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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"333" Available Now!

MP3 Samples:

In 1999, a half-semester at an art school that corresponded with a theoretical synth punk band went terribly awry. This caused an experience that effectively spurred a deep foray into experimental music and industrial noise out of simple practicality, almost entirely naive or unaware of any previous precedents with this mode of expression. In existence since the year 2000, the one-man project started with little else than a sequencer for the first 7 years, and it's still an integral part of the composition process.

Solo work up to that point had been inching around minimal electronic and sample-based material ranging from madly structured pseudo-classical, swing jazz, or exotica to industrial, noise, drone, and technical malfunction based compositions. The premise was later broadened to a great deal of studio editing/composition, and can be summarized by excessive amounts of layering from various sound sources and instruments. Recent lone performances have incorporated rhythmic noise accompanied by a contact mic'ed metal mask, with Arvo effectively taking a belt sander to his face, and he has been referred to by many as "intense weirdo power electronics" with regard to his live sets.

While he has toured solo, and exacted countless performances by himself, locally Arvo has often taken to an affinity in setting up large groups for captivating, mood changing performances. There are often around 6-15 people working in layers of comparative sameness, particularly with The "Mister Fuckhead Ensemble", which was rooted around the concept of brass instruments or junk metal in copious amounts. The "Mister Fuckhead" moniker has been retired, and in its place is a more primal thesis statement, "BLOOD RHYTHMS" as the new umbrella. The debut of "BLOOD RHYTHMS" in December of 2010 exhibited a haunting, visceral performance featuring the entire band of 6 Chicago veterans, ONO, with many layers of junk metal cacaphony, 2 power tools, 3 guitars, 4 vocalists, and many electronics.

Past live contributors or collaborators have included Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse, Satan 2000), , Mike Krause (Death Factory), travis (ONO), Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), Michael Kendrick (Rope, Lovely Little Girls), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Right-Eye Rita, Rik Garrett, Adam Jennings (Winters in Osaka), Christopher ILTH (Daily Void, ex-Loto Ball Show), Alex Morales (Running, piss piss piss moan moan moan), and Andy Ortmann (Panicsville).

After much time carefully and obsessively dwelling on releases, having officially issued only 3 for the entire decade, Arvo has become more efficient, decisive, and exacting privately, coming out of his shell and expanding with both live and studio collaborations on the horizon alongside creatives such as Fatale, Desoeuvre Bruit, Skin Graft, Dog Lady, and Cock E.S.P. It will still be surprising if he takes less than a year to release anything, given his ponderous nature, but a diverse palette of work has been set in motion. He is also known by some as a radio DJ whose program is syndicated in Croatia, a freeform live DJ, a writer, an artist, a curator of a events, an occasional label head, and in general a catalyst for exciting ideas.

The cassette is limited to an edition of 99, across 3 different colored cassettes (solid orange, solid purple, black), with 3 different label designs, a 3 panel, two sided, full color insert, and a color transparency.
There is also a professionally duplicated, shrinkwrapped CDr in a jewel case with full color art work, in an unlimited edition available.
Shipping Included

(sample of one of the 6 label designs)

People that can get past their potential assumptions about the name won't likely be disappointed. The transparencies cost a lot but it has to be that way. Here is a scan of the transparencies that will go over the inserts (please pardon my dirty scanner bed, I was scanning piles of nails the other day):

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