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Sunday, June 28, 2020

June 2020 Update

Bandcamp subscribers to NO PART OF IT label get another reissue of sorts from Thirteen Hurts this month.

 THIRTEEN HURTS is the chosen project name of one rather elusive character who calls himself One-Eyed Zatoichi. Active for many years, and having released the well-received "UVB-76" on NO PART OF IT label before, we were given permission to release the two prior full-lengths under the THIRTEEN HURTS moniker. Enthralling, almost soundtracky, heavy electronics with no noise swashes or synthesizers to speak of, subscribers will no doubt enjoy the very unique and compelling work here, which was released in digipak CD format with almost no promotion.

1208 Fuller Ave reviewed the new cassette reissue of Blood Rhythms' Heuristics!  Thank you!

Blood Rhythms "Assembly" LP exists in a new "Found Under A Rock" edition.  These are the remaining official copies of the original pressing (not the mispress).  Sealed within a black vinyl bag is the 180gram black vinyl LP in a plain black handstamped jacket, a hand-stamped, manually type-written insert, and a black marble tile.  "Assembly" is comprised of source material from brass and wind recorded in a meat locker with Bruce Lamont, Dave Purdie, Brian Klein, and others, assembled/manipulated by Arvo Zylo.  Some copies came with an anti-record littered with meal worms, but those are long gone.  

The new issue of Noise Receptor features a review of Blood Rhythms' Civil War LP, (as well as a quarter page ad for the record, incidentally).  The issue also has features on Nordvargr, Total Black, Post Scriptvm, and more.  

Arvo unearthed a mix from over a year ago entitled "PATA NOIR".  The mix features Foetus covering Tuxedomoon, Lumerians performing separately together in isolation tanks, Jeff Greinke doing an homage to NEU!, and other golden works by Los Iniciados, Scott Walker, Dean Hurley (Twin Peaks Season Three sound design), Aphex Twin, Hermann Kopp, and more.  

Furthermore, Arvo did a spotify playlist for I Hate Music Podcast, regarding their ongoing "Quarantunes" series.  It is documents a fit of free-association loosely themed around current events, featuring GG Allin, The Beach Boys, Yaz, Tumor Circus, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Tiny Tim, Wild Man Fisher, Daniel Johnston, Robert Johnson, Kraftwerk, Michael Idehall, Calico Wall, Neurosis, Feederz, Xiu Xiu (covering Bauhaus!), Monte Cazazza, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Strawberry Switchblade, Ramleh, some other favorite soul gems, and more... clocking in at just under 4 hours.  Enjoy!

Arvo is just rounding out a 10 day auction on ebay for a limited edition COIL release packaged in a wooden mountable frame, with an art print on metal by Steven Stapleton (Nurse with Wound).  "Swanyard" comes with 2 cassettes and 2 CDs (same material per format), as well as a black sun pendant.  Happy bidding on Ebay!

For more items Arvo is selling (currently Prince, Drew McDowall, Mort Garson, and more), feel free to check in on his discogs seller page

If you haven't already, check out this month's edition of the no part of it interview series with comedic surrealist prankster Trenton Willey. 

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