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Friday, September 30, 2011

"333" at The Sound Projector!

The Heat Death of Everything

16 May: oddity of the month for May comes from Arvo Zylo in Chicago. His 333 (NO LABEL) release is a quite overwhelming mix of chaotic elements, where manic organ riffs and repeated loops are pitched against large gusts of disquieting and alien noise blocks. For all of these three long tracks, there is a constant air of alarm, as though things are going to get wildly out of control and potentially dangerous at any second. Patterns do emerge from the apparent chaos and fug, but this is definitely one teeth-clenching roller-coaster ride where you need to strap yourself firmly into your armchair before clicking the play button. The collaged cover artworks are printed in garish, acid colours and their imagery tends to mimic the mayhem of the music, particularly the pink dayglo chickens running over what looks like an endless field of scrap metal. “Alcohol-soaked, dark and solitary” is how the creator describes the making of this intense and strange album of circuit-bending and warped hip-hop approaches.

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