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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Arvo did a guest mix for Houdini Mansions.  Here is what was said:

[NO PART OF IT] label boss, Arvo Zylo, has put together this striking guest mix that ranges from grooving night beats to ragged walls of harsh noise. Prepare yourself for an evening of sinful delights at the dance club before being fed into the hell machine in the witching hours by a supernatural madman.

Arvo's collaboration with Dental Work was aired on WZRD, alongside John Duncan, Hawkwind, Locrian, Das Synthestische Mischgewebe, Brian Eno, The Gun, Shit n' Shine, and more. 

Arvo was interviewed by Adel Souto for his Ever-Increasing Interview project.  Adel has been active as 156, part of the recent A BIRTHPLACE IS NOT A GRAVE SITE set on NO PART OF IT, and has been writing for decades...  in zines and online.  He's also got a decent portfolio of photography, most recently a book of Battle Jacket photos.  

NO PART OF IT has the last copies of Sequencer Works Volume Three, originally released by Personal Archives and KaRyeEye.  Any purchase inquires can be sent to nopartofit@gmail.com

 Blood Rhythms on March 29 featured Blake DeGraw, Jeff Johnson, and Ilan Aelion doing video.  He happened to choose several silent film versions of Alice In Wonderland to use as source material.   The audio and video was recorded, here is a version courtesy of Ilan:

There were six speakers in the Chapel and a couple people were pretending to swim in it. 

As mentioned before, NO PART OF IT has launched an "interview series" of sorts, which will go for three years.  Every month on the 13th, a new one will arrive here.   This month, "avant-pop outsider" extraordinaire Little Fyodor gets his time on the mount.

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