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Friday, December 13, 2019

Blood and Snow

Arvo was interviewed by Noise Beneath The Snow.  Therein, the deeper details of the CIVIL WAR LP were discussed at length, including the motivations for the booklets, the contributions, live sets, and various occurrences from 2010 to present that led up to its gestation.  

The Blood Rhythms - CIVIL WAR LP was reviewed by Lexi Glass at KFJC (also aired a number of times):

Civil War is the latest assault from Blood Rhythms, the noise collective fronted by Chicago-based electronic artist Arvo Zylo, here with Dave Phillips (of Schimpfluch-Gruppe), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and many other collaborators. It’s a devastating – yet even beautiful – record, that might surprise non-noiseniks with its range of sounds and moods, and nearly song-like compositions. “Closure” (T1) opens with strange clarinet melodies, piercing tones, and a massive chorus of voices that finally resolves into a lone anguished scream. If the high-pitched violence of the latest Frataxin release left you begging for more, “Sick Skin” (T2) provides satisfaction, as strangled growls flail helplessly in feedback filth. With its first deep, ominous pulse, “Locked Away” (T3) descends into a forgotten underground lair, and we are overtaken by the howls of those trapped there. Side B holds the centerpiece – the colossal, confrontational “The Face” (T5) – where driving electronic rhythms collide with a cacophony of hellish horns. Yes, it’s a face-melter. The two-part finale (T6 and T7) buries heavy beats, organ bellows, metal scrap, and dying screams in a mass of noise; with one final thud, the suffocation succeeds.

 Teachers AIDS aired "The Face" along with Bacillus, Peste Noire, and Ak'Chamel.  With Grawer, "Paris Window" was aired alongside Paul Metzger, Nadja, and Boris.  By Lexi Glass, "Locked Away" was aired with the graces of Einheit / Brotzmann, L. Voag, and Thomas Dimuzio.  Whilst Whinger played "The Face"  in the company of Coil, Aube, and Winters In Osaka.   Meanwhile, Louis Caliente aired "Alchemy & Grief" among the ranks of KK NULL, Metalux, and Carlos Giffoni.   Thanks folks! 

An archive of WZRD from July 2017 was unearthed, featuring a track from Arvo's final Upheaval full length, as well as a track from Machine Listener on NO PART OF IT label.  Also in the set were Sparks with Giorgio Moroder, Death Factory, Harry Nilsson, The Ex, Lenny Bruce, Volcano The Bear, Ligeti, and Lydia Lunch! Listen Here.  

This month's edition of the no part of it interview series features Michael Idehall!  Tune in!

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