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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Arvo did a guest mix for I HEART NOISE site:  "Think an unholy combination of Danzig, Donovan, Charles Ives, Morton Feldman and Butthole Surfers." 

PUSSIFICATION and HETEROPTIKS were reviewed at VITAL WEEKLY.  Here is an excerpt: 

...Some of these cat sounds are imitated by bows on violins, or voices and all of that is set against
electronics, samples, a bit of rhythm. Mostly mild electronic ones, a bit of noise by the curator
himself and someone who goes by the name 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman'. Wasn't she a GP and
not a Vet? This track takes too much time anyway. And Suffering Profusion is a bit noisy.
Throughout, mostly pleasant and it helped against the pest in the wall I will know tomorrow.
    I don't tap into the world of radio, except for the alarm in the morning (and switch that of real
quick), simply because I have so much music to hear already. I, therefore, had little idea as who
was Wm Berger, to whose memory the compilation 'Heteroptics' is dedicated. Discogs says: "US
sound artist, radio host at WFMU, owner/operator of Prison Tatt Records and ex-member of Uncle
Wiggly." He passed away in 2017. Arvo Zylo created this "an authorized compilation as a "mixtape"
which "focuses mostly on artists who are either highly inactive, side projects which have maybe
fallen by the wayside, or somehow related to elements that NO PART OF IT would release if the
proverbial "we" had more time and resources". I assume this is all in the spirit of Wm Berger and
radio shows bringing music you wouldn't discover somewhere else. It is quite an eclectic mix here
of alternative weird rock music, sound collage, noise, guitar doodles, punky songs, folk and just a
bit of doodle. I recognized only two names Hecate and Costes; Hal McGee, a cassette veteran that
is not mentioned a lot in these pages, is behind Captain Mission, apparently a short-lived project,
which sees him in a rather melodic mood. Also included are Taki, State Research Bureau,
Angelblood, Sesso Violento, OMBRELLI SCIOLTI, Pigswill, Infectious Rex, Mossy Throats, Vacio
Perfecto, Mass Marriage, Regosphere, Sharlyn Evertsz and Essen Dreck. There is after all these
years still a wealth of new names to discover, for which the medium of compilation is probably well
suited (but perhaps bypassed by Bandcamp and Soundcloud), so who knows? Maybe we secretly
like compilations. We did in the 80s, long before the arrival of the Internet. (FdW) 

And speaking of...   if you didn't see it, feel free to check out the interview with FdW as part of the interview series HERE

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