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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Empty Bottle show on 9/7 (update)

Facebook event page

3 different flyers for the show on 9/7...   no photoshop, scanned and printed directly from manual collages. 

Also, it is looking like at the very least there will be 100 album covers hanging at the Empty Bottle, while the actual LP might not be ready yet, due to lots of snafu with the plating process. People will be able to purchase these art objects which will include an anti record prior to the LP being ready.   These are each individual, unique collages, not some "uniquely different color screen print" stuff.  Some of them have razorblades, sand paper, gorilla tape, sheet metal, and washers affixed to them.  Others are just collages from 1930s encyclopedias, some of which have been painted over with blackened death varnish. 

Noteworthy to say the least, is the addition of DEAD TECH to the bill, which is Mitch Enderle and Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), who first activated this project in some capacity in 1981.  This is pure industrial rhythmic noise. 

AND also, newcomer GRAVEFORM...   

This incarnation of BLOOD RHYTHMS (brass ensemble) is killer... 

Looking forward to it. 

Sunday, September 7th
Free with RSVP at www.emptybottle.com
1035 N Western Ave

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