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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sequencer Works Volume 1 available for pre-order on Out-of-Body Records

Sex & Violence & Transfiguration

If you see Terminator 2 or the solo noise artist FILTH, who also operates the OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS imprint out of Denton TX, you can pre order a copy of the first volume in a series of "Sequencer Works", which is due to come out in March.  Terminator 2 was on tour this month: incredible stoner/doom metal with heavy electronics and earnest Sabbath riff wizardry coming solely from a distorted/heavily effected bass.  Maybe they still are on tour, and I got to see a prototype of what this tape will look like.  It comes with 2 transparencies of a bluish tint that were taken from actual x rays for children with adult teeth growing in.   It also comes with liner notes.  O-O-B is a stellar label and I'm happy that out of all of the billions of audio wankers out there that there are people who wish to spotlight my material.

I have said before that I started out trying to make music, and then started extrapolating on the mistakes/malfunctions instead of getting better at music, with a Yamaha RM1x sequencer.  I've also said that I can do a Muslimgauze with the amount of unreleased material I have created with my sequencer.  I probably won't though, I will  probably do three volumes of the stuff that has been bothering me that it is not out.  Such is the case with Vol. 1, it is material that didn't have a home or didn't exist as a limb of any kind of creative / corporeal audio body, but it bothered me that it didn't see the light of day.  This label is perfect for it.   This release is all out-takes from the release "333" which took me 6 years to be happy with.  Specifically, it is material that stood well on its own to me, and simply didn't fit the abstract concept I was going for with "333".  Taken as a whole, it is a snapshot of my little journey in unraveling musical structures and enjoying the debris more than the model.  I hope it sells out in 3.33 minutes.  Thanks again to Rob for doing it!

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