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Monday, August 3, 2015

Radio remnants and a review

Illusion of Safety "Surrender"

We spent a collective 8.5 hours at WZRD on 7/13/2015-  Sarah Moskowitz, Mike Krause, Lidia Vomito, Bryan Chump Change, and myself.  Here is a document of that madness.  Metal, synth-pop, punk, outsider music, experimental, ambient, shoegaze, soundtracks, industrial, noise, synth soundscapes, gamelan, latin pop, prog, rockabilly, novelty, doo-wop...   some fine freeform programming, if I may say so myself.

My scheduled appearance on WNUR with Dan Burke was not to be, but I did find a Memory Waves Transmission review of Illusion of Safety's "Surrender", which was released on no part of it, and may be the last release with the now defunct Illusion of Safety moniker.

Here's  a short blip:
Surrender is a great return to the genre for Illusion of Safety, a release that finds Burke switching expertly between forms of noise for a variety of great tracks. The first side is generally quieter, while Side B opens up for catchy beats, sampling, and a more pronounced sound. Both are good listens, and fans of Illusion of Safety’s work will find Burke has crafted another exceptional record.

Some airplay from my friend Little Fyodor on his Under The Floorboards radio show on KGNU--
From June.  WILT (from Nocturnal Requiem on NO PART OF IT), Architeuthis Dux, Merzbow, Jeff Chenault, and others were included.

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