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Friday, June 17, 2016

BLOOD RHYTHMS SHOW on Sunday, airplay and reviews from KJFC, WFMU, and KGNU; Ataraxic Ataxia and Thirteen Hurts

BLOOD RHYTHMS has been graciously asked to join a bill on Sunday, with friends BRIDE (PA., featuring Panther Modern of T.O.M.B.), Spiteful Womb (NY Death Industrial), a newer project by Mike from Magia Nuda & Winters In Osaka, called FRIGHTENED MOON, and two other local acts, RUPTURED, and HEART OF PALM. Here is the event page:    Sorry for the short notice!  There is a strong possibility that this could be that last BLOOD RHYTHMS show in America.  The show will start at 7pm.  Email for more info.  

ATARAXIC ATAXIA was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show on WFMU, alongside Wolf Eyes, Dead C, Necrophagia, Cherubs, Circle, and a live set by Moros, among other things.

KFJC reviewed the recent NO PART OF IT release, a reissue of SHADOW SEA.

Atarixic Ataxia is a Violin + Electronics duo of Nicole Pizzato and Dominic Dufner. The tracks on Sea Shadows are multi-layered, usually starting with a simple theme and growing to a sonic blast as the layers multiply and the distortion builds.
The violin and electronics are a nice juxtaposition and are used quite differently in each track. Sometimes the violin is on top, soaring and screeching over a bed of throbbing rumbles. On other tracks, the relationship is inverted, with beeping, buzzing, and grinding noise taking place over looped rhythmic violin lines.
Track 2 was recorded live and is my personal favorite.

KFJC also briefly reviewed the newest release by BLOOD RHYTHMS...  "Heuristics"

Collective anchored by Arvo Zylo from Chicago.
Noise and a variety of ambient electronic sounds. Keeps the listener on their toes. I listened to this while traveling and kept wondering if it was the tracks or the airplane or something behind me. Each track was made at a different time and album history is written inside.
– Billie Joe Tolliver

Thirteen Hurts was aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards Radio Show on KGNU


Jun 4, 2016 11:00 PM (MT)


This LP was a "mispress" copy, proper copies can be had HERE
SKIN FLINT can be had from the label HERE

Blood Rhythms: Assembly LP
Blood Rhythms: Assembly LP
A couple months ago, I got an unexpected package in the mail from Chicago. Attached to it was an ’80s issue of Rolling Stone with Huey Lewis on the cover, which is too darn awesome. I didn’t keep it, because really what am I going to do with it, but I should’ve at least snapped a photo, but I don’t remember to do things like that. But anyway, there were a bunch of cool CD-r’s in it, and a tape I haven’t gotten around to listening to yet, and this LP. The record doesn’t have a cover, but it was packaged in this custom cardboard sleeve (and I didn’t realize there was a record in it at first and almost threw it out, I just thought it was weird that it was so heavy). The record was apparently recorded in an inactive meat locker with 3 mini disc recorders (a dead format recording in a dead space which used to hold dead animals). The record is “playable at all speeds”, but the A-side is 45 and the B-side is 33. “Coarse Land” on the A-side is a dirty, gray drone made of rusty horns, and it sounds even more like death at 33. The second side, “Cutter Magnolias”, is disturbing in a different way. Really abrasive horns which sound like they’re covered in gunpowder and the musicians are blowing their brains out. Then eventually these horns get cut into samples, and are looped into repetitive, ever-building patterns, until they’re all squonking in unison. Then it just keeps getting heavier and more punishing. At some points it feels like the record’s skipping, but then it changes and you realized how hard your head’s just been played. And then I think it actually does end in a locked groove. Definitely the most hypnotic free jazz/noise record I’ve ever heard.
Blood Rhythms: Skin Flint CDr
Blood Rhythms: Skin Flint CDr
The other Blood Rhythms release was the Skin Flint CDr, which features project founder Arvo Zylo (who sent me the package) along with Wyatt Howland, aka Skin Graft. The opening title track is a 22-mintue excerpt of an hour-long improv session, and it’s constant in-the-red bleeding-ears harsh noise, but it feels like there’s some really blown out melodies buried underneath. Am I just imagining things? It sounds like there’s something trying to break out from all the nullifying static. Is there any escape from noise? “Melt Compartment” starts with a fast pattering rhythm which turns into wet splattering which then somehow turns into an even faster, pulled-apart rhythm. Eventually this all gets swallowed by a pulsating vessel of noise. “Zippers With Eyes” (the unedited version of a track which appeared in shortened form on a split tape) starts with another static-y rhythm, the type Alec Empire might’ve started a track with back in the day. The rhythm splashes with echo between the speakers, and of course it gets built up with distortion, eventually being fashioned into some sort of mutating audio fireball. And then later the beat picks up and gets even more DHR-sounding, turning into some sort of hell-dungeon gabber. Finally it all falls dead on the floor and it takes a good minute or so for my consciousness to re-adjust.


CHECK OUT TAIITB Radio here!  Where BLOOD RHYTHMS was aired alongside Illusion of Safety, Troum, and Albert Ayler among others!  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Heathen Harvest Review, copious airplay


Selections from recent NO PART OF IT releases were aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards KGNU Radio Show.  Thanks!

Ataraxic Ataxia was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show on WFMU alongside Hive Mind, Schimpfluch Gruppe, Celtic Frost, Twin Stumps, Jucifer, and many other fringe gems!  Many thanks!

Michael Krause (Death Factory) was on WZRD Saturday and aired some nice selections, namely a few tracks from the new Blood Rhythms CD and a track by Ataraxic Ataxia.  Here is the playlist (there is no archive).

1). Faust - Munic/Yesterday
2). F/I - UnionGrove (return)an answer to a Question never asked/Jimi Hendrix at the Kennedy Assasination/ Union Grove (Once again)
3). Stereolab - UHF MFP
4). music from “DR. No” -Three Blind Mice” (1962)
5). Strike Under -Elephants Graveyard
6). DA - Dark Rooms
7). Death - People Look Away (1974-1976)
8). Death - The Storm Within (1974-1976)

9). Ataraxic Ataxia - track 5 - Shadow Sea
10). Psychic TV - 'Unclean ' and untitled bonus cuts from " Mouth of the Night" (cd version on Vault Records )
11). Vomitor - Meglomaniac
12). Voi Vod - Corps Ettranger
13). Impetigo - Dear Uncle Creepy
14). Subklinik -Extraktion Procedure
15). Sun Ra - Kohoutekk
16). Reality Scare - a Nice Cool Jazzy tune (cassette -1989)
17). Blood Rhythms -Maggots Drag (plus a few others forgot to write down )

18). Uncle Wiggly - Hope So Hope Soon /build Your own Monster
19). Dr. Demento- Shaving Cream
20). The Godz - Riffin' (1967)
21). Evolution control Committee - Costello Kids in the House
22). Membrane Conspiracy - Perdurabo
23). Books on Tape - Hemophilia
24). Griot Galaxy - Dragons (1985)
26). Nurse With Wound - Lonely Poisonous Mushroom
27). Peter Fromader- Nekropolis 81 ' (Vol .II)

28). A Gnomean Hagonaimean - entire 1990 Lp (various artists)

29). New Music China - ( cass. 1988) various artists ( entire 60min. tape)

30). Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Locus Morbi /Prohobenda Laetitia .

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Arvo Zylo in Davenport Documentaries/ Review of Ataraxic Ataxia / Ogawa video remix

The People's Music from William Davenport on Vimeo.

Arvo Zylo is featured in two documentaries by William Davenport; "The People's Music" and "Noise Nation".  He was interviewed and filmed performing at St. Petersburg Noise Fest in 2014.  Davenport has also done documentaries on Cassette Culture and the 80s industrial act, Hunting Lodge, as well as a documentary on Autism, among other things.  He was head of the noise zine "Unsound" and performed under the name  "Problemist" starting in 1982.   To buy DVDs, go here.


Jason Ogawa (formerly of "Sword Metal" band Galdron) has been working on a remix/video of material from Arvo Zylo's album, "333".
It was exhibited at Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles.  Their open screening was May 5th.  More from Jason Ogawa here.

The new release by Ataraxic Ataxia was reviewed by (and big thanks go to) Traumatic Static.  The album is available at nopartofit.bandcamp.com.

Shadow Sea by Ataraxic Sea is an interesting release which focuses 
more on a dreary classical ambient style. The duo Dominick Dufner 
and Nicole Pizzato did a marvelous job creating a very interesting 
mix of traditional string usage alongside noise/ambient equipment. 
This release sees to create more of a neo-classical style with some 
noise overlaps mixed together quite interestingly. From the beginning 
of the release, the listener gets a sort of "orchestrated descent" 
into madness. This album conveys a very brooding atmosphere; furthermore, 
it can be very chilling and yet relaxing. Let us explore the overall release 
in detail.

Au Claire De Le La Lune- Has a very interesting structure to it, instead 
of starting with a huge thrash of intense drones, it eases into it 
throughout the song.  It’s sort of like a beautiful piece you’d hear 
in the next modern day century horror flick starring some killer ghost. 
No, you won’t necessarily see much resemblance to an Atrax Morgue track 
on this one, but in all honesty, it is a pretty damn eerie track to start 
off with. I like the classical clashing of key notes thrusting its way into 
the ominous scratchy static at the 1:45 mark. Yes, I say this was a calm release 
to lay back and zone out to. White buffalo is a live track extending over 9 mins 
of raw violin and noise thrown into the blender to the audience. I can easily say 
this one is my favorite track on the release. This is where the Gothic undertones 
seem to come into play because of the neoclassical experimentation. Since this is 
a live track, one gets the raw piercing electronic masterpiece. A Masochist’s 
Heaven is actually pretty ironic because it is actually very peaceful. The work 
is almost akin to something you’d hear on a Premature Ejaculation release but 
except a bit grittier. Pretty strange minimalism infused with a low harsh sound 
going on here but very refreshing. Now by the fourth track, one’s attention is 
caught immediately by the rhythmic start and progression of the loop that kicks 
in throughout the song. In combination with the violins, the fourth track is 
almost dance able as it slowly transcends into a sort of more beautiful chaotic 
orchestra by the six-minute mark. The 5th and 6th tracks focuses more on an 
immense morbid atmosphere as opposed to the previous tracks on the album. 
Listening to the track “…surely must be hell” one can get the overwhelming 
sense of dread washing over them because of the wonderful violin structure. 
I must say, even the collaboration of screeching drones gives off a haunting 
vibe; one could say it is like taking some darker version of Throbbing Gristle 
or Einsturzende Neubauten and blending it with some pretty experimental sense 
of depressing stuff. This track exudes a sort of dark cabaret vibe thanks to 
the neoclassical elements going on.

I must say, this masterpiece surprised me and I listened 
to it at least 3-4 times today to soak in the Gothic, 
harsh ambiance. If you are into a different direction 
of noise/ambient and enjoy the traditional usage of 
classic string arrangements, give it a listen: