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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Interview, Poe reading, Airplay, New Fluxus Hjuler tape, Haunted House recap

I did a reading of an Edgar Allen Poe story for Undressing Underground podcast, which is now up.  I also was interviewed for a full hour (whereas I had been on for 15 minutes or so before).  I answered questions about my beginnings, the essence of what I like about solo artists, and a bit about how I got to this point.  Also a bit about my appreciation for Delia Derbyshire, Foetus, Coil, PIG, and more.   I'm told the Poe readings will be part of a cassette that will be available for pre-order soon.  Thanks Rob!  Rob will be re-airing an interview I did with travis from ONO next week.  It's a good one, be sure to tune in.

Scott Scholz played the new Sequencer Works Volume Two cassette on his excellent WORDS ON SOUNDS podcast this week along with Richard Pinhas, Wume, BBJr, and Majeure.

WILT aired on Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards radio show, and the Blood Rhythms LP was aired on another episode here.  Bryan Lewis Saunders & Arvo Zylo's tape The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise was aired the week before here.  Thanks to Little Fyodor!  Check out his band Walls of Genius doing covers of Harry Smith folk tunes on their new album here!

A 27 minute piece between myself and Kommissar Hjuler und Frau called "UND WSB"  has been released on a split "FLUXUS" cassette with John  M. Bennett and C. Mehrl Bennett.  It is limited to 30 copies.

Photo by Brian Klein

At first I intended only to be a patron on Halloween at my friend Brian Klein's haunted house, but I ended up being a guest actor.  There I sat in the first room which was totally black except for a video of Family Feud (the 60s cast of Batman, including Vincent Price, and the cast of Gilligan's Island), or The Price is Right, with some unreleased material of mine blaring along with Bob Barker.  I was supposed to sit with a rat on my lap and get the first scare, but when I made the rat squeak, someone jumped out from behind the couch where people were commanded to sit, and scared them further.   I also acted in a bathroom with some kind of spraypainted black baby that had 8 tree branches tied to it.  It was supposed to be a spider, but I made this dadaistic monstrosity twitch around in the bathroom sink with fishing wire until the time was ripe to scare the hell out of them.  In addition to that, I had another scare by jumping through a window, and yet another from climbing through a fog-laden tunnel made of cardboard and newspaper.  I only wish I had a go at the chainsaw maniac position.   It was a very well-executed DIY haunt, and a considerable amount of people showed up.  Thanks to Brian and his brother Greg for having me!

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