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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sequencer Works VOLUME TWO

Copies of the SEQUENCER WORKS VOLUME TWO are here!  This also marks the end of the "off-the-grid" era of NO PART OF IT label.  I will still give discounts to people who want to send money orders to my mail box, but I will no longer neglect the possibilities that the WORLD WIDE WEB provide.  This is the sequel to VOLUME ONE on the excellent OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS label.

Sequencer Works Volume Two  is co-released with 3 other labels, and seems to be the last release on the venerable C.I.P. label, which has now closed its door and shape-shifted into the extremely intimate and specialized BALLAST label.  Also taking up the torch are RAINBOW BRIDGE, and FOREVER ESCAPING BOREDOM.  The copies arrived today.   This is technically a PRE ORDER, although I have the copies on hand and will ship immediately.  The download will not be released until October 15, because I want to make sure the other labels have copies at that time.  I will leave them to writing a descriptive scrawl on the nature of this material, I am no good at being poetic or even vaguely hyperbolic about my own work.  I will just say, as I have said before, I had no idea about experimental music at this time, basically, and I thought what I was doing was totally ground-breaking.  I usually tried to start making a song, but it often delineated into me messing with sounds, layering as much as I can, and just letting the machine do its work. The goal was to finish a piece not knowing how I made the sounds that happened.  In that context, this is the most musical of the output, the least expansive and freeform.  VOLUME THREE is already bubbling, and that will be my most insane material.  I feel like every track on this one is very unique and still stands out compared to other instrumental/experimental music, certainly very few people write entire albums on a single sequencer alone, much less spend a decade or more messing with its character traits.

The tape includes liner notes, a full color, two sided 4-panel j-card, a two color imprint on black cassettes.  60 minutes.

Here is a tidbit of history for how the first track came to be-

Originally, this piece started out as a backdrop to my first performance in 2003, where I played a noise arrangement entirely from applause sounds on the sequencer, at an extremely loud volume. The police arrived shortly after. Later on, I was given the offer to open for the now defunct band Coughs, in Detroit, and I made this piece beginning from those applause sounds and expanding for the show, among other things.

Also, I was interviewed again on the UNDRESSING UNDERGROUND podcast, it was released today.  I talk about this release, the Transitory Reflection project I'm working on, and the recent debacle with Tonetta.   You can download directly HERE.  I come in at about an hour in.  An artist called SassyBlack who refers to her work as "psychedelic sci fi funk" is also interviewed, as well as poetry recitals of craigslist missed connections.

Here is the short description.

Material recorded between 2000-2003 entirely with a Yamaha Rm1x sequencer in a closet or crawlspace. Among Arvo Zylo's most musical work to date, much of the material took up the entire memory of the sequencer, because of the amount of automation. Culled from dozens of hours of archives, either released in extremely limited quantities in 2004 or before, or previously unreleased. A Sequel to Sequencer Works Volume One on Out-of-Body Records.  Mastered by Zach Adams

CASSETTE VERSION : Co-Released by NO PART OF IT, C.I.P., Rainbow Bridge, and Forever Escaping Boredom, this is a professionally duplicated c60 cassette with two-sided, full color 4-panel j-cards in a norelco case, with liner notes. . Cobalt tapes, 2 color Silver and Violet imprints on black tapes. Limited to 100 copies.

Includes digital pre-order of Sequencer Works Volume Two. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released. 

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