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Friday, March 2, 2012

"Saint Street" reviewed at Vital Weekly

I want to be clear that not all of this material was written prior to knowing about noise, but I think it's a good review anyway.


I have had long discussions with Arvo about Australian Sheep rolling over cattle grids. That is the 'new' way of wearing scarves which seems to have taken the UK (and probably the world) by storm - folded in half and then ends put through the loop - and they mentioned 'morphic resonance' to explain the fact that the behavior had spread so rapidly – here perhaps in relation to noise? Or the Jackson Pollock Formica tables of the 1950s. Just in case anyone thinks this is a performative review, the calculus was either invented or discovered allegedly simultaneously by Leibniz and Newton. Zylo claims no prior knowledge of noise before creating these works, “but from a reckless abandon that resulted from an absolute failure at making electronic music”, which is one of the most precise definitions of noise I’ve read recently. Though the signification of the calculus was
fairly definitive, noise is not, so arriving at it, like the blank canvas can be via a dead logic, or sublime mysticism. Good noise – which escapes “goodness” can be so regarded, as a mystical sublimity or a dead logic, as both philosophic and non-philosophics, as a chain of difference, and repetition of not the same in the same as a signifier without a signified. Some might find these works (Saint Street) as sublime metaphysics or music physics, as a logic of abandonment of music into a Kierkegaardean sickness unto death or a Nietzschean overcoming (of music), or failure of communication, or a nihil, similar to but not IMO noise, in these protoforms which collide and collapse. The ten tracks are of shear non-musical invention, no matter their origin they claim and demand to be listened to, as a destruction of music, more an imaginative and authentic act of existenz than the cooler essence less existence of existential noise. Remarkable works. (jliat)

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