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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Try a little Tenderizer

A track from Machine Listener's "Sentient System" reissue on NO PART OF IT, as well as three tracks from 333REDUX (dave phillips, Sudden Infant, and Marlo Eggplant) were aired on Steve Cammack's Muh Mur Radio Show on Sound Art Radio in the UK.  This is a high quality radio show from a long time collector of noise and experimental cassettes since the early 80s.  Highly discerning and caring segments here!


Arvo Zylo's "Hello Walls" was aired (the final 20 minute track "Phantom Decorum") on WFMU via Wm Berger's My Castle of Quiet Radio Show, alongside Spiteful Womb, Moloch, OvO, and lots of other artists below the radar.


Arvo's "Sequencer Works Volume Two" was aired on KGNU via Little Fyodor's Under the Floorboards radio show, alongside Martha & The Muffins, Tentatively A Convenience, Rashad Becker, and many others.  LISTEN HERE


Blood Rhythms' track "Diligent" featuring travis ono, Daniel Burke, Michael Kendrick, and others, was aired on Otomo Hava's "Notes from Chaos" podcast in Greece.  Also aired were Schloss Tegal, Pain Jerk, and Silvum, + more!

dave phillips' "zylovester anfang" track from 333REDUX was aired on WZRD alongside material by Robert Turman, early Depeche Mode, Architects Office, Big City Orchestra & Illusion of Safety, The Residents, Leona Anderson, Neurosis, P16.D4, and more!  LISTEN HERE

Arvo was on WZRD for 6 hours.  He interviewed Cleveland touring band HIRAM-MAXIM, and aired a nice little menagerie of crazy shit from erotic aerobics and funky disco relics to the Gremlins soundtrack and various elements of psychedelic industrial noises such as Annie Gosfield, Tactile (featuring John Balance), Carl Stone, ADULT.'s experimental side, cEvin Key, Alessandro Cortini, The Necks, vintage Russian synth music from Yuri Morozov, newish Arthur Brown, and old Pigface featuring Michael Gira, among other things.....  LISTEN HERE

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