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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Now Available on SIDE OF THE SUN RECORDINGS, a very sparse and under-the-radar label headed by a good friend, is a pro duplicated cassette comprised of layered malfunctions, destroyed presets, and barren/animated noise soundtrack montages.  The audio is mastered by Zach Adams (Verdant, BKPR), just over 30 minutes of material, and is limited to 100 copies. The Falling Tower tarot card is my birth card and this is symbolically a very personal release.  I also happen to believe that it is the last of this kind for this label, who like me, would rather make connections in person than trying to promote heavily on the internet.  I mentioned the impetus of the tape in an interview with Heathen Harvest.   I don't have copies in my possession yet, but purchase inquiries can go here:
punkferret138 AT yahoo.com

And after months of debacle after debacle since April, and 6 years of dilly dallying with other labels, I finally have presentable copies of the Blood Rhythms LP ASSEMBLY.    This is co-released with RRRECORDS, who will have copies next week.   100 copies have inimitable hand made / collaged cover art by Ron Lessard, with material entirely from medical books, and 100+ copies have hand made / collaged / assembled covers from all kinds of hardware store / found detritus of mine.  Ron's copies are $15 postage paid in USA, and mine are $23 ppd.  Outside of USA should probably just contact RRR or refer to my most recent post on the matter.

Audio excerpts:


I refuse to use paypal or any other digital currency device as a merchant. 
I rely heavily on xeroxed newsletters and tangible connections, so my label could be called a "no net label" if you want, even if I am doing this in an email.  i may not check again for some time.  Mail is best for me. 

Assembly is mastered by Zach Adams (BKPR, Verdant) and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.  Each of the copies with my art include an anti record.  I "assembled" 3 directional recordings of Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House), Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse, Satan 2000), Brian Klein (The Machinist), Andy Ortmann (Panicsville, Nihilist Records) and myself playing mostly untrained brass and woodwind together inside of what could ostensibly be called a meat locker.  I then cut hundreds of loops, layered it to the point of madness, and massaged them into action.  The record is playable at all speeds.  Inserts are hand-stamped 4 different times and hand numbered, xeroxed directly from manually typewritten text.

AND, this is my friend Gas Mask Horse at Indiana Noise Fest.   We went down there together and had a great time.  We each did interviews for a student documentary, met some cool noise artists and reunited with some others, and opened for HELLWITCH (despite not being able to stay to see them unfortunately) !!!!!.  There was a hand painted split c10 cassette between GMH and I limited to 15 copies, with a kinda "transgressive" song that I did when I was 19 on my side.  I'm still waiting for other documents to surface, but you can hear a phone recording of my set through a blown out PA if you want.  Thanks to Laura for setting that up and everyone I met on the way!

In other news,  Out-of-Body Records is sending off something of mine to the plant this week.  The first in a series, "Sequencer Works Volume One" is comprised of material that didn't fit conceptually onto my opus 333 release, which took 6 years for me to be happy with, and at one point was 3 discs long.  Fevered and whirling dysfunctional deep psychic / psychodrama / cinematic epics  screaming and pouncing through a beaten up machine that was designed to make bad 16 bit dance music.  Check out this label, everything on it is killer.

 Sequencer Works Volume Two, a collection of my more musical material from 2000-2003, won't be long after that, and will be out through the support of 3 other labels; Rainbow Bridge, CIP, and Forever Escaping Boredom.    Also, my long awaited collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders is next on the list, and hopefully another LP in the summer, but this one won't take 7 months to press!

Monday, September 22, 2014

BLOOD RHYTHMS "Assembly" LP still in progress / Arvo at Indiana Noise Fest again in November

I keep forgetting to say thanks to everyone who came out to the BLOOD RHYTHMS show on 9/7.   THANK YOU!  We played for 75 minutes and it was mostly incredible.   Dead Tech, Death Factory, and Graveform were all great.  I sold all the test pressings I wanted to sell, which of course came with a hand made LP jacket of their choice.  I hung about 30 jackets at the Empty Bottle for a week on display.    Heard some nice comments about them.  Many thanks to the Empty Bottle!  And especially Kenny Rasmussen for doing excellent sound!   

But the reality is that with the company I was working with, there was never any hope of getting the LPs on time, like I was mislead to believe, so now I am starting all over again with a new pressing plant.  The test pressings sound excellent.  Side A is cut at 45 RPM and intended for alternate playback at other speeds.  Side B is like wise, and cut at 33.3 RPM.  180 gram with lacquers meant to capitalize on the depth/warmth of it.  No compromise.  Read more, listen to samples, and look at examples of record covers HERE

Pre orders are naturally happening, because some people want more involved art covers than others.  So I am offering them as a thing to look at while the records are still being made.  Some are certainly more heavy than others, too.  So if any inquiring onlooker should wish to reserve a copy of the LP with my hand made covers (I did 100, and Ron Lessard / RRRecords did 100), I will send the art their way first, and then the LP separately when it is ready. 

For U.S. residents, one could send $20-$40 depending on how heavy they are willing / interested in having their art be.  Some of them are 20 pounds.  For residents outside of the U.S.  You can expect to add anywhere from $15-$50 depending on how much you value collage art with or without 150 razor blades or 20 gauge sheet metal and so forth.  All of my hand made covers come with anti records, by the way.  OR for jackets by Ron Lessard, all made from medical books, $15 ppd in US and $27 ppd Elsewhere.   

I will not offer paypal for purchasing any NO PART OF IT releases at this time. Only physical currency.  (Comparable/proud) Trade inquiries for any releases other than the LP are welcome, and I will probably say yes.

The money orders or hidden cash at your own risk can go to the following address.  Nothing bigger than a cassette will fit in this mail box....   so if you must send a demo, it would need to be a 3 inch disc or a quaintly packaged cassette. And I will probably say no.

1002 w.  Montrose Ave
BOX 130
Chicago ILL 60613

Also, rumor has it I will be making an appearance on WZRD on September 29th between 4-7pm CST.  Keep it a secret.  

AND, I have been asked to return to Indiana Noise Fest, in Columbus Indiana.  Last time I played / screamed for an entire hour for the first time.  I haven't played solo in a while, I don't even remember.  Maybe since March in Austin Texas.  Whatever I do, it will definitely be NEW.  More info here

I have numerous other releases in various states of progress, it has been a pretty prolific period of time that is now changing, but my involvement with the internet is experiencing a serious digression.  Feel free to write the above address or follow the unusual distribution channels. 

One more thing, I just found that someone first discovered ONO when ONO was the band with me, for the 2010 live debut of my BLOOD RHYTHMS project.   Illusion of Safety headlined as an industrial trio, and before that ONO started without me for my own piece that I set on them!  It was incredible.  There was a snow storm brewing and severe weather abound.  27 people were there, and one of them was either the founder of ONO's label Moniker records or a writer for Foxy Digitalis (not sure).  Here is the article.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coming Back Home To You (Dreamland Surveillance)

el mundo está perpetuamente superar a sí mismo en lo que respecta a alcanzar nuevas mesetas de mierda

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Tumbledown
Faith No More - Naked In Front of The Computer
KISS - Love Gun
Pepe Iglesias "El Zorro" - Eso Es El Amor (interrupted/talked over)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Making Love To a Vampire with a Monkey on My Knee  (excerpt)
The Fall - Cyber Insekt
Iggy Pop - Repo Man
 Blanks77 - Funtime (Stooges Cover)
The Queers - This Place Sucks
Dicks - Little Boys' Feet
The Gizmos - Dead Astronauts
Robyn Hitchcock - Uncorrected Personality Traits
Andrew Liles - The Mind As An Engine That Hitherto Ceases To Function Correctly
Tiny Tim - Aren't You Glad You're You  *disruptive screaming*
Blut Aus Nord - The Fall:  Chapter I  *disruptive screaming*

Jackie Gleason - Deep Purple (talk over)

Enoch Light - Sunrise Over Sumatra
Unspecified Music of Indonesia - Sumatra Andung Andung: Work Music (excerpt)
Ethel Waters - Y'had It Comin' To You
 Carmen Miranda - Ciudado Hein!
Betty Hutton - Hit The Road To Dreamland
Taco - Livin' In My Dreamworld
Bucks Fizz - Talking In Your Sleep

Ralph Carmichael - Weird Menace (from The Blob, 1958)  *talk over*
Ike Yard - Wolfen *talk over, reading bad poetry*

Los Iniciados - Peter Pan
Aviador Dro - Anarchy In The Planet (in Spanish, Sex Pistols cover)
Nomeansno - Body Bag
Arthur Lee & Love - Somebody's Watching You 
The Seeds -  Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Dead Kennedys - Cesspools In Eden
Kilslug - March of The Skeletons
The Chocolate Watchband - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)
Television Personalities - A Sense of Belonging *mocked over*

Infinite Body - A Fool Persists (talked over)

Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come

Sunday, August 17, 2014

BLOOD RHYTHMS LP cover art, hand made LP covers

 I spent every night for over a month, and several hundred dollars on supplies, making hand made LP covers for the upcoming BLOOD RHYTHMS LP "Assembly".   A total of 112 covers exist, although only 100 of those will be available.  Of a total of 200, this is co released with RRRECORDS, with another 100 hand made covers by Ron Lessard / Emil Beaulieau, in his inimitable fashion, this time focused on medical illustration books.  They all look excellent from him.  All of the inserts are hand numbered and hand stamped numerous times with custom made stamps.  I cannot wait for it to finally be finished.  It has been pushing since April, with one failed test pressing due to "electro static", another set of "heating problems" with the plating company, and a "staggering" shorthandedness with the pressing company.    There is still a small twinkle of a possibility that this LP will be ready for the show on September 7th, but in any case, these will not be available for sale on the internet, and they will be available at least as a pre order at The Empty Bottle.  One can purchase the cover/sleeve, and get the LP later.    The 100 that I made include an anti record.  Here are some selections for my hand made LP covers. A good amount of LP covers will be hung around the Empty Bottle on display, to be chosen at a reduced price as either a release party or "pre order" deal. 

"In 1981, Mitch Enderle was the first collaborator with Dan Burke recording as Psychotic Dub, which later became Illusion Of Safety. In 1985 Mitch released a cassette on Complacency called Dead Tech. This work was Industrial music described as "noise like it used to be", featuring distorted drum machine, loops, samples, synth, guitar, and vocals very similar to early SPK, Nocturnal Emission, and Test Department. Longtime collaborators Mitch and Dan will be recreating some of this material for only the second time ever for this performance at Empty Bottle"


BLOOD RHYTHMS is ARVO (ZYLO)'s industrial noise project, often as a collaborative umbrella, but not always. He has been active since 2000 and currently likes to use layers of similar sources such as trumpets or power tools on sheet metal, or do raw, feedback laden performances with amplified objects and primal screams and lyrics about body politics and the alchemy of grief. For this event, Arvo will be rekindling the spirit of his previous (loosely labelled) "brass ensembles" that happened regularly between 2007 and 2010. DEATH FACTORY, aka MICHAEL KRAUSE’s returns with their old school industrial noise atmospherics. His ”noisescapes” run the gamut from heavy electronics to death industrial, paying tribute to bands from THROBBING GRISTLE to MERZBOW, cult movies and “weird sounds from factories in the northwest Chicago, IL neighborhood.”

$8 or FREE with RSVP: http://www.ticketweb.com/fb/5313045/eb

Graveform (Heavy electronics/Power electronics
project Of Nathan Hill) :

Death Factory
(Industrial/Noise/synthscapes project of Michael Krause founded in 1988):

Blood Rhythms :

Blood Rhythms (with ONO)

early incarnation of the ensemble-

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Empty Bottle show on 9/7 (update)

Facebook event page

3 different flyers for the show on 9/7...   no photoshop, scanned and printed directly from manual collages. 

Also, it is looking like at the very least there will be 100 album covers hanging at the Empty Bottle, while the actual LP might not be ready yet, due to lots of snafu with the plating process. People will be able to purchase these art objects which will include an anti record prior to the LP being ready.   These are each individual, unique collages, not some "uniquely different color screen print" stuff.  Some of them have razorblades, sand paper, gorilla tape, sheet metal, and washers affixed to them.  Others are just collages from 1930s encyclopedias, some of which have been painted over with blackened death varnish. 

Noteworthy to say the least, is the addition of DEAD TECH to the bill, which is Mitch Enderle and Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), who first activated this project in some capacity in 1981.  This is pure industrial rhythmic noise. 

AND also, newcomer GRAVEFORM...   

This incarnation of BLOOD RHYTHMS (brass ensemble) is killer... 

Looking forward to it. 

Sunday, September 7th
Free with RSVP at www.emptybottle.com
1035 N Western Ave

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diving Deep For Sea Shells

A very good friend of mine, Edgar Amaya ( EaViL), now living in Spain, has finished a book about a very obscure Miss Peggy Lee album, and an amazing harpist, still active today in California, named Stella Castellucci. I have watched his progress with this over the years, and read his sneak peak in the pages of Roctober Magazine .  Edgar interviewed me half a decade ago, as well as Lydia Lunch, in his chapbook "Greatest Improvement in Dance". 
Published by Balboa Press
Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook

Balboa Press:

Stella Castellucci tells the story of her remarkable life in music. Born in Los Angeles in 1930 to musician father Louis Castellucci, Stella would go on to continue and further his legacy. Stella joined Peggy Lee’s touring jazz group in 1953. They would form a close friendship that would endure past Peggy’s life. Stella witnessed and took part in a very creative time for Peggy Lee in the 1950’s. They would closely collaborate on the 1958 Decca release Sea Shells.

Stella would also appear on the albums: Songs in an Intimate Style (Decca, 1954), Black Coffee (Decca, 1956), Dream Street (Decca, 1957), The Man I Love (Capitol, 1957), Jump for Joy (Capitol, 1958), Pretty Eyes (Capitol, 1960) and Christmas Carousel (Capitol, 1960).

Learn the story behind the making of these and other classic recordings, including the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album Porgy & Bess. Stella remains a devoted friend to her “Big Sister” Peggy, even appearing for Lee’s 92nd birthday celebrations in North Dakota. This book was created through extensive email exchanges, phone conversations and visits between Stella and Edgar. We hope that the love and joy in writing it carries over to our readers. Fans of Jazz, Peggy Lee, harp music and the album Sea Shells are sure to enjoy the look back.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Voice of Reason

Here is the ARCHIVE of my appearance on the Voice of Reason radio show on WNUR, minus the "patchworks" segment, which I think I only contributed a track by Outer Space towards, can be found separately here
The online database at WNUR crashed, so below is the only surviving tracklist, which happened  during the latter  third of the show.   I remember us playing tracks by Robert Turman, Adel Souto, Matthew Herbert Big Band, Bjork, Poptastic, Gary Wilson, Glenn Branca, Stiu Ni Stiu, The Ronettes, The Spooks, and others, while people scurried around us to fix many broken things... 

Thanks again to Sound of Error!  For having me!  Again!  Pervious episodes/appearances can be found at www.deliriousinsomniac.com if you look hard. 

Wish Fullfillment - Handwriting Sample Kitchen Ensemble
Vertonen - HACE / 26,250 Side A excerpt
Dave Phillips - excerpt from track 3 of "?" CD
Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
T. Rex - Baby Strange
Adicts - My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller
Damned - Neat Neat Neat
Queers - We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
DOA - Communication Breakdown
Wendy O Williams - It's My Life
Jesse Pearson - One Last Kiss
Marc Bolan - All At Once Take 7
The Nashville Bluegrass Band - Could This Be Magic?
L7 - Three Days
Generation X - Wild Dub
999 - Subterfuge
Nick Drake - Horn / Miles Davis & Easy Mo Bee - High Speed Chase
Labi Siffre - I Got The...
Wendy Rene - Reap What You Sow
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Awake Eternal (talk over)
mu fa or - Peeking Hordes
Plastic Ono Band - WHY
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moonlight in Vermont
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun *with* excerpts from two US Maple albums: Talker and Acre Thrills, plus a touch of Smegma - "Between Two Worlds"
Steve Hitlage - :Lunar Music Suite
I forgot to write down the rest....    

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art Prints

Arvo's Gallery

This "Velcro Bismol" series is now available in the form of art prints.  I finally got around to finding a legit place.  I've seen the prints in real life and they look good.  I haven't seen what they look like printed on sheet metal, but maybe I will soon enough.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blood Rhythms Brass Ensemble at Empty Bottle September 7th

Just a quick note to announce that Blood Rhythms Brass Ensemble will be headlining on September 7th at Empty Bottle.  This line up will be killer.

Also playing are-

Death Factory

Admission is free for patrons that RSVP at rsvp@emptybottle.com or manually at www.emptybottle.com.

If all goes well, it will be a Blood Rhythms LP release party with handmade LP covers by myself and Ron Lessard from RRRecords.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Arvo exhibiting art (again) and on WNUR this week.

Today was the last chance to look at the exhibition at the Rubicon.  However, I was randomly walking around and met a nice man with an eye patch named Lowell.  He wanted to do a portrait of me as part of his series of paintings of residents of Uptown (Chicago). It came out well, I'm looking forward to seeing it along with other people in my neighborhood.  Our conversation led to him advising me to see about hanging my art at the art center they have going.  There is one more exhibition before the space changes shape, and it is part of historic tours and trolleys and a bunch of other stuff.  I will be there on Sunday July 20th, between 4 and 5pm.  I will have a few select pieces from this series hanging.  As it stands now, I don't intend to sell original work again, only prints.  It feels like the last time right now anyway, but I will keep creating.  More info here

Also, somewhere between 2:30 - 6:30pm July 17th, I will be a guest once again on Daniel Burke's / Sound of Error 's radio show on WNUR, which includes a "Patchworks" segment featuring synthesizer based compositions for an hour.  

Since I have ended the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, I have also appeared on WZRD, by the way, and I know it won't be my last time.  You can hear about an hour of my set here

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Velcro Bismol" exhibition up until the 12th, highlights and details from the opening.

I took photos after the art was set up, but I forgot to photograph anything other than the storm during the exhibition opening.  Thanks to many of my friends for showing up!  It stormed before my performance, and there was a rainbow after my performance, which was one of the heavier versions of my "The Body Is A Prison" piece.  The collage pieces are available to be seen at the Rubicon gallery by appointment only through the 12th.  Their contact is therubiconchi@gmail.com, and they can send image files with a price list and eventual shipping possibilities/rates by request.  High quality prints can also be arranged.  Rik Garrett and Anthony A Dunn also exhibited, with a rhythmic dark ambient performance by the latter (under the name "Terran Wretch", and a performance with 4 or 5 turntables by a fella named KG Price.  

My press bits, with an erroneous data syntax error of some kind, juxtaposing my name as "parvo". 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Illusion of Safety, Wilt, reviewed at Vital Weekly

Among the few artists I have been following what seems now to be a lifetime (Asmus Tietchens, Main, Organum), Illusion Of Safety is probably among them the band I saw play live most. Dan Burke, the main man, is a most loveable chap and he always surprises me with his next move. His music doesn't operate in any particular style, but overlaps various genres. Improvised, industrial, ambient, musique concrete, and even a bit of techno beat thrown in. Here's a new album that proofs it. It's called 'Surrender' (which word always reminds me of the Cheap Trick song) and on a label called No Part Of It, meaning they don't want to be part of the world of Internet. There is a website, but there catalogue is hand scribbled on a sheet of paper and the CDRs - professionally designed - can be bought with a money order. Yes! That's what I like. Swim against the tide. Music wise Illusion Of Safety does something we haven't seen him do in quite some time. The collage styled music in which lengthy chunks of sounds are suddenly cut away by voices from radio and TV, a techno beats slips into view and sounds remarkable like the early 90s works such as 'Historical', 'Inside Agitator' or 'Distraction'. Quiet at times, but also quite bombastic at other times, filmic but without too many words. And if we hear any, it's about nuclear waste leakage. In that sense this album also harks back to the post-industrial sound of yesteryear. The balance between the very quiet and the very loud, between the ambience and the beats, is maintained very well throughout this release. Daddy's all right: surrender!
James Keeler is the man behind Wilt already fifteen years of musical activities and in various guises, but as Wilt it's all about the dark ambient. Dark of the darker variation, black with hardly any grey, let alone white. Much of that is due to the somewhat industrial sound of Wilt. Reverb is a key element here, much in use in all of these pieces. It gives everything that ringing, singing, slightly metallic sound. It's something you either love or hate. I am not always the biggest lover of reverb, as I tend to think it's a bit of a cheap trick (hey!), but Keeler knows how to cleverly add it to his music. His level of control is quite all right. The six lengthy cuts on this release are very much alike each other, unlike the Illusion Of Safety release, which bounces back and forth in various styles. Wilt creates nocturnal humming music, but for the weak of mind (and hearth) this might as easily turn into a nightmare. It's hard to say which instruments are used, although in the final piece a guitar clearly pops up. Maybe there is no instrument at all, I was thinking, but it's all made with the extended use of sound effects and the most minimal input of sounds. But more likely is a combination of synthesizers, guitars and electronics. Whatever, however. It sounds great, even when it's nothing highly original. It's Wilt music and as such he does a great job. He didn't set out to play something new every time, but carves out his own niche, deeper and deeper. (FdW)
Address: http://www.nopartofit.com


Monday, June 16, 2014

Arvo Interviewed at Heathen Harvest

In a long running email interview, the prestigious and damn near monolithic periodical Heathen Harvest spilled my guts at length, they can spread for miles.

Arvo Zylo is a Chicago artist who you’ve likely never heard of until now, but he’s the poster-boy for the noise aesthetic and ethic, if such things even exist.  His fascination lies in the mistakes within music, in the malfunctions of instruments, and in confrontation.  He works tirelessly in his urban home, constantly creating new works either in collaborations or under three monikers, be it his own name, Mister Fvckhead, or Blood Rhythms.  The means to which he meets his artistic ends don’t just stop with aural art, however.  He is a visual artist and a journalist too; his unique style of collage work can be seen within many of his own releases, and his voice is recognizable in the Chicago area for his work on WLUW with his own spot, “The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show”, where attention has most recently been focused on him for his interview with Boyd Rice.  He is simply one of the hardest working and most interesting people currently enveloped in the abyss that is the American noise underground today, and we had the pleasure of putting together an interview with him that is over a year in the making below.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Arvo in art exhibition June 28th

I will be taking part in an art exhibition at a cool new gallery that used to be a funeral home.  It is called the Rubicon, and it will also feature works by Rik Garrett and Anthony Dunn (Sun Splitter).  There will be other surprises.  I will be exhibiting 13 pieces in a series called "Velcro Bismol".  Here is the artist statement-


Arvo Zylo was born upside down. When he was a kid, he was ambidextrous and was able to draw and write with both hands at the same time, until he was forced by his teachers and parents to choose a hand. So now he writes and draws with his left hand and does everything else with his right hand... and he is bitter about it. He grew up in 25 different homes in and around Chicago, and was always regarded as a very talented artist by his teachers and peers. He self-published a comic book when he was 8 years old, and in high school he received various awards, was commissioned to do various pieces of art that bordered on murals, mainly along the vein of street art, but also custom tattoo designs, portraits, and commissioned sketches. In 1999. Zylo quit bench painting at Gallery 37 with a  refusal to compromise, left home, and got a job designing graphics for an awning company and partially building/designing the sets for a burgeoning haunted attraction. At Columbia College, he told his figure drawing teacher that if he wanted advice from anyone, he'd take it from someone who didn't settle for a teaching job.

From there, Zylo lost a great deal of interest in fine art, and was only pleased by gritty, abstract, accidental, and primitive art. He published various zines called “Achtongue Fingers”, which were rife with manic, insomnia-laden free-association xerox ballpoint/college-ruled charm, and he focused on experimental music, writing, radio Djing, and curating events, unable to look at commercial art seriously. In 2006, he was invited to take part in a group exhibition at Peter Jones Gallery, wherein he contributed 3 pieces which collaged various pieces from women's magazines. At that gallery, his sketch book that he'd been carrying around for 5 years was stolen,and it was hard for him to get back into art yet again, in any capacity, but he still did abstract watercolors and collages along with designing the cover art or flyers for his experimental music releases. Almost two years ago, Karina Natis and a number of other people in Arvo's life fought cancer around the same time with varying degrees of success. When he was asked to contribute a piece of art for Natis's benefit, instead of doing one piece, he did 13. Finally, they are being exhibited here.


Artist Statement:

The series, “Velcro Bismol”, can also be said to have taken influence from the vulgar parade Monsanto is having with mutant food and the FDA, and a number of wild dreams Arvo has had for several years that he says would put John Carpenter's THE THING to shame, but it could also be a reflection of what he'd call a “Soul Dysphoria”, a feeling of being trapped in the body, of being a passive observer of a shell in the mirror, and so forth. For months, Arvo's apartment was strewn with hundreds of women's magazines, entire corners designated for different portions of paper faces and bodies. It was an ongoing, unflinching nightly commitment. It culminated in what could quite literally be termed “abstract expressionism”, because several different Frankenstein pieces of mostly graphically modified, blank-eyed, aspiring starlets, were warped into something inexpressible, or sometimes otherwise; Amorphous blobs of Hans Bellmer-esque glamour nightmares. 

2130 W 21st Street
June 28th. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arvo at Noise Fest in Austin Texas this weekend

1900 East 12th Street
Austin, TX 78702

This time around, Suxby will be TWO days instead of the usual one day! Dates and times are:
Saturday, March 15th
Doors at 4pm, first set at 4:30pm, ends at Midnight.
Sunday, March 16th
Doors at 4pm, first set at 5pm, ends at Midnight.

There will be two stages and two massive PA systems. Both are located inside in 2 different connected rooms. Sets will alternate between the 2 rooms. There will also be a 3rd room, with tables provided, specifically for

artists to sell their merchandise.

Sux By Suxwest this year is 100% BYOB and of course FREE!


Sickness (CT)
Total Abuse (TX)
Xome (CA)
Jason Crumer & Joseph Hammer (MD/CA)
Marshstepper (AZ)
Laundry Room Squelchers (FL)
Clang Quartet (NC)
Penchant (NY)
Interracial Sex (WA)
Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck (MA/IL)
Full Metal Faggot (PA)
Crowhurst (CA and all around the world)
Vasculae (CA)
Goat (TX)
Drums Like Machine Guns (PA)
T.E.F. (TX)
Boar (IA)
I Like You Go Home (IA)
Vibrating Garbage (CA)
Video Nasty/Bonemagic (OK)
Arvo Zylo (IL)
Zombie Bite (MN)
Seaton XOXO (MD)
Yellow Paint Eater (TX)
Whitey Alabastard (FL)
Scant (VA)
Period Blood (IL)
Anus Morissette (TX)
Stress Orphan (VA)
Michael Amason (CA)
How I Quit Crack (TX)
Protists of Nebula (TX)
Reptilian Sexual Predator (TX)
Acid Trash (AZ)
Bollywood Life (CO)
Joshua Vance (TX)
Ascites (TX)
Bucket of Piss (OH)
Hell Garbage (FL)
Dakota Hogback (TX)
Country Club (TX)
Ferveur Noire (TX)
Tigre Merde (TX)
Youthful Masturbation Techniques (TX)
Skullcaster (TX)
Gym Mat Nap (TX)
Grandpa Lies Again (TX)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX)
Aunt's Analog (TX)
Power Monster (TX)
Dromez (TX)
Peasant (TX)
Edged Weapons (CA/TX)
Korperschwache (TX)

Saturday, March 15th:
(Stage 1) 11:45pm Crowhurst
(Stage 2) 11:30pm Drums Like Machine Guns
(Stage 1) 11:15pm Full Metal Faggot
(Stage 2) 11:00pm Scant
(Stage 1) 10:45pm Dromez
(Stage 2) 10:30pm Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
(Stage 1) 10:15pm Xome
(Stage 2) 10:00pm Aunt's Analog
(Stage 1) 9:45pm Period Blood
(Stage 2) 9:30pm Vasculae
(Stage 1) 9:15pm Sickness
(Stage 2) 9:00pm Stress Orphan
(Stage 1) 8:45pm Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck
(Stage 2) 8:30pm Interracial Sex
(Stage 1) 8:15pm NO DREAMS / SHARP TOOTH
(Stage 2) 8:00pm Penchant
(Stage 1) 7:45pm Boar
(Stage 2) 7:30pm Vibrating Garbage
(Stage 1) 7:15pm Anus Morissette
(Stage 2) 7:00pm Grandpa Lies Again
(Stage 1) 6:45pm Clang Quartet
(Stage 2) 6:30pm Bucket of Piss
(Stage 1) 6:15pm How I Quit Crack
(Stage 2) 6:00pm Michael Amason
(Stage 1) 5:45pm T.E.F.
(Stage 2) 5:30pm Seaton XOXO
(Stage 1) 5:15pm Arvo Zylo
(Stage 2) 5:00pm Gym Mat Nap
(Stage 1) 4:45pm Bollywood Life
(Stage 2) 4:30pm Korperschwache

Sunday, March 16th:
(Stage 1) 11:45pm Total Abuse
(Stage 2) 11:30pm Joshua Vance
(Stage 1) 11:15pm Youthful Masturbation Techniques
(Stage 2) 11:00pm Laundry Room Squelchers
(Stage 1) 10:45pm Acid Trash
(Stage 2) 10:30pm Marshstepper
(Stage 1) 10:15pm Jason Crumer + Joseph Hammer
(Stage 2) 10:00pm Goat
(Stage 1) 9:45pm Reptilian Sexual Predator
(Stage 2) 9:30pm Ferveur Noire
(Stage 1) 9:15pm FFH
(Stage 2) 9:00pm I Like You Go Home
(Stage 1) 8:45pm Country Club
(Stage 2) 8:30pm Zombie Bite
(Stage 1) 8:15pm Video Nasty/Bonemagic
(Stage 2) 8:00pm Whitey Alabastard
(Stage 1) 7:45pm Dakota Hogback
(Stage 2) 7:30pm Hell Garbage
(Stage 1) 7:15pm FILTH
(Stage 2) 7:00pm Ascites
(Stage 1) 6:45pm Power Monster
(Stage 2) 6:30pm Yellow Paint Eater
(Stage 1) 6:15pm Skullcaster
(Stage 2) 6:00pm Tigre Merde
(Stage 1) 5:45pm MENSROOM
(Stage 2) 5:30pm Protists of Nebula
(Stage 1) 5:15pm Peasant
(Stage 2) 5:00pm Edged Weapons

1900 East 12th St., Austin, Texas 78702

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unsound Redux

Unsound Redux

I was interviewed by William Davenport while I was in Florida to perform St. Petersburg Noise Fest, and he is putting together a documentary based on the enthusiasm around experimental music.  He ran a zine called "Unsound" in the 80s and considering the contacts he is planning to meet and interview, I'd be surprised (and honored) if my interview was actually included in the documentary, but I'm excited to see it either way.  Davenport has engaged several crowd sourcing websites, and can be contacted at the above website.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Illusion of Safety reviewed at Aquarius Records/live today on SF radio

Somewhere, an old T-shirt from Illusion Of Safety exists (the last we saw was affixed to Sigtryggur from Stillupsteypa some 10 years ago) with a deadpan/ironic catch-phrase "Illusion Of Safety gives you that soaring feeling" next to an image of a man tumbling headfirst out of a skyscraper window. Such a calculated juxtaposition of word and image was emblematic of the '80s art world (e.g. Barbara Kruger), often speaking to the underbelly of callousness, cruelty, violence and general amorality within consumerist society. Outside of this bold piece of iconography, Illusion Of Safety has operated within a more liminal state of mysteriousness through signifier and meaning. Even in their most placid albums of soft-focus ambience, the specter of some unknowable threat lurks in the background. More common in the Illusion Of Safety catalogue is an iron-fisted grasp of that sense of foreboding and dread through psychologically tense sound design. Over three decades in existence, this Chicago based project has been whittled down to its core member Dan Burke - with a few comrades-in-arms joining him occasionally - and is probably the longest running American industrial project, having produced a very impressive body of work. The 2014 album Surrender fits comfortably next to some of the masterpieces of the IOS back catalogue (e.g. Cancer, In Session, Historical, etc.) through the trademarked juxtaposition of noxious frequencies snaking in and out of harmonic phase patterns only to snap out of existence with a razor-cut edit into an electrical burst of tesla coil noise (for example). Disjointed rhythms, mediated collages, decontextualized field recordings, and psychoacoustic phrases map this album with incredible control and precision. Illusion Of Safety proves once again that they are one of the greats of industrial culture. Grab this album before it disappears, the pro-duplicated cd-r is limited to just 100 copies. Same for the cassette. 

MPEG Stream: "East Of Easement"
MPEG Stream: "Popular Delusions"
MPEG Stream: "Roller Coaster"


Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety) can be heard performing with Thomas Dimuzio on the radio in San Francisco today at two different stations:

3/4 KFJC and KPFA: DBTD radio performances

3-4PM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KFJC
stream it here: http://www.kfjc.org/

11:59PM-1:30AM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KPFA
No Other Radio network: hosted by Russ Kent (Mr. Hate:)
stream it here: http://www.kpfa.org/nootherradionetwork

Monday, March 3, 2014

Arvo interviewed in Dialtone Aggressor Zine

I'm Interviewed (finally one of them actually comes out) and on a CDR comp, one of the better versions of my "Upheaval" series in my opinion, plus a piece by SANG MORT, an outing between me and Fatale. Dromez, Zach Guttowsky, Juice Machine, AODL are in there too, among others. Excited to read it. The 1st issue was great.
FEB-065: Dialtone Aggressor #2 zine/w CD-R

Second issue of this Florida-based experimental/noise/avant garde zine. The zine features interviews and short pieces on noise gear set ups. Included in the zine are:

Juice Machine
Arvo Zylo
Zachary Short (Black Beast of Arrrghhh, Mayan Apocalypse)
Ry Sikora (Italics, Zone Tripper)
Zack Guttowsky (Glasgow Smile, Folter, Postule)
Wayne Mason (Stickfugure, BLK/MAS)

52 pages.

Comes with a CD-r sampler featuring exclusive and previously recorded tracks by: Glasgow Smile, Arvo Zylo, Sang Mort (Arvo Zylo & Fatale), AODL, Juice Machine, Italics, Zone Tripper, BLK/MAS, Dromez, & Black Beast of Arrrghhh.

$4 + shipping. International email for shipping: boredomrecs@gmail.com

Purchase/Sample: http://foreverescapingboredom.bandcamp.com/album/dialtone-aggressor-no-2-zine-compilation-cd-r

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HEARTS ALL IN - New Illusion of Safety (with "remix overview" video!)

I've been releasing things outside of the internet (no part of it), and one of them has been "Surrender", the newest outing by Illusion of Safety.  Daniel Burke has made a "remix overview" of this work, and I had to let the cat out of the bag.  More information can be found at the video link, including the mail box where money orders/hidden cash is to be sent.  Do check it out!  The video is exceptional!  I've been told some of the processes in making it, and it's nothing short of deftly inspired!  $7 postage paid in the US.  $12 elsewhere.  Available in pro cassette and pro CDR format.

I haphazardly spurred Illusion of Safety back into live action in 2008 when I asked him to do a show with me at the Empty Bottle.  From there, we were both asked to perform for WTII's monthly showcase at Darkroom, wherein this clown video material first surfaced, so it's a pleasure for me to release the nexus of a soundtrack to this imagery, coming full circle. 

"Illusion of Safety, just passing its 30th year since inception, is often regarded as the innovator of "ambient industrial".  Despite having traversed nearly every arena of the experimental milieu, performed prestigious fests all over the world, and collaborated with some of widest ranging and heaviest hitting of the avante garde, core member/founder Daniel Burke has both shown a return to form and a veritable bouquet of new frontiers in his most recent outing, "Surrender".  In just under 60 minutes, the listener is taken on a dizzying carousel ride where everything but the kitchen sink is employed to weave a deeply personal (abstract, wordless) narrative that comes off  as minimalistic, condensed, and bombastic.  But at the same time, it is a constantly shifting, complex and ornate grid iron amalgam of genuine enthusiasm and horror.  Recommended if you like a complete disregard for the myopic trappings and short sighted formulae of contemporary sound art today. "