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Sunday, October 13, 2019


Jerry Kranitz went over a few of his favorite physical releases in a new article at Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage webzine/community site.   Kranitz has been involved in the noise/experimental scene since the 80s and has a book on cassette-culture coming out at Vinyl-On-Demand (with two 7 inches) coming soon.  He had this to say:  

I’ll say at the outset that this is the granddaddy of all physical music packages I have seen in years. The LP is pressed on red vinyl, comes housed in a sturdy gatefold jacket, and includes an absolutely STUNNING 44 page glossy art booklet. View the video for a detailed look.

The entire set is a delightful audio art, soundscape, collage, noise excursion. The music excels at simultaneous aggression and tranquil thematic development. I love how the music dramatically twists and turns on emotional and mood shattering dimes. It can be harsh, but there is a LOT going on… much sonic ear candy for the brain to ingest and absorb. I have listened to this LP several times, flipping slowly and intentionally through the art book, transfixed by the images. The imagery absolutely impacts the experience of the sounds on the LP!  more here

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out the newest installment of the NO PART OF IT interview series featuring VAL DENHAM!  

The CIVIL WAR LP was reviewed by NOISE RECEPTOR.  Here is an excerpt:

Far from being a power electronics ‘genre’ piece, this is a wildly varied and creative release, where Civil War manages to continually surprise despite its relatively short overall run time. If it is not already apparent, Civil War is a perfect album for those craving sonic diversity well beyond the expected norms of a more typical ‘power electronics’ offering.

Arvo has contributed a cover song to a tribute album for "Star Trekkin' Rock N' Roll Cowboy" Ralph Gean.  Due out in Winter of 2019, Keep an eye out for it here. 

Arvo has created a Halloween playlist on Spotify.  It is a mixture of his favorite "monster music" as well as material that dips into the realm of "Generic Halloween CD at the Dollar Store" territory, with no regrets.  

The new BLOOD RHYTHMS LP was aired on Austin Cooley's radio show, Genetic Memory, on KTRU.  Also aired were Roky Erickson, The Stooges, Nurse With Wound, Konstruktivists, Merzbow, Rudolf Eb.er, Puce Mary, Pharmakon, Kleistwahr, Love, and Daniel Johnston, among others! 

Additionally, a track was aired on WFMU via Fabio's Strength Through Failure radio program, alongside James Last, CAN, Taj Mahal Travellers, Exmagma (from the excellent German Psych compilation Kraut! Demons!  Kraut!) and more.  Listen here.  

 The new BLOOD RHYTHMS LP was also aired by Michael Krause (also featuring in the only BR track with profanities for some extra nepotism value!) on WZRD.  Below are links to the archives, and the playlist.  Krause has also uploaded very rare tapes on his archive.    In addition to that, the first track on the LP was aired by another WIZRD on WZRD Sept. 9, alongside SIXES, Can, Author & Punisher, Rune Lindblad, Points of Friction, Nevari Butchers, PBK (excerpt from the split with Arvo Zylo), Midmight, and more!  Thanks WIZARDS!


1). Mark Stewart and the Maffia- name and the wrong number
2). W.S.Burroughs - THE 5 steps
3). Aphrodite's Child - 7 trumpets /Altmont
4). Slayer- The Final command
5). Music excerpts From “ Last House On the Left “ ...
6). The Avalanches - Electricity
7). Butthole surfers - 22 going on 23
8). Last House on the left music.....
9). Algebra Suicide -Somewhat Bleecker Street / Gist
10). Witchcraft music from Kenya/Tanzania
11). novelty track (unknown cd-r )

12). The Haters / La Sonorite Jaune - Intersteller Radio transmission
13). Otto JJ Grubauer - involuntary thoughts - (excerpt ) cassette (1984)
14). Metek/ N.R.Y.Y. - Intel Inside
...some crossfading /mixing between the above 2 selections ….
15). more from Last House ......................
16). Legendary Pink Dots - Defeated ,Deflated, Black Highway
17). Glassing - Jurogumo
18). Toxic Holocaust - War is Hell
19). Electric Wizard -Satyr IX
20). This Heat -Repeat (extended version ) mixed with a record about important news stories of the ‘60’s and a children’s record) . effects added too.
21). Aphrodite's child - Loud loud loud , the 4 horsemen

22). Vapors - Daylight Titans
23). Mashup - Iron Maiden Vs- Michael Jackson - Beat it Trooper
24). Novelty record - unknown - “ I like Cheese !!!!!!” (?)
25). Eraserhead soundtrack- “in Heaven”
26). Can - Butterfly
27). SA- from “Graveyard tramps eat the forbidden city Dog Food “
28). Su Ra - Along Came Ra/ The Living Myth/ Interplanetary Music No. 1
29). MuslimGauze- mujahideen
30). (A) The Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy / 30). (b) “ Lights Out” - The Laughing Man (1950’s radio horror )
31). Zahgurim - Presence
32). Bloodyminded- Essential Humanity
33). Blood Rhythms - Locked Away
34). DDAA- King Deebo is six tracks for a kit
35). Hellhammer -Crucifixion
36). Mace- Marching Saprophytes
37). Rats With Wings- untitled side long track from “ Aide Memoire

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