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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Not Necessarily Bad"

Dig this photo of Tim from SPLEENCOFFIN cruisin' to the sounds of ARVO PLAYS FERRANTE & TEICHER in a 1964 CORVAIR!!!  A little bird told me that PERSONAL ARCHIVES label is doing a BUY ONE GET ONE deal, and this would be a good time to get one of the last TWO COPIES of this 2XCS plus Arvo's SEQUENCER WORKS VOLUME THREE from this label!!  

Arvo Zylo's collaboration with Architeuthis Dux was aired on WZRD  along with Christian Marclay, Labi Siffre, Asmus Tiechens, Yannick Dauby, Dead Boys, Xavier Cugat, Suzi Quatro, Tuxedomoon, and more.  Listen HERE.

In two different episodes, Machine Listener's Sentient System release was also aired, alongside Volcano The Bear, Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall, Mark Stewart, Machinefabriek, et al.  LISTEN HERE AND HERE

BLOOD RHYTHMS' "Heuristics" was reviewed by HEATHEN HARVEST.  Thanks folks!  Here is an excerpt:

...Zylo exhibits much all-around talent on this release, as well as wide range. Even as the music changes from track to track, it remains mostly engaging with more than a few really fine moments. As it runs through the expected soundscapes and noise constructions, the album also reaches into the realms of vocal blues (as on “Mention This”) and haunted-house theatricality (“Never Fuck in the Woods”). Aside from, possibly, “In a Vacuum (Alternate Version),” which is mostly tape rumble with some vocals mixed down deep enough to be almost inaudible, everything on this CD ought to be enjoyable to any noise fan.
The deceptively unassuming quality of the entire album is encapsulated also in its cover art. A black-and-white figure, covered in thick-lettered writing, is presented in a few different poses on the front, back and inside of the CD. As images, the art is not especially striking, but the CD’s liner notes reveal that the art extends beyond the retinal. The pictures are “inspired by a dream about a child physically growing up in an instant, and the inherent side effects of such a transformation.” The concept behind the cover art is deep and imaginative, but not oversold, just the same as the sonic work on this disc and Zylo’s plentiful output, overall.

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