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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guest podcast, Reviews, Velcro Bismol added on Bandcamp

I did a guest podcast for a series in Greece.  Normally the show is called "Notes From Chaos", and I had the pleasure of being the first of a series of guests; "Guests from Chaos".  The theme is industrial, but rooted in the experimental, cerebral qualities that began with the movement.  Otomo Hava, the host, has a knack for incorporating the raw and abrasive with the particularly ratty compositional avante-garde and classical elements.  


1.  Delia Derbyshire / Barry Bermange ‎– Falling - Inventions For Radio: The Dreams 

2.  Haus Arafna - Today You Died [Did You Know Who I Am]

3.  Women of the SS - Silent Weapon 

4.  COIL - The Gimp, Sometimes 

5.  DOME - Danse - Dome 3 

6.  GLOD - Black Song For A Dead Sun 

7.  State Research Bureau - Non-Place  S/T CDR self released

8.  Pt├┤se - Stalking in the Dark 

9.  RUTH - She Brings The Rain 

10. Theatre of Ice - excerpt from The Haunting cassette Side A 

11. Ono - Ennui  

12. Illusion of Safety - Fade-N-Die - More Violence and Geography CD 

13. Throbbing Gristle - Catholic Sex - Journey Through A Body 

14. dave phillips - The Possibility of Life's Destruction - Collection of Hair 2CD 

15. Nurse with Wound - Futurismo (excerpt) - Merzbild Schwet  UDT/RRR cassette

16. Gyorgy Ligeti - Lontano - The Shining unofficial soundtrack 

17. Frans Zwartjes - Excerpt from Anamnesis film soundtrack extract 

Review on Memory Wave Transmissions, here is the summation...
Falling Tower, Terrible Fountain is a solid release, and Arvo Zylo has proven time and again that his noise is something much deeper than the simple twist and turn of knobs. This tape is like a void, easily sucking the listener into the whir of noise aberrations, and one should attempt to find this tape by contacting punkferret138 AT yahoo.com (since Side of the Sun doesn’t really have a web presence).

Illusion of Safety reviewed at Heathen Harvest.
Now I will say first, that I think this is one of IOS's best albums.  I know I'm biased, but while the writer overall fails to latch onto, it find it to be one of the most engrossing sonic adventures I've heard.  There is a difference between being able to find meaning in something and being able to find substance.  This is a surrealistic journey, a damn near cyber punk outing in digesting the whole, that brings up different subtleties in every listen.  Never the less, I respect this writer's effort.  

....One can only guess at the reasoning behind this down-turn in productivity outside of the obvious, but it’s clear from the onset of Surrender that Burke’s will to craft marvelously complex experimental compositions from a variety of sources is still as intact and impressive as it ever was.  Virtually any element that you’ve ever heard in experimental music can be found interwoven with other assorted, sometimes seemingly incompatible sounds:  mathematical digital beats, distant pipe-organ dirges, feedback loops, squalling disharmonious harsh noise, engulfing bass-end drones, manic shifts in atmosphere and volume, a vast assortment of samples and field recordings, and fragmented electro-acoustic general weirdness.  Impressive in its scope and intricacy, Surrender—at face-value—is an experimental sonic-sculptor’s dream; it is an epic journey through all manner of digital visions and vivid hallucinations, wherein we are led everywhere from the bleak and barren cut-up introduction of “We Numb” as it develops into an EBM-meets-free-jazz freak-out passage to the raging angelic inferno of synthetic choir layers in “Popular Delusions.”

Moving on, "Velcro Bismol" by Arvo Zylo & Dental Work is now on Bandcamp, with a reminder that one can purchase prints of the cover art in numerous sizes and shapes.  

I am working almost entirely with a wide-ranging slew of sounds by Dental Work, from demented disco to coke snorting, all kinds of madness. The result is constantly compared to Nurse with Wound, and at other times, extremely harsh noise. Deep bass medleys, HI SPEED CUT UPS, screwed dirge, splish splash tape loops. I did the cover art, and it was part of a series of collages I did for an art exhibition of the same name. All art is from collaged women's magazines.


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