into a skinny puppy (remission era) or nineties 
post-industrial (not that cyber electro bullshit) followed by intense cold noise near the 
sixteen-minute mark. 

TRAUMATIC STATIC also reviewed the new release by Thirteen Hurts:

hirteen Hurts - UVB-76 is a perfect release in my opinion; 
Furthermore, The switch ups and transitions to sort of minimal-synth 
style to synths infused with a considerate amount of feedback on certain 
tracks is pleasing. I've listened to this album quite a few times and was 
amazed by the high levels of high pitched feedback on certain tracks. Even 
the first track of the release starts off with drones and this piercing high 
pitched feedback that blends together like an abrasive masterpiece. There’s 
lot of voice sampling (which I cannot decipher for the life of me, radio calls?). 
The second and third tracks are harsher than the first (“Transmitter” being a very 
cold, minimalistic track). The third track is also where things get a bit lo-fi synth-
like but is gently interrupting by the high pitch feedback. Now, as we get into the 
fourth track (which spans over 8 minutes) 4625kHz, things become a colder, traditional 
dark power electronics piece. “Propagation” comes off to me as a very creative track 
because of the drones starts off low within the initial beginning, but sort of progresses 
into a cohesive pattern of two distinct levels of distortion. The next one is highly experimental 
because of the breaks between the screeching sound and enormous amount of feedback (besides the 
next track). Alright, the track “Monolyth” is my second favorite track because it contains a lot o
f build up into a point it bursts into a moment of just gritty noise; as if a nuke has been dropped. 
The next two tracks are pretty decent, the former track being much cooler to me because of the lack 
of structure, but that’s just my thoughts. The last couple tracks are pretty well put together as 
well, but the last track is my favorite because it presents itself as a synthy track but is creative 
while doing so. You can really tell Richard enjoyed playing around with the rhythmic aspects of the 
minimalism in the track. Though it is very brief (span over 3:45), I enjoyed every second of it.

In conclusion, I’d say this release was very enjoyable the most part. 
Perhaps, it is because of the amount of exploration of the synth in a 
presentable way.


Three NO PART OF IT releases (Blood Rhythms, Thirteen Hurts, and Ataraxic Ataxia) were aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards (KGNU) Radio Show:  Here is the playlist.  
  • Inside/Outside - Radio #3 - Territory
  • Atraraxic Ataxia - Au Claire De La Lune - Shadow Sea
  • Disism - The Typical Swinger - Berlin Way
  • Blood Rhythms - Mope - Heuristics
  • Sterile Garden - Side B - Streets Of Horns
  • Jay T. Yamamato - Wearing The Inseminated Fish Mask - Soundtracks For The New Strange
  • Gort Vs. Goom - Signaling Right While Turning Left - Gort Vs. Goom Single July 2016
  • Star Period Star - 629.3 - 629/dust Storm Ep
  • TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE, - Tender Buttons - Significantly Different From The Other One
  • Ryan J. Boyd - It's Easy - Love Is A Shoe Factory
  • Martha And The Muffins - Jad Fair Shook My Hand - Tape Hiss: Emanations From The Cassette Underground
  • Thirteen Hurts - Suppressed Lower Sideband - UVB-7

Monday, July 18, 2016

Arvo on WZRD, Airplay on WMFU and Words on Sounds, Sequencer Works Volume Two reviewed in Heathen Harvest

Arvo was on WZRD for over six hours today.  He aired material by Alan Vega with Etant Donnes, dave phillips with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Sudden Infant, Foetus, Dan Burke's new modular project, Soundoferror, Hans Grusel, organ maladies by bran (...) pos, Jarboe, Swans, WIZZARD, Tomb, Bull of Heaven, Smegma, Lydia Lunch with Cypress Grove, Esplendor Geometrico, LAIBACH, Madonna with Otto Von Wernherr, DEV/NULL, Nash the Slash, Prince's first LP, Dissecting Table, Nuit Noire, a French punk infused black metal band who writes mostly songs about fairies, and more!  TUNE IN, TUNE OUT, JUMP! (THEY SAY)

The recent release by Thirteen Hurts on NO PART OF IT was aired on the excellent and carefully curated  WORDS ON SOUNDS podcast, alongside a diverse array of creative sounds by Paperbark, Sex Funeral, Arve Henriksen & Teun Verbrugen, and Hillboggle (Headboggle and his father!), among many others!  Thanks Scott!  A

A piece from the new BLOOD RHYTHMS release, Heuristics, was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show (WFMU), it is the final track on the album, and it's an honor to have it finish out the show, as it is 20 minutes long or so.  We think it's worth it.  Wm. also played material by a frequent collaborator, Michael Krause (Death Factory), in his lesser known Morlokk project, as well as Guru Guru, Renegade Soundwave, the collaborative project of Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnes) with Alan Vega (Suicide), Butthole Surfers, and plenty of black metal and dark ambient vibes as usual.  Thanks as always to Mr. Berger!  

Sequencer Works Vol 2 has been reviewed by Heathen Harvest.  Here is an excerpt:

....there is certainly enough diversity of material to make the experience interesting. For the artist in process, this release is an excellent form of process documentation and audio experimentation. Releases like this one, while not always the most repeatable, are certainly some of the more interesting ones to discover. Any artist or band can make music you enjoy, but oftentimes the experience of going through the stages of development and experimentation can be much more rewarding. The time spent listening in is at least time well spent.