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Far more important than baking bread is the urge to take dough -beating to the extreme - Otto Muehl

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Velcro Bismol" exhibition up until the 12th, highlights and details from the opening.

I took photos after the art was set up, but I forgot to photograph anything other than the storm during the exhibition opening.  Thanks to many of my friends for showing up!  It stormed before my performance, and there was a rainbow after my performance, which was one of the heavier versions of my "The Body Is A Prison" piece.  The collage pieces are available to be seen at the Rubicon gallery by appointment only through the 12th.  Their contact is therubiconchi@gmail.com, and they can send image files with a price list and eventual shipping possibilities/rates by request.  High quality prints can also be arranged.  Rik Garrett and Anthony A Dunn also exhibited, with a rhythmic dark ambient performance by the latter (under the name "Terran Wretch", and a performance with 4 or 5 turntables by a fella named KG Price.  

My press bits, with an erroneous data syntax error of some kind, juxtaposing my name as "parvo". 

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