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Friday, July 13, 2018

Falling Upwards

As of this post, NO PART OF IT label is exactly 10 years old.  With that, we have a bandcamp sale at 85% off with the code "ten".  It's a bit dusty over there, I have to admit, but please allow me to bring to your attention (if it hasn't been brought there yet), 333REDUX, the most recent digital release, which is a DVD with either a pro menu or a data disc option, including 5 videos and a surround sound piece, around 5 hours in total by 33 different artists.  And of course there are the prior label releases, which are still in print if they were released on pro CDR, and still available digitally if they were released on limited edition cassettes.  We stand by everything we've ever released.    It may have been sparse compared to other labels, but the value of a regret-free catalog supersedes the large gaps of (apparent) inactivity.  Enjoy, and thanks to those who have supported us over the years!

A track from Machine Listener's Sentient System was aired on a new podcast division of the review site Houdini Mansions.

Also from Houdini Mansions is a sort of series of rabbit-out-of-a-hat type ghost roulette collaborations.  Arvo Zylo contributed unreleased source material, which happened to be combined with the work of noise friend Malocussion, of Ratskin Records and Styrofoam Sanchez.  "featuring electronic embellishment by Sceptre Fretpen".

Arvo's final version of Upheaval on Pan Y Rosas label was reviewed in Wire.  

Arvo was a guest Dj on Hollow Earth Radio in March, for the Legal Counsel Radio Show.   It features tracks from Ministry's experimental record, Food and Shelter, XORDOX, a track from Hal McGee's early Electronic Cottage compilations, a self-hypnosis record from the 60s, and more.

Ataraxic Ataxia was aired on WZRD, alongside  Lionel Marchetti, Pedestrian Deposit, Francis Dhomont, Swans, Faust, Attrition, Alarm Will Sound, Tod Dockstader, Huey "Piano" Smith, and more.  

Arvo was a guest DJ (remotely, in spirit) for WLPN's Release the Hounds radio show, hosted by old friends L. Vomito and Bryan of Spare Change playing around the axis points of punk and metal.   Some select cuts included GG Allin, the Shitlickers, Rancid Hell Spawn, Nightmare, Wendy O. Williams,  Leather Nun, and Rudimentary Peni.  LISTEN HERE.

I may not have known until now that WILT's Nocturnal Requiem release was aired on a special moon-themed episode of Mid-Valley Mutations alongside Fennesz, Bruce Gilbert, Walter Carlos, The Residents, Butthole Surfers, Miles Davis, Tangerine Dream, and more. Tune in retroactively HERE

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