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Monday, August 17, 2015

Transitory Reflection (CANCELLED)

****   This event has been cancelled.  ****

On November 1st, in collaboration with Tritriangle, I'll be conducting a sort of serialist musique concrete sound installation, and I'm having an open call for participants.  I'm looking for Chicago residents to record a segment of their ride on an "L" train.  Bonus if you can also record video, and it doesn't need to be of other people, it could be out of the window, your reflection, etc.   Participants, or "Passengers" would ideally be able to play music tracks on a device with headphones/earbuds and also their recording of the train on command.   Segments of the piece will be amplified, while others will capitalize on the acoustic value of earbuds going at once in the space.  There will be two performances of this, 20 "passengers" each performance.  Interested participants can email me at nopartofit AT gmail dot com.   This will be part of Chicago Artists Month, and will be promoted considerably.  Participants will be credited in a program distributed at the venue, Tritriangle.

Also, I did an interview with the podcast "Undressing Underground", co-hosted by Rob M, a friend I made  who also interviewed me at Indiana Noise Fest.  It will be aired tomorrow night after a bit with Shotgun Seamstress.

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