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Monday, October 3, 2016

New Releases, Mid-Valley Mutations.

Arvo Zylo's acclaimed "333" release re-envisioned, re-constructed, re-animated, and so forth. 33 artists, including Dave Phillips, Sudden Infant, Hans Grusel, Bran (...) Pos, Vertonen, Bull of Heaven, Bruce Lamont, Bride, Skulsyr (TOMB, Dreadlords), Protman, Insect Deli, and more. Features cover art* by Yasutoshi Yoshida (Government Alpha) *inverted with permission. 
DVD comes in a jewel case with professional full color art by Yasutoshi Yoshida. Menu design by Jason Ogawa and Arvo Zylo, featuring reworkings by 33 artists, as well as the original "333" album by Arvo Zylo. Contributions include videos and a surround sound piece. 
*At this time, it looks like there will be a version with less than 33 artists and a proper DVD menu, as well as an edition with all of the material that is a data DVD, due to an oversight in terms of how DVD menu design works.  

The following releases are available now.

A collection of live recordings initially intended as a bonus for a special edition version of Blood Rhythms' 2015 LP "Assembly" that never happened, these are reissued recordings from a scarce tape in 2009, remastered by Zach Adams. 
Live group performances around this time featured Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), Michael Krause (Death Factory), Michael Kendrick (Rope), Travis (ONO), and several other appearances from friends and respected stalwarts. There is a gradual evolution evident here, where the first show (April Fool's Day, 2007) started with as many blaring horns as could be mustered, and from there, group outings gradually morphed into a sort of krautrock / industrial / scrap metal / synth damage ensemble. 
All recordings here were captured direct from the soundboard (before post production/meddling), except for Ronny's, and Elastic Arts, which was mixed down from a room recording and a direct soundboard recording. 

Architeuthis Dux is a noise unit from Austin, TX, perhaps best known for their heavily engaging, blistering harsh noise performances. Active since 2012, the duo of Kenny Brieger and Tony Duran have created an impressive oeuvre of mostly limited CDR editions, some in quantities as low as 15 copies. 
Through over a dozen releases, there have, on many occasions, been moments of what one can only call "blissed out abrasions"; Traversing territory that comes off with an almost kraut-rock oriented synth meltdown glaze, topped off with lo-fi metallic clang, shrieking industrial grit, and just generally bleak and tortured, surgical steel atmospheres. 
NO PART OF IT proposed to hone in on these reflective moments, and compiled a morass of penetrating, expertly organized cacophony that serves to stand apart, or give way to, the rest of Architeuthis Dux's more aggressive power electronics and heavy electronic work. The result is just under an hour of crisp sampling, damaged percussion, and simultaneously subdued, yet clearly pissed off pedal action that could stand up to SPK's early live sets, or Nurse With Wound's darkest moments.

Machine Listener began with such a name due to a project that is based on exploring and exploiting inherent characteristics from machines, and making compositions from them. In the beginning, it seems that everything from home printers to huge factory generators were used as sources. Their electromagnetic signals or the frequencies they emitted, or simply the noises they make, were the basis of compositions by sound artist Matthew Gallagher. Eventually, of course, Gallagher moved into sourcing the potential of synthesizers, both as machines and as instruments. 
It can be assumed that Machine Listener's pure synth LP ("Endless Coil"), now out on Tusco Embassy (where we can guess that machines were used for their proper intention) came after "Sentient System", released in extremely limited quantities by noise-filth veteran Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) on his own SK SK label in 2014. It is not up to us to say how "Sentient System" was created, but it is safe to assume that a little of both of these approaches were traversed, and as a result, "Sentient System" could be considered the apex of Machine Listener's adventures with mechanical, aleatoric components of industry. 
Whatever the case may be, "Sentient System" is unlike any other recording you'll ever hear. It is both excellent in terms of composition and also permeated with a conceptually sound "hands off" approach, with caterwauling animal behavior, screeching panic signals and pervasive cicada hum. Some segments of these soundscapes could fit perfectly as cerebral, revelatory moments in a particularly head-fucked horror film, hewn with a certain feeling for a desolate science fiction future, or simply in mindscapes where pure noise is the end and the means. The release stands on its own, and apart from the rest, but at the same time is extremely important in adding to the legacy of industrial noise. 
Originally limited to a criminally low quantity of copies, we here at NO PART OF IT are extremely excited to bring this release to a wider audience.

Arvo did an article on Chicago theatre organist Dennis Scott for NewCity.  Copies will be around news stands until the 15th or so.  

Arvo has prepared a guest podcast or two for Mid-Valley Mutations, a radio show in Montana on KMUZ FM.  There will also be some select NO PART OF IT releases being offered as part of their pledge drive.   There is a podcast focused on Halloween/Monster Music, and a podcast giving a little overview of some select NO PART OF IT releases, past and present, that would fit autumn night/ leaf-bluster criteria.  It will be on October 14th, and archived at the Mid-Valley Mutations site

 Arvo did a floppy disk release limited to 13 copies, on a label in France. The audio is just under 40 minutes long, of exclusive material. Comes enclosed in a handmade sleeve made of sandpaper.

The Architeuthis Dux / Arvo Zylo "The Unbegotten Source" collaboration is now available in the K.R.E. TAPES store. This is a pro CD-R in a DVD case.

We have a couple of copies of this marvelous release by Contagious Orgasm on Polish industrial label Impulsy Stetoskopu.  "Loop Liberation" is a single 45 minute long piece from 1997, from what we'd consider, to some extent, Japan's one-man answer to COIL, since 1987.  Pro CDs come in tin cases with professionally printed covers.   We don't know if there are any other places to get this release without paying overseas shipping.  $13 plus $3 shipping.  paypal nopartofit at gmail dot com.

 Orders now come with a new sticker, of an image by Christopher ILTH, initially used in the first NO PART OF IT release, TRUNCULENCE, in 2008. 

Arvo was on WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM today. No talking at all. Feel free to tune in retroactively.
Some choice morsels by Black Sabbath, Divine, J. G. Thirlwell, Modelbau ( Frans de Waard), Ilhan Mimaroglu, Psychic TV, Contagious Orgasm, Adel Souto (156), World of Dreams (Wm M Berger), Vertonen ( blake edwards), Death Factory ( Michael Krause), Thirteen Hurts / 13Hz, Pierrot Lunaire, Simony (featuring Scott Scholz), Karl J. Palouńćek, Betty Davis psych soul produced by Miles Davis circa 1968 (the "lost album"), and more! 

Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher was aired on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet with Wm. Berger's "Noise Bliss Out #5", alongside Incapacitants, Kakerlak, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Actuary, and others.  Thanks Wm!

Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher was mentioned on the tabs out website segment Look at These Tapes

WILT was reviewed by Heathen Harvest.  Thanks to Nicola V. of Turgid Animal for writing it, here is an excerpt:

When I finally managed to listen to the whole album consciously and in a decent setting, my impressions were confirmed: Nocturnal Requiem is a plunge in total decay, death, and quasi-melancholic occult soundscapes.

The now-classic pairing of seventies/eighties cinematic ambient synthesizers and murky, dirty noise works unusually well here. Much of the time when musicians try to do this, one of two elements tends to overwhelm the other, or the mix just ends up sounding like two records playing at the same time. Instead, in Wilt’s case, the synths sound distant, cold, and otherworldly, while the boiling, brooding, almost incessant noise filth is never invasive, holding up perfectly well as counterpoint or sound carpet. I imagine this is pretty close to what John Carpenter would be playing now if he got into early Mauthausen Orchestra thirty years ago.

The occasional metal junk bashing and classic, slow industrial loops enrich the array of sounds and blend in well with them. It perfectly conveys that bizarre impression of listening to some imaginary, massive rusty factories working and rotting in the distance that’s a staple of old-school industrial music.
I’d really have to recommend Nocturnal Requiem to synth, dark ambient, and noise fanatics alike. There are many details to discover with multiple listens, and the album doesn’t get old easily.

Ataraxic Ataxia was reviewed by Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly:

For one reason or another I thought I heard the heard Ataraxic Ataxia 
before but it seems I am mistaken. I only found one release for this duo 
of electronics and violin, as produced by Dominick Dufner and Nicole 
Pizzato, who hail from Columbia, Missouri, and that release is 'Shadow 
Sea'. According to Discogs previously available as a digital release, but 
the cover also mentions a release in an edition of 23 copies by Side Of 
The Sun Recordings (No Part Of it mentions they also had a bunch of 
other, very limited releases). So you could easily believe there is some 
interest in this material. I am not sure why, other perhaps than that this
is unavailable at the moment.  There are six pieces of music on this 
release, and all of them seem to me to be the result of improvisation. 
One of the pieces is recorded in concert and that's the moment when 
the music is really loud and noisy. I prefer the other five pieces, in which 
we find the violin to be pleasantly played against a backdrop of more 
noise oriented electronics, but whoever is responsible keeps it under 
control; most of the time that is. In 'Shotguns, Phrenology And A Steady 
Hand', the noise prevails and there is some serious string abuse, but it 
followed by the great subdued tones of 'If It Happens Once, It May As 
Well Have Never Happened'. Ataraxic Ataxia walks the fine line between 
industrial noise patterns and improvised violin and they do a pretty 
neat job. Sometimes a bit long as is to be expected, but pretty decent 
noise anyway.

Blood Rhythms' Cutting Teeth was reviewed by Vital Weekly, as well as Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher:

Recently, so it seemed, Arvo Zylo started a 'campaign' to release much of his music, some of
which was recorded several years ago, or music that has been out of print for a while. Much of
that deals with his group with fluctuating membership Blood Rhythms. The first time I heard
their music was the LP 'Assembly', which I enjoyed a lot (Vital Weekly 965) and if I understood
correctly, the original idea was to have 'Cutting Teeth' as part of a special of that record. The
minimalism of the LP, captured in lots and lots of loops, is not what we find on 'Cutting Teeth',
which is six long pieces of live improvisations. Blood Rhythms are about many things, you see.
Each of the six pieces has Arvo Zylo playing with other people, all recorded live in the period 2007
to 2009, and there are lots of people on this release of whom I never heard of, with the most
notable exception of Dan Burke, of Illusion Of Safety fame. The opening piece is a rather traditional
piece of improvised music, with a large group of people carefully playing their instruments. Not a
particular great piece. The second piece is by a smaller cast of players and more about the noise
edge, banging in scrap metal and detuned radios. The smallest line-up is to be found in the third
piece, only Zylo and Michael Krause in what is a pretty straightforward improvisation for pure noise
waves, not unlike Merzbow, but not as loud. Of more interest in my opinion are the next two pieces
in which Zylo and a group of people play wind instruments, such as French horn, trumpet, baritone
and electronics (although the latter only in the fourth piece), which have a great modern classical
ring to it, very Niblock like in a way, but then without the refinement, but which makes this I think
two great pieces; I wish these excerpts were a bit longer. The final piece is another pretty straight-
forward noise piece. I quite enjoyed the diversity of this particular release, even when
I didn't seem to enjoy each individual piece.
    On the solo front Zylo releases 'Heavenly Sound In Lo-Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante And
Teicher'. I never heard of them, but then I am also not fully emerged in the history of what "could
be called part of the "percussion craze" of the late 50s, or "proto exotica" as Zylo describes them.
Ferrante & Teicher played the grand piano and later on prepared pianos for more rhythmical sound.
Zylo has fifteen records by this duo along with other records of this kind of percussive music and
on these two cassettes he explores these records. One could use the word 'remixing', or 'recycling'
and perhaps 'plunderphonics' is a word that is hard to avoid in this context. Zylo composed
fourteen pieces; numbered 'One' to 'Fourteen' and style wise it ranges from the plunderphonics
side of things to spacious ambient textures. The first lot I have some problem with. It sounds too
easy to sample a bit of a record and loop/play that around set against a bunch of these samples.
That was perhaps not bad in the hands of John Oswald or The Tape-beatles, but it's by now a bit
worn out. When Zylo stretches out his sounds, make them into long form sound scapes I am very
pleased with the result, such as the string heavy 'Seven'. This is ambient industrial music at its
best, and luckily these pieces are in a majority here. The plunderphonics part effectively makes up
about a quarter from the total release, which at eighty minutes might also be a bit long I thought.
Zylo created some excellent pieces using the time stretched string and percussion sounds and
moves gentle around with these sounds, but could make the same perfect point in a somewhat
more limited time frame. (FdW)
––– Address: http://nopartofit.bandcamp.com/
––– Address: http://personalarchives.bandcamp.com/

BLOOD RHYTHMS was aired on Little Fyodor's "Under The Floorboards" radio show on KGNU.   Here is the playlist. 

  • Reverand Leadpipe & His Pipe Wielding Swingers - Germglish - N/a
  • Claudzilla - Mare Serentatis - Pocket Lizard
  • Jay T. Yamamato - Ambient Study #4 - Soundtracks For The New Strange
  • Inside/Outside - Territory Part 5 - Territory
  • Ulrich Krieger - Desert Center - /raw:respace/
  • Paisley Nightmare - Wreckage (Goodbye Sweetie) - Rest To Slaughter
  • Ryan J. Boyd - Vector To Mind Control - The World And Its Parts Disc Two
  • TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE, - Lost In Translation Magic Square MiniDisc Shuffle Average #4 - Significantly Different From The Other One
  • Disism - What Mere Words Can Never Say - Berlin Way
  • Blood Rhythms - Maggots Drag (Notte Del Casu Marzu) - Heuristics
  • Ekoplekz - Late Night - Me And My Rhythm Box
  • Beisspony - Good Is The Devil's Definition Of Capitalism - Brush Your Teeth
  • Charles Rice Goff III - Here We Go Round - The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours
  • Ryan J. Boyd - Mr. Happy Pants - The World And Its Parts Disc Two

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