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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belated Ecstatic Year End Hoopla / new article on obscure labels featured in The Chicago Reader

 WFMU's My Castle of Quiet - December 31, 2014: #249 "Turn Away, Never Ever Look Back" 

I spent almost 3 weeks without going on the internet at all.  

Thanks Thank Thanks to everyone who showed up and especially bought records at the Jan 2nd Show at Club Rectum.  It was unlike any other show I have ever witnessed, and I performed with some amazing people.   Doug Abrams of Black Bear Combo also made a guest appearance on top of the artists already mentioned in the Reader article, not to mention Alejandro Morales of Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan / RUNNING as last minute blunt smoking bonus drummer man!  It was like a fog machine without the fog.   Everybody was stellar.  Thanks to everybody for everything forever.  

AND speaking of the Reader, I have been interviewed for an article on local niche labels, by Leor Galil, and it should be in print next week.  Keep an eye out for it at newstands in real life.
*update-  here is the online version

AND some year end nudges:
First from my friend Scott Scholz and his intensely comprehensive WORDS ON SOUNDS podcast
The "Assembly" LP as well as Illusion of Safety's "Surrender" album is featured alongside Charles Barabe, Liz Albee/Hans Grusel, Pulse Emitter, Mahler Haze, and

Also, a snip of the new Arvo Zylo/Bryan Lewis Saunders collaboration from a later episode:

The Blood Rhythms "Assembly" LP was aired on New Year's Eve by Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet / WFMU radio show alongside Dhampyr, Severed Heads, Raspberry Bulbs, and of course Fabio Frizzi among others!  Wm.  is a friend and I'm so glad he's back in action!

Illusion of Safety is also in a year end list of Esoterrorist, whom I don't believe reviewed the album when I sent it, but better late than never!  http://esoterrorist.com/?p=1625

And I think I forgot to mention this 6 month old review of WILT's
Nocturnal Requiem on No Part of It:

These are still available.   WILT will have a pro cassette version in the summer.

And I still have yet to put out newsletters, but my collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders is now available!  Bryan recorded 2 different dreams recordings that took place at the same dream location.   He has done dream recordings hundreds of times, and this was the only time he returned to the same location in his dream, so he put the two audio recordings together, because they also happened to have damn near the same length, and he had a severe lung infection at the time so it's doubly weezy.   I did what I could to honor this magical place "The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise", and it comes on pro cassette with 2 colors on no liner shells, a full color double sided 5 panel J card with transcript, and is a c40 or so on Chrome tapes.  $7ppd USA / $15 Elsewhere

Bryan and RRRecords should have copies available NOW if you don't feel like sending me a money order.  

Until next time....

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