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Monday, September 12, 2011

333 Reviewed at Killing Birds

Arvo Zylo was an unknown name to me before I received his package of releases. Info on the net is sketchy, but Zylo's press release emphasizes his presence on the Chicago independent radio scene, live shows in and around the windy city and an association with the legendary Illusion Of Safety.

"333" is a really interesting release that combines krautrock, prog, electronica and noise (sometimes all on the same track!). Very well paced with a real affinity for the dramatic buildup. These compositions are created from some of the strangest, oddball sequenced patterns, followed on by chattering noises, psychedelic synth tones, more harshness and stunning, rhythmic driving-forces that reshape the sound structure again and again. If this is breakcore, it's creating a new definition for it. It's a devilish sort of music that, at first, makes for the raised eyebrow and then the dropped jaw as this thing grows into a behemoth before your ears! I really cannot recommend this one enough. Likely to leave noise purists skeptical but this is for more open minded listeners.

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