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Friday, February 24, 2012

Review of 333 on Touching Extremes


In an handwritten note, Arvo Zylo (note the relation between his first name and the website’s) advises me that it took six years to complete 333. The many hours that he put in are discernible throughout the three tracks of the CD, radical sharpness subjacent to music mostly born from of jolts and compulsions, classifiable without reluctance in the orbit of semi-dignified noise. The project’s unfolding leads the listener across stages of “refuse-any-melody”, industrial-scented cadenced autism, characterized by the same pros and cons of other releases in this battleground. This means that the physiological reaction connected to the initial impact is somewhat dampened by the absence of a functional evolution, the various constituents succeeding in separated scenes rather than agreeing to a proper arrangement. Things improve over subsequent temporal transitions, a distinct opening towards more “orchestral” sonorities making the difference; we even start hearing (perhaps illusively) echoes of samples in the overall crushing. I won’t name names to forcibly compare Zylo to the usual suspects, because he does not deserve it: like it or not – and I do acknowledge several of its intriguing aspects – this records shows a strong backbone and a good degree of individuality, regardless of the cosmetic qualities.

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