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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mister Fuckhead and Company Reviewed at Heathen Harvest

Heathen Harvest

Well, Mister Fuckhead And Friends plays very strange music that is repetitive and loop-based. Often times the music has harsh noise elements to it, and in general the vibe of this makes me think of Crash Worship and that sort of carnival atmosphere. There are live drums and rhythms that at times recall the New York no-wave era and some of the groups that followed in that direction such as Swans. This has a distinct Skin Graft records sort of flavor to it, and the adventurous jams often go on into cacaphonous dalliances far past their original rocking intentions. The music seems mostly improvised, as strange sounds will make their way into the mix on the first track that don't seem fully intended. As we get a little bot further into the casssette, things get a bit more interesting with some complete abandoning voyages into glaciers of harsh noise shredding the speakers with total disregard for rhythm or melody. Still sounds like it would have been better to have been there in person, but this recording will suffice.

At over ninety minutes of music, this collection of unnamed and improvisational live sets is very daunting. Mostly the music has a very nineties feel to it, this sounds like it could have been recorded at the same time as some of the classic recordings by the Haters or the New Blockaders. Each set has moments of interest, but for the most part this tape is one long noise set. There are some fairly spectacular and strange line-ups, including what sounds like a makeshift jazz ensemble. My favorites are the electronic and tape-based setups, which is what side one mostly consists of. If you are a fan of no-wave and need something new in your life, you could do worse than this ninety-minute long cassette of noise performances by Mister Fuckhead and Friends.

This has a pretty wide variety of material on it for you to choose from. Also, if you unravel all of the tape from the inside you can spool it around clothing and make very interesting tassels for your outerwear. Hanging many strands of magnetic tape in a consecutive row off of your hat is a great way to show your individuality and style.

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