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Monday, July 21, 2014

Voice of Reason

Here is the ARCHIVE of my appearance on the Voice of Reason radio show on WNUR, minus the "patchworks" segment, which I think I only contributed a track by Outer Space towards, can be found separately here
The online database at WNUR crashed, so below is the only surviving tracklist, which happened  during the latter  third of the show.   I remember us playing tracks by Robert Turman, Adel Souto, Matthew Herbert Big Band, Bjork, Poptastic, Gary Wilson, Glenn Branca, Stiu Ni Stiu, The Ronettes, The Spooks, and others, while people scurried around us to fix many broken things... 

Thanks again to Sound of Error!  For having me!  Again!  Pervious episodes/appearances can be found at www.deliriousinsomniac.com if you look hard. 

Wish Fullfillment - Handwriting Sample Kitchen Ensemble
Vertonen - HACE / 26,250 Side A excerpt
Dave Phillips - excerpt from track 3 of "?" CD
Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
T. Rex - Baby Strange
Adicts - My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller
Damned - Neat Neat Neat
Queers - We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
DOA - Communication Breakdown
Wendy O Williams - It's My Life
Jesse Pearson - One Last Kiss
Marc Bolan - All At Once Take 7
The Nashville Bluegrass Band - Could This Be Magic?
L7 - Three Days
Generation X - Wild Dub
999 - Subterfuge
Nick Drake - Horn / Miles Davis & Easy Mo Bee - High Speed Chase
Labi Siffre - I Got The...
Wendy Rene - Reap What You Sow
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Awake Eternal (talk over)
mu fa or - Peeking Hordes
Plastic Ono Band - WHY
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moonlight in Vermont
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun *with* excerpts from two US Maple albums: Talker and Acre Thrills, plus a touch of Smegma - "Between Two Worlds"
Steve Hitlage - :Lunar Music Suite
I forgot to write down the rest....    

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