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Monday, September 5, 2016

333REDUX, Architeuthis Dux, Somnoroase Păsărele, Machine Listener, live BLOOD RHYTHMS pre-orders available, plus airplay and reviews

Arvo Zylo's acclaimed "333" release re-envisioned, re-constructed, re-animated, and so forth. 33 artists, including Dave Phillips, Sudden Infant, Hans Grusel, Bran (...) Pos, Vertonen, Bull of Heaven, Bruce Lamont, Bride, Skulsyr (TOMB, Dreadlords), Protman, Insect Deli, and more. Features cover art* by Yasutoshi Yoshida (Government Alpha) *inverted with permission. 

DVD comes in a jewel case with professional full color art by Yasutoshi Yoshida. Menu design by Jason Ogawa and Arvo Zylo, featuring reworkings by 33 artists, as well as the original "333" album by Arvo Zylo. Contributions include videos and a surround sound piece. 

Architeuthis Dux is a noise unit from Austin, TX, perhaps best known for their heavily engaging, blistering harsh noise performances. Active since 2012, the duo of Kenny Brieger and Tony Duran have created an impressive oeuvre of mostly limited CDR editions, some in quantities as low as 15 copies. 

Through over a dozen releases, there have, on many occasions, been moments of what one can only call "blissed out abrasions"; Traversing territory that comes off with an almost kraut-rock oriented synth meltdown glaze, topped off with lo-fi metallic clang, shrieking industrial grit, and just generally bleak and tortured, surgical steel atmospheres. 

NO PART OF IT proposed to hone in on these reflective moments, and compiled a morass of penetrating, expertly organized cacophony that serves to stand apart, or give way to, the rest of Architeuthis Dux's more aggressive power electronics and heavy electronic work. The result is just under an hour of crisp sampling, damaged percussion, and simultaneously subdued, yet clearly pissed off pedal action that could stand up to SPK's early live sets, or Nurse With Wound's darkest moments.

"Somnoroase Păsărele" is a somewhat mysterious project from Romania, whose origins and intentions are veiled in relative secrecy. Having been active since the early 70s, so it is said, the project didn't begin to release material publicly until 2013, with a handler to deal with labels, and releases in quantities as low as 30 copies. That said, SP has been freaking out people all over the place with their inventive flair since the proverbial head peeked out from under the sand. 

If we were to try to sum things up in a few words, the overall sound of Somnoroase Păsărele comes off as a mixture of darkly proggy occultronic medleys of purely introspective, heavily dynamic noises. There doesn't appear to be many boundaries, or derivatives, coming from whatever place this source of inspiration resides. With 0RT0, NO PART OF IT begins a series of releases by the outfit under that title, with a thematic tendency to lean on the more meditative sides of Somnoroase Păsărele. Around 40 minutes in duration, these pieces were culled and sequenced from over 8 hours of material in the same vein. Be sure not to miss the beginning of something beautiful.

Machine Listener began with such a name due to a project that is based on exploring and exploiting inherent characteristics from machines, and making compositions from them. In the beginning, it seems that everything from home printers to huge factory generators were used as sources. Their electromagnetic signals or the frequencies they emitted, or simply the noises they make, were the basis of compositions by sound artist Matthew Gallagher. Eventually, of course, Gallagher moved into sourcing the potential of synthesizers, both as machines and as instruments. 

It can be assumed that Machine Listener's pure synth LP ("Endless Coil"), now out on Tusco Embassy (where we can guess that machines were used for their proper intention) came after "Sentient System", released in extremely limited quantities by noise-filth veteran Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) on his own SK SK label in 2014. It is not up to us to say how "Sentient System" was created, but it is safe to assume that a little of both of these approaches were traversed, and as a result, "Sentient System" could be considered the apex of Machine Listener's adventures with mechanical, aleatoric components of industry. 

Whatever the case may be, "Sentient System" is unlike any other recording you'll ever hear. It is both excellent in terms of composition and also permeated with a conceptually sound "hands off" approach, with caterwauling animal behavior, screeching panic signals and pervasive cicada hum. Some segments of these soundscapes could fit perfectly as cerebral, revelatory moments in a particularly head-fucked horror film, hewn with a certain feeling for a desolate science fiction future, or simply in mindscapes where pure noise is the end and the means. The release stands on its own, and apart from the rest, but at the same time is extremely important in adding to the legacy of industrial noise. 

Originally limited to a criminally low quantity of copies, we here at NO PART OF IT are extremely excited to bring this release to a wider audience.

A collection of live recordings initially intended as a bonus for a special edition version of Blood Rhythms' 2015 LP "Assembly" that never happened, these are reissued recordings from a scarce tape in 2009, remastered by Zach Adams. 

Live group performances around this time featured Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), Michael Krause (Death Factory), Michael Kendrick (Rope), Travis (ONO), and several other appearances from friends and respected stalwarts. There is a gradual evolution evident here, where the first show (April Fool's Day, 2007) started with as many blaring horns as could be mustered, and from there, group outings gradually morphed into a sort of krautrock / industrial / scrap metal / synth damage ensemble. 

All recordings here were captured direct from the soundboard (before post production/meddling), except for Ronny's, and Elastic Arts, which was mixed down from a room recording and a direct soundboard recording.  

Arvo Zylo has completed a collaboration with Architeuthis Dux, it was incubating for a few years, and we are very excited about it.  Physical copies will eventually be released on Ka-Rye Eye Tapes

Delirious Music For Delirious People is now on Bandcamp.   Very few copies of the digipak version remain.  

The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights since for 7 years (ended in 2014). 

"Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" is also syndicated on RadioKL.Hr in Croatia, with occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art. On September 9th, 2011, Arvo Fingers and WLUW will be celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show as well as the release of the first volume of "Delirious Music For Delirious People", a compilation featuring Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, Zola Jesus, Boyd Rice and Friends, Gary Wilson, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Big City Orchestra, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, and others." 

Cover art, layout/design, compiled by, Arvo Zylo

This is the insert from NO PART OF IT's first release, a locked groove compilation called "Trunculence".   The art was done by renowned collage and assemblage artist Christopher ILTH, and this image will now be integral in NO PART OF IT's presence.

Part two of Arvo Zylo's interview in The Formant has been published.   Here is part one.
In the first part we came the know a label that existed as a money-order label before making the move to the digital realm, a label that thrives in the personable engagement with its audiences and favours the road less travelled through music. We’ve documented most of the history of the label in part one, including some very interesting incidents with Tonetta and a foolhardy cover artists, and in part two we delve further into the community that exists around No Part of It and more of the music on the label.

Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher was reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes.

Strap in for this one. Deconstruction like a scrapbook of moldyFerrante & Teicher LPs picked from milk crates and smoke-yellow shelves, sewn together and laid out flat for ears to soak. The mix bounces back and forth with vertigo sway at times. Locked and falling. A bit blown out here and there. Completely robbed of original sweetness then and now. Hiss and pop aren’t cleaned up either. Rather, gleaned and looped. Layers upon caked and crusted layers toying with repetition and chaos, morphing into brontosaurus heights of reversal and stretching. A smidge of effects. Then completely doused. Arvo treating Ferrante & Teicher like wet clay, maneuvering the past into future past. Whole compositions transformed into blizzards. Others picked at like bones by beaks.  Grab a copy of the massive, outstanding double cassette directly fromPersonal Archives, and listen below.

Thirteen Hurts and Arvo Zylo releases on NO PART OF IT were reviewed by Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly.

Here are some excerpts:

On UVB-76 by Thirteen Hurts:
At sixty-six minutes this is surely quite a heavy noise 
release, but it turned out that Thirteen Hurts actually uses quite a bit of variation in these eleven pieces. Swiftly 
cutting from sounds to sounds, going all over the frequency range (and band no doubt), from piercing high-end 
feedback to stomach stomping low-end, and usually overlaying them.

On Arvo Zylo's "Hello Walls":
The music is very minimal on all three of these pieces and I think this is easily the best work 
I heard from him so far. Everything is very drone like, and it sounds like he's using low-resolution samples and 
sound effects, which are slowly moved around but throughout these pieces there is lot of variation with the material. 
Always, so it seems, there is a new element dropping in and out of the mix, keep a constant flow of the music, 
and which makes a truly fascinating listen, especially on the two longer pieces. The shorter title piece didn’t cut it 
for me, as it was simply a bit muddy, and a bit noisy, in terms of overlaying sound material. In the longer pieces 
that seemed to be a bit less present and a bit more open, with organ like drones, a soaring voice sample and the 
amplification of tin foil. All of that worked in a really great, almost hallucinating way. This is an excellent 
release. (FdW)

Review of Arvo Zylo's Sequencer Works, Volume Two.  The "Answer is In The Beat" is also a radio show, and its archives are at the same blog, where the tape was played alongside Throbbing Gristle, Prince, Crystal Castles, Graham Repulski, and much more!   

Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape (Rainbow Bridge/Forever Escaping Boredom/Crippled Intellect Productions/No Part Of It, 2015)

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Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape
Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape
All of these tracks (each titled “FUCK * [#]”) were recorded in various closets or crawlspaces during the early 2000s using a memory-overloaded Yamaha sequencer. Completely off-the-wall lo-fi trashcore somewhat similar to what people like Davros and Unibomber were making on Amigas, but not quite focused on gabber kicks. Really messy and chaotic, and sometimes quite cartoonish, with sloppy sound effects and garish MIDI instrumentation. Some of it sounds like blindly stumbling around in a dungeon. It all sounds far too sporadic and un-quantized and queasy to have been made entirely on a sequencer, but it was often recorded directly to tape with the machine malfunctioning. Really creative chaos which absolutely nobody knew about at the time. On Bandcamp.

"The Pleasure Tunnel" by Arvo Zylo & Bryan Lewis Saunders, was aired on MuhMur Radio Programme, on Sound Art Radio in the UK.   Also aired were Dave Phillips, Yen Pox, PBK, Cranioclast, and many other stellar acts.  

Thirteen Hurts, Ataraxic Ataxia, Blood Rhythms, and Arvo Zylo were aired on Little Fyodor's KGNU radio show "Under The Floorboards".  For about 20 years, this show plays only content given directly to Little Fyodor, and specializes in material that is not intended for widespread attention.   The archive didn't work, but the playlist is here:  

  • Inside/Outside - Radio # 3 - Territory
  • Charles Rice Goff III - Barbed Wire Cents - The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours
  • Thirteen Hurts - Buzzer - UVB-76
  • Gort Vs. Goom - Signaling Right While Turning Left - Digital Single
  • Star Period Star - 629.3 - 629/dust Storm Ep
  • Jay T. Yamamato - Broken Animal - Soundtracks For The New Strange
  • Arvo Zylo - Track 5 - Heavenly Sounds In Lo-fi Arvo Plays Ferrante And Teicher
  • TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE, - Atavistic Electronics>Wreck>Digression>1,2,3,4 - Significantly Different From The Other One
  • Dario Rosa - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas - The Psychic Power Of...
  • Blood Rhythms - Mope - Heuristics
  • Atraraxic Ataxia - Track 6 - Shadow Sea
  • Turkey Makes Me Sleepy - When Last Judgments Officiate - Odyssey Of A Gravy Boat
Arvo Zylo was aired on the Irrelevant Show at WMUC twice.  Archives and playlists are here.
One show included Demdike Stare, Phil Harris, Pas Musique, Bunny Brains, Nervous Norvus, Spike Jones and more.   Listen here:  or here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

FORMANT Interview, + Airplays, Reviews

Arvo Zylo was interviewed by The Formant in a two part series.  The first part is available now.  Here is the intro:
The entire existence of The Formant is based on engaging with music and the people that create and propagate it on a personal level. I favour the road less travelled; the difficult listening experience; and the confrontational underground above the latest trend. I‘d rather talk to the artist, the label or DJ with something to say than review the track that has already been talked about on every other media outlet. Needless to say when I find an entity that values the same ideals I take note, and when Arvo Zylo contacted me personally after I reviewed his work on Tymbal Tapes a while back I was eager to find out more about this illusive artist and specifically about his “off-the-grid” label, No Part of It.
What took life as a money order label and has only recently developed to incorporate a digital outlet immediately grabbed my attention for it’s purposeful and blatant contempt of common musical and industry practises. My first encounter with the label came through Blood Rhythms’ (a Arvo Zylo moniker) In a vacuum – a track so upfront and confrontational that it would shake any mild mannered individual to its core. I simply had to find out more, and knowing very little about this obscure label and artist other than it’s based in Chicago and it’s called No Part of It, that meant a lot of questions emailed to Arvo Zylo the man and the artist behind the label.

The new reissue of Hello Walls, by Arvo Zylo was aired by MuhMur radio in the UK.  The first track, at 36 minutes long, "Body of Defective Memories" was aired first, in its entirety.  The new NO PART OF IT reissue of Ataraxic Ataxia's "Shadow Sea" was also aired, along with John Hudak, Iron Fist of The Sun, Modelbau, Con-Dom, and more!  MuhMur Radio Programme is curated by Steve Cammack, who has been listening and involved in noise and its various inceptions since at least the early 80s.  He's got a project called Dieter Muh which has had material released on Hanson Records, EE Tapes, Harbinger Sound, Xerxes, Cipher Productions, and Tesco, among others.  He's also been involved with Vagina Dentata Organ frequently, and just has many stories that would make a relative latecomer enthusiast drool.   Be sure to follow his blog for playlists, previous guest appearances (including a recent guest spot by Frans De Waard), HERE.

 In July I received a package from Chicago based label NO PART OF IT, I have asked the guy who runs the label, Arvo Zylo, if he is interested in sending something "special" for a broadcast, which I am happy to say he is … and in the meantime he sent me some of his recordings and releases. The Arvo Zylo "Hello Walls" Cdr has rarely been out of the disc player. Also of note is the Arvo Zylo and Bryan Lewis Saunders collaboration tape "The Pleasure Tunnel".


The new Blood Rhythms PRO CDR was reviewed by Frans De Waard at Vital Weekly.  Here are some excerpts.


Back in Vital Weekly 965 I was amazed by the fact that someone send me a letter, typed on typewriter, about a record that one could obtain by writing a letter, since the label, as the name implied, had no part of it, i.e. the worldwide web and such. I was looking for information on Blood Rhythms and to my surprise I saw the label now has a website and bandcamp of sorts, but who can blame them? A product needs to be sold, I guess. Blood Rhythms is, as far as I could dig up information, mainly the project of Arvo Zylo, who also works under his own 
name; it is not clear when he does that and when Blood Rhythms is more appropriate. Over the last fifteen years he has recorded a lot of material, which in his own words, was intended for '7 inches or prestigious compilations, or they were criminally under-released, perhaps prematurely', but now found their way on this compilation of sorts. While I only heard the previous LP, I can't say I have a clear picture of the music of Blood Rhythms, but I liked that LP a lot. It seemed to have an interesting fresh look upon re-using sounds from all sorts, and present them in an ambient way, or noise, or just funny and strange; which is perhaps something one could also of the music of Zylo solo.
   Many of these pieces one could say are media pieces: using sounds from other sources, which are treated with electronic effects and/or sampled.
 ..... Blood Rhythms are at their best when they keep their ambience on the industrial side, with 
mechanical loops of a conveyer belt and an air conditioning van, such as in the long 'The Stifling Air', or applying old musique concrete techniques in 'Mope' (very NWW), or the intense synth bursts of 'Dismissil'. Here there is enough to intensity and power in the noise based ambient music to make this fully enjoyable. As such even the more 'silly' pieces become quite enjoyable as counterparts to the pieces I like best. In all its diversity a release I quite enjoyed. (FdW)

Illusion of Safety, WILT, Thirteen Hurts, and Arvo Zylo were aired by Difficult Music for Difficult People in Germany.  Hieroglyphic Being, Asmus Tiechens, and Sote were also played, among others.  

Thirteen Hurts has been getting a fair amount of airplay at KFJC.  Notably, as part of a truffle of 13s, (Yahowha 13, 13th Floor Elevators, etc) or as part of another set by Number 6, featuring Psychic TV, Dalek, RZA, Shredded Nerve, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Nordvargr, K2, and more.....   Then there was a set by Gato Girl with Hive Mind, Cloama, Test Dept., Bad News, Lustmord, Tribes of Neurot, and Negativland.  Then a set by Abacus Finch with Louise Huebner, Christian Marclay, Nurse With Wound, and COH, more...   Then another set by Number 6, and another by Eamon Devil Era , and so forth.....   Thanks for the support!  If there is a petition to get audio archives up for this station, we will sign it!

On August 1st, a WZRD DJ (Sarah) aired a track from the new Ferrante & Teicher release, prior to its official release date.  There is no archive, but the set was great, and the playlist is worth saving.

Stick Men with Ray Guns “Christian Rat Attack”
The Untouchables “Crawlin’”
Arcesia “White Panther”
Aksak Maboul “I Viaggi Formano la Gioventu”
Aranos, Jon Mueller & Chris Rosenau “Now Sparkling Ice”
Letha Rodman Melchior “Hypatia Rilles”
Auditor “forced to take the shape of a man”
Niels Lyhne Lokkegaard “Decending Piece”
Angkanang Kunchai “Missing Lover”
Andy Stott “On My Mind”
…mixed in with “Dark Matter Leak” by Angel
Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalized”
Tuxedomoon “L’Etranger”
Recording of a Naqshbandi zikr in Bosnia
Iasos “Cloud Prayer”
Alfred Panou & the Art Ensemble of Chicago “Je Suis Un Sauvage”
Robert Black performing Giacinto Scelsi’s “Et Maintenant C’est a Vous de Jouer”
Arvo Zylo: untitled track from cassette about to be released on Bob Bucko Jr’s label, Personal Archives: Heavenly Sounds in Lo​-​Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher
[your dj speaks over some harp music by Reinecke]
Tiny Tim “Girl”
The Cadets “I Got Loaded”
Alice Cooper “You Drive Me Nervous”
Velma Cross & Her High Steppers “I’ll Be Oh So Good”
Anne-James Chaton, Alva Noto & Andy Moor “Chapitre V: Calculs” (from the album Decade)
Niki Neecke “Funnyfoodfactory”

Sunday, July 31, 2016


There is a new release available for PRE ORDER at PERSONAL ARCHIVES:  Heavenly Sounds In Lo-Fidelity:  Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher.  This is two full length cassettes in a butterfly case, for over 80 minutes of material, all sourced from records by legendary prepared piano exotica/easy listening duo Ferrante & Teicher.

Ferrante & Teicher were initially a duo of twin grand piano players who began playing prepared piano duets with spiraling mad arrangements, for what could be called part of the "percussion craze" of the late 50s, or "proto exotica".   They were massively successful, and continued to make record after record of schmaltzy covers of show tunes, movie soundtracks, classical music,  love song standards, etc.  

Arvo Zylo has been making odd, often manic soundscapes and noise with a malfunctioning sequencer, hundreds of layers of horns, or mic'ed objects, among other things, starting in 2000.   He owns about 15 albums by Ferrante & Teicher, along with several other percussive records of the 30s and 40s (Enoch Light especially).  One day, listening to the peculiar sound design on "Soundproof!" (1956), he decided to explore F & T's peculiarities more thoroughly, and became inspired to build some sound structures of his own out of them.  The contents range from daffy percussion psychosis to smoothed out industrual/ambiante.  Over 80 minutes of material.  Cassettes come in a butterfly case with two full color covers, and printed labels.  Limited to 50 copies.   Mastered by Zach Adams.  Cover art and label design by Arvo Zylo, with some help from Ivonne Simonds Fals.  


Some airplay that unfortunately is not archived to my knowledge....

The new release by Thirteen Hurts on no part of it was aired on KFJC, by Herb Rockwell, alongside Severed Heads, Alessandro Cortini, RZA, Portishead, and Miles Davis, among others!  

Also on KFJC, aired by Dangerous Dan, was Arvo Zylo's Hello Walls CD (at 3:33AM).   Dan played the title track inbetween work by Umberto, the Buzzcocks, Sun Ra, The Cosmic Dead, and others!

Heuristics was also aired at least three times on KFJC.  with Gato Girl, who played "Remove All Doubt" parts one and two, with lots of other killer tracks by Skinny Puppy, Lustmord, Negativland, Missing Foundation, Chris & Cosey, Crash Worship, M.B., Blackhouse.... and you get the picture.   

Laethaka also played Blood Rhythms, track three, "Outage", spun in there with Iced Earth, Ghoul, Endon, Bastard Noise, Merzbow, False Flag, Dissecting Table, Autopsia, Robert Rich, Moloch, etc etc etc.  

"Outage" again was played by Ras Babo along with tracks by The Dezurik Sisters, Madlib, Big Debbie, Mahalia Jackson, Blackhouse (again), and Muslimgauze.......   THANKS FOLKS!!!!

Traumatic Static has posted a new review on the BLOOD RHYTHMS "Heuristics" CD.  
 Most of the material 
here features more traditional instrumentation sampling and experimentation 
with avant-garde style looping. Throughout the duration of the release, I was 
quite pleased with the usage of minimalist synth and keyboards. To me, it 
seems most of the goal here was to give off a very spooky vibe akin to some 
of Current 93’s and even older 90's post-industrial influenced work....

....From the 
start of the album, the opening track “In a Vacuum” (which is an alternate version) 
is more along the lines of traditional old school noise; very abrasive but not subtle. 
The rest of the album starts to kick off with the second track and it is immensely 
satisfying to hear a more relaxing collaboration of synth and raw industrial: furthermore, 
it gives off an insane, amusing tone. Third and Fourth tracks are the most entertaining to 
me. “Never fuck in the woods” is quite campy to say the least but it is a great listen to 
because of the blend of harmonic Gothic organs, samples from what seem like classic b-movies, 
and relaxing static/distortion. “Dismissal” is also a nice little six-minute masterpiece that 
focuses on ambiance and rhythmic drones combined with the underlying minimal- esque harmony. 
“Remove All Doubt” Part I and II feature a splendid mesh of dark electronic sounds mixed with 
some very distorted psychedelic loops. The closing of this masterpiece is over 20 minutes but 
begins as a wonderful atmospheric, but turns into a skinny puppy (remission era) or nineties 
post-industrial (not that cyber electro bullshit) followed by intense cold noise near the 
sixteen-minute mark. 

TRAUMATIC STATIC also reviewed the new release by Thirteen Hurts:

hirteen Hurts - UVB-76 is a perfect release in my opinion; 
Furthermore, The switch ups and transitions to sort of minimal-synth 
style to synths infused with a considerate amount of feedback on certain 
tracks is pleasing. I've listened to this album quite a few times and was 
amazed by the high levels of high pitched feedback on certain tracks. Even 
the first track of the release starts off with drones and this piercing high 
pitched feedback that blends together like an abrasive masterpiece. There’s 
lot of voice sampling (which I cannot decipher for the life of me, radio calls?). 
The second and third tracks are harsher than the first (“Transmitter” being a very 
cold, minimalistic track). The third track is also where things get a bit lo-fi synth-
like but is gently interrupting by the high pitch feedback. Now, as we get into the 
fourth track (which spans over 8 minutes) 4625kHz, things become a colder, traditional 
dark power electronics piece. “Propagation” comes off to me as a very creative track 
because of the drones starts off low within the initial beginning, but sort of progresses 
into a cohesive pattern of two distinct levels of distortion. The next one is highly experimental 
because of the breaks between the screeching sound and enormous amount of feedback (besides the 
next track). Alright, the track “Monolyth” is my second favorite track because it contains a lot o
f build up into a point it bursts into a moment of just gritty noise; as if a nuke has been dropped. 
The next two tracks are pretty decent, the former track being much cooler to me because of the lack 
of structure, but that’s just my thoughts. The last couple tracks are pretty well put together as 
well, but the last track is my favorite because it presents itself as a synthy track but is creative 
while doing so. You can really tell Richard enjoyed playing around with the rhythmic aspects of the 
minimalism in the track. Though it is very brief (span over 3:45), I enjoyed every second of it.

In conclusion, I’d say this release was very enjoyable the most part. 
Perhaps, it is because of the amount of exploration of the synth in a 
presentable way.


Three NO PART OF IT releases (Blood Rhythms, Thirteen Hurts, and Ataraxic Ataxia) were aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards (KGNU) Radio Show:  Here is the playlist.  
  • Inside/Outside - Radio #3 - Territory
  • Atraraxic Ataxia - Au Claire De La Lune - Shadow Sea
  • Disism - The Typical Swinger - Berlin Way
  • Blood Rhythms - Mope - Heuristics
  • Sterile Garden - Side B - Streets Of Horns
  • Jay T. Yamamato - Wearing The Inseminated Fish Mask - Soundtracks For The New Strange
  • Gort Vs. Goom - Signaling Right While Turning Left - Gort Vs. Goom Single July 2016
  • Star Period Star - 629.3 - 629/dust Storm Ep
  • TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE, - Tender Buttons - Significantly Different From The Other One
  • Ryan J. Boyd - It's Easy - Love Is A Shoe Factory
  • Martha And The Muffins - Jad Fair Shook My Hand - Tape Hiss: Emanations From The Cassette Underground
  • Thirteen Hurts - Suppressed Lower Sideband - UVB-7

Monday, July 18, 2016

Arvo on WZRD, Airplay on WMFU and Words on Sounds, Sequencer Works Volume Two reviewed in Heathen Harvest

Arvo was on WZRD for over six hours today.  He aired material by Alan Vega with Etant Donnes, dave phillips with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Sudden Infant, Foetus, Dan Burke's new modular project, Soundoferror, Hans Grusel, organ maladies by bran (...) pos, Jarboe, Swans, WIZZARD, Tomb, Bull of Heaven, Smegma, Lydia Lunch with Cypress Grove, Esplendor Geometrico, LAIBACH, Madonna with Otto Von Wernherr, DEV/NULL, Nash the Slash, Prince's first LP, Dissecting Table, Nuit Noire, a French punk infused black metal band who writes mostly songs about fairies, and more!  TUNE IN, TUNE OUT, JUMP! (THEY SAY)

The recent release by Thirteen Hurts on NO PART OF IT was aired on the excellent and carefully curated  WORDS ON SOUNDS podcast, alongside a diverse array of creative sounds by Paperbark, Sex Funeral, Arve Henriksen & Teun Verbrugen, and Hillboggle (Headboggle and his father!), among many others!  Thanks Scott!  A

A piece from the new BLOOD RHYTHMS release, Heuristics, was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show (WFMU), it is the final track on the album, and it's an honor to have it finish out the show, as it is 20 minutes long or so.  We think it's worth it.  Wm. also played material by a frequent collaborator, Michael Krause (Death Factory), in his lesser known Morlokk project, as well as Guru Guru, Renegade Soundwave, the collaborative project of Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnes) with Alan Vega (Suicide), Butthole Surfers, and plenty of black metal and dark ambient vibes as usual.  Thanks as always to Mr. Berger!  

Sequencer Works Vol 2 has been reviewed by Heathen Harvest.  Here is an excerpt:

....there is certainly enough diversity of material to make the experience interesting. For the artist in process, this release is an excellent form of process documentation and audio experimentation. Releases like this one, while not always the most repeatable, are certainly some of the more interesting ones to discover. Any artist or band can make music you enjoy, but oftentimes the experience of going through the stages of development and experimentation can be much more rewarding. The time spent listening in is at least time well spent.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NO PART OF IT stickers, WFMU Airplay, show recap, Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher, Hello Walls reviewed, HH News Item

NO PART OF IT now has stickers.  All orders will come with one.  You can also send a post card or something of the sort to the mail box if you want one.

The show at Mousetrap on June 19th was a success.  Bride and Spiteful Womb came to town and brought the goods.  Talented artist Vesna Jovanovich was also in attendance, and she kindly took some photos of the show.

In other news.....

Crop from Arvo's collage fold-out

"Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fi: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher" is well in progress.  Arvo Zylo took well over a dozen LPs that he owns of these prepared piano sibling wizards and went batshit.  Sounds range from daffy percussion psychosis to smoothed out industrual/ambiante.  We are told the tapes are dubbed, so it's just a matter of fine-tuning a bit and printing the art.  It will be a double cassette with fold out art and printed labels, thanks to the fine folks at PERSONAL ARCHIVES.  Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

BLOOD RHYTHMS was aired on Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show at WFMU, alongside Doom, Rosemary Krust, Sodom, Cherubs, Occult 45, Clandestine Blaze, Macronympha, Steve Moore, and more!  It should be noted that "Mention This", a track featuring vocals by Atalee Judy, is only available as a bonus item with digital purchases, not streaming on bandcamp.  It is track 2 on the CD, but as yet, this radio archive is the only way to stream the track at this time.  


Arvo Zylo - Hello Walls was glowlingly reviewed by TRAUMATIC STATIC, head on over and see what else they're up to.



"Hello Walls" was originally released on cassette by Enemata Productions
in 2008. Later re-issued on No Part Of It Records in 2010 on cassette in
a black latex bag filled with funerary soil. Finally we have a cd version
also re-re-issued via No Part Of It. This is an album I missed out on the
first two times around and one that I am extremely happy to own a physical
copy of now. ARVO ZYLO is a project that you never know what to expect from.
Past albums have presented everything from Harsh Noise, Extremely experimental
Industrial and Glitch, Sequencer experimentation and music closer to Electronica
and a dozen other sounds and styles that would take up far too much space to list
here. With "Hello Walls" my first thought was "Is this a Harsh Noise Wall style
release from ARVO ZYLO?!?!" Three long tracks with dark and dingy minimalist art
also added to that initial impression. Well it was wrong. What we actually have
here is a Minimal Harsh Noise masterpiece. "Body Of Defective Memories" opens
the album and drags us into a nearly thirty five minute sprawl of cavernous,
Sub-terrain exploration. A very slow build up leads us deeper down and further
in. Short bass movements cloaked in small traces of distortion are looped along
with a silent hum. Foggy atmospheres are invoked by a resonating cloud of long
stretched moaning sound. Crunching sounds like fragmented voices appear and vanish
until they become a frequent addition. Upon length we hear that they are wet and
sloshing sounds like that of foamy water licking the shoreline in repetition. 
Additional Ambient tones begin to rise after some time. Tranquil reversed drones
that create a faint, But beautiful melody. Meditative and thought provoking. Over-
time these transform into ghostly choir like voices and high pitched distant ringing.
The vibrations made feel as if they bounce off of the walls of your skull endlessly.
Harsh bursts like steam billowing from some hidden schism in the center of the earth
come in phased loops crossing from one speaker to the next in cyclic motions. Secondary
textures begin to accompany this from somewhere far in the distance. The effect this has
on the listener is entrancing. More and more harsh sounds are added to this to form an
expansive and immersive listening experience. Eventually this winds down into a more
minimal and stripped down segment. Crunching rhythms are looped along a backdrop of
synth organs and choir-like tones. Curiouser and Curiouser, Further down the rabbit
hole we go. Again the rhythmic sections become more dominant and things begin to
warp once more. Deep melodic tones are heard in tiny intervals. Harmonic keys play
a spooky intermission like something you'd hear on a classic Scooby Doo cartoon.
The theme of something mysterious lurking in the shadows. Highly experimental and
very weird sounds become the main focus as the melody continues. Playful, Pitch-
shifted voices are heard coming from every direction like a gathering of mischievous
Ghouls, Goblins, Imps and entities. This slows down into a spiraling downward slope
until all is hissing and exhaling static and muffled inhuman vocal patterns.  

(FEATURING GUEST VOCALS BY: INFECTIOUS REX/MORGAN MCDONALD/NIKOLA VASILIC) The following title track is much shorter at under nine minutes. A gathering
frenzy of sound is heard. Crowded rooms full of obscured and voices and deep
windswept textures. It sounds like there is a 1950's era party on the other side 
of several walls. This is slowly drowned out and engulfed by the massive gathering
of a powerful storm brewing. High end Harsh Noise style feedback and signals begin
to make their presence known. High pitched frequencies of spacey sound. A large
vacuum expands and lets loose a cosmic storm. Ultra dense tones blend with distant
high pitched pulses creating what sounds like an interplanetary war. The audio 
equivalent to something out of a 50's dime store Sci-Fi tabloid. Harsh Noise elements
come in a mangled array of scraping, Destructive force. Stretched out ambient drifts
are laid over top gently in haunting patterns. Sub-bass grows like to an earth shattering
quake. Loud, Rumbling and devouring. The guest vocals noted at in the album insert must
be very buried in the mix. I can hear traces of what sounds like voices but they are
too far gone to comprehend. Things become much quieter suddenly and softly sung female
vocals are heard barely above a whisper which concludes the piece.

The final track "Phantom Decorum" is slightly over thirty minutes long, Making this
quite a demanding listen. It begins close to where "Hello Walls" left off. Windswept
atmospheres wrap around and whip about as a gentle piano melody plays a slight-fully
mournful and contemplative tune. Blowing gusts and random field recordings of what
sounds like activity at a market or busy street are heard. The fumbling of objects
and children's laughter, Distant whistling, Car horns, Etc. Free-form organ playing
is heard at times. Resonating tones rise and fall and rise again to loud drones.
Random voices call out random words. Sound collage meets free-form experimentation.
Very different from anything else I've heard from ARVO ZYLO while also featuring
signature tones and things that bridge the gap between this and other releases making
it feel like part of a whole. Wet phasers contain strange otherworldly noises. Brakes
squeal. Children scream. And the main drone begins to invoke uncomfortable feelings.
Impending doom, Dread, Anxiety, The fear of something awful on it's way. Hammering
sounds make me imagine the citizens of a once quiet and peaceful town boarding their
homes shut in anticipation of a coming nightmare. The drone grows louder and brings
with it a more threatening and urgent feeling. The streets sound mostly deserted other
than clueless hooligans and trouble makers. A sense of panic is conjured by what has
become a very bleak soundscape. Bass tones flood distant streets as the previously 
mentioned wet tones re-appear. More alien and violent this time...Whipping with deadly
strikes. What sounds like a steam engine screeching on distant tracks is heard as oscillating
bass tones mimic speeding vehicle engines. Weird synth/keyboard sounds and Industrial rhythms
begin. Power tools grind metal on metal. Things begin to take on a "Factory sound." Perhaps
preparation are being made for a coming terror? Clanging, Metallic piano keys play a playful
melody that sounds almost devious. Things are quieter now but things still don't feel "Safe."
Drones are still present sounding like some infinite infernal machine motor whirring for an
unknown, Sinister purpose. Things warp into another dimension. Alien voices take over the
remainder of the track. The End? Not quite. There is a hidden surprise at the end but I 
won't spoil it for you.


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